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We hope you enjoy all the information we provide about the County and learn more about the departments and employees who serve you. We welcome your comments, messages and feedback. We’d like this blog to be a lively and interactive exchange of ideas. Above all, have fun and remain courteous!

County Wire has a few rules of conduct:

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Please do your best to follow these rules and we won’t have to edit or decline to post your comments and questions. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

102 Responses to Comments or Questions

  • help, not one of the phone numbers given under the aging worked! Ether reaching cafeteria workers, non existing lines, the web sites are not working. Can’t get through to know-one about senior help on one stupid question about my taxes. First, Sharon you need to do a detailed accountability of your people that should keep this info and site up to date. These people collect a lot of future perks to do their job, it’s not being done. I am still without any answers. I still have no help! Who can I contact could you email me please.

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