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Be disaster aware, take action to prepare

countyfireSeptember is National Preparedness Month, what better time to take advantage of resources that are available to help prepare for the next disaster.  Recently we have all witnessed the devastation of the wildfires burning throughout California and the August Severe Weather (Floods & Mudslides).  Preparedness is a year round activity.  Building community resilience requires close coordination with government, emergency managers, public and private sectors, as well as individuals to plan for the needs of the whole community.  The goal is to engage the public to make preparedness a part of their daily lives and not just for one single month.
Launched in 2004, National Preparedness Month (NPM) is FEMA’s national annual preparedness outreach program managed and sponsored by FEMA’s Ready Campaign.
Ready ask individuals to do four key things:

  • Be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and the appropriate responses.
  • Make a family emergency plan.
  • Build an emergency supply kit.
  • Get involved in community efforts.

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Myth: It’s hot. It’s dry. It’s earthquake weather.

ShakeOut_CA_JoinUs_851x315You’ve heard people say it: “It’s hot today! It’s earthquake weather.”

That’s an earthquake myth. There is no correlation between earthquakes and certain types of weather. Earthquakes begin miles below the region affected by surface weather, according to earthquakecountry.org.

People tend to notice earthquakes that seem to fit a pattern and forget the ones that don’t.

Learn more about earthquake safety at www.shakeout.org/california and don’t forget to participate in the Great California Shakeout at 10:16 a.m. on October 16, 2014.

Enjoy a safe Labor Day holiday

Grilled meat on barbecue grillA majority of County departments are closed in observance of Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, 2014. The County Museum is open on Labor Day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

County government offices will reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Nearly 100 animals surrendered to shelter; adopters needed

doggieatdevoreNearly 100 animals surrendered to San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control by their owner will be available for adoption to the public and rescues on Tuesday, September 2.

The animals were surrendered to animal care and control from an owner in the Lucerne Valley area following an investigation into an unrelated case.
The case is unique in the variety of animals surrendered. In addition to 29 various breed dogs, including puppies, there are two cats, 47 rabbits, four hamsters, three turtle, two chicken and two parakeets. The intake of the large number of animals has impacted the animal shelter and there is a need for adopters to come in and adopt the animals.
The animals are well socialized and appear to have been well cared for and the majority will be available for adoption to the public.
“We have a number of animals, not just dogs and cats, who are in need of adoption,” said Brian Cronin, Chief for Animal Care and Control. “These animals will be ready to go to loving homes on Tuesday, September 2 and we ask that the community and our rescue partners come forward to help each of these animals find a furever home.”
The Devore Animal Shelter is at 19777 Shelter Way in San Bernardino, CA. Donations can be made to the Animals are First Fund (ARFF) at: http://www.arffund.org/ Call (909) 386-9820 or visit Homeward Bound Project Adopt Facebook Page for more information.

Click here to view a YouTube video of the animals.

County Museum open on Labor Day

sbcmuseum entryThe San Bernardino County Museum in Redlands, usually closed on Mondays, will be open on the Labor Day holiday, Monday, September 1, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Regular museum admission fees apply.

Visitors will see exhibits about the cultural and natural history of inland Southern California and the southwest, including minerals and fossils, Native American artifacts, birds and mammals, and historical objects. A special exhibit, “Portraits and Views: The Redlands Photographic Studio,” is also included with regular admission.

The San Bernardino County Museum is at the California Street exit from Interstate 10 in Redlands. General admission is $10 (adult), $8 (military or senior), $7 (student), and $5 (child aged 5 to 12). Children under five and Museum Association members are admitted free. Parking is free. For more information, visit www.sbcountymuseum.org.

The museum is accessible to persons with disabilities. If assistive listening devices or other auxiliary aids are needed in order to participate in museum exhibits or programs, requests should be made through Museum Visitor Services at least three business days prior to your visit. Visitor Services’ telephone number is 909-307-2669.

Join the voices for recovery on Sept. 20

reoveryhappensYou’re invited to the Recovery Happens event on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 to promote wellness, recovery and resilience for San Bernardino County residents as part of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in September.

The Recovery Happens event will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park in Ontario.

The event is a collaborative effort between the Department of Behavioral Health and its contracted Alcohol and Drug Service partners who will provide community participants with more than 30 resource and education booths promoting services and an opportunity to honor loved ones lost to addiction in the Circle of Love. Refreshments will be provided.

For more information about Recovery Happens, click here.

Inland Empire Latino Art Association exhibit opens Sept. 6

hispanicartexhibitA special art exhibition to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month will open at the San Bernardino County Museum on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Entitled “Sueños y Realidad,” the exhibit is organized and curated by the Inland Empire Latino Art Association and features works by two dozen artists.

A reception for the artists is scheduled at the museum on Friday, September 5 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sueños y Realidad (Dreams and Reality) will continue through September 29 and is included with paid museum admission.

“The concept of dreams and reality is a subject which deals with the complexities of what first develops in the mind as a vision, a dream if you will, and how that dream, combined with a sincere desire, can develop into an absolute reality,” said Brad Borrero, IELAA. “In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Inland Empire Latino Art Association has brought together artists from the Inland Empire and afar to explore their dreams and the process artists take, to bring those dreams and visions into reality.”

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Standing in a doorway during a quake? That’s so yesterday.

Drop Cover and Hold OnTelling people to stand in a doorway during an earthquake is outdated advice. It’s one of several earthquake myths you should know about in the lead-up to the Great California ShakeOut at 10:16 a.m. on October 16, 2014.

In past earthquakes, in unreinforced masonry structures and adobe homes, the door frame may have been the only thing left standing in the aftermath of an earthquake. So people thought safety could be found by standing in doorways.

In modern homes, doorways are no stronger than any other parts of the house and usually have doors that can swing and injure you.

You are safer practicing the “DROP, COVER, AND HOLD” maneuver under a sturdy piece of furniture like a strong desk or table. If indoors, stay there. Drop to the floor, make yourself small and get under a desk or table or stand in a corner. If outdoors, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls and power lines. If in a high-rise building, stay away from windows and outside walls, stay out of elevators, and get under a table. If driving, pull over to the side of the road and stop. Avoid overpasses and power lines. Stay inside your car until the shaking is over. If in a crowded public place, do not rush for the doors. Crouch and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.

For more information about earthquake safety or to particpate in the ShakeOut, go to www.shakeout.org/california.

Ladies, are you interested in becoming a deputy sheriff?

sheriffThe 2nd Annual Women Warrior Fitness Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2014, at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Academy grounds.  This event was created in an effort to get more women into sworn law enforcement positions with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.  The Women Warrior Fitness Invitational allows interested women the opportunity to test their physical abilities in a non-threatening environment.  The participants are also given the opportunity to speak with women currently in sworn law enforcement positions.  Absolutely no men, spectators, or children.  Non-participants are not allowed and will be turned away.  For more information, click here.

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