Office of Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services

The Office of Cultural Competence and Ethnic Services (OCCES) is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring cultural competency throughout all levels of the organization. Services include: multicultural education and training, coordination of language services such as translation and interpretation, as well as assistance and consultation in the development of linguistically and culturally appropriate, recovery oriented services.

Cultural Competency Advisory Committee – Subcommittee List
Subcomités del Comité Consultivo de Competencia Cultural
Cultural Competency Plan
Cultural Competency Plan 2017 Update

Customs, Heritage, Ancestry, Nationality, Gender, Equality (CHANGE) Newsletters

Change Newsletter Summer/Fall 2016
Summer/Fall/Winter Edition 2015-2016
Winter/Spring Edition 2015
Summer 2015 (Volume 1, Issue 10)
Spring 2014 (Volume 1, Issue 9)

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Office of Cultural Competency and Ethnic Services

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