General Response and Recovery Information

General Disaster Response and Recovery Information

Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Traumatic Event: What To Expect in Your Personal, Family, Work, and Financial Life: English/Spanish
Coping with a Disaster or Traumatic Event: English/Spanish

Resources for Children, Youth, Parents and Other Caregivers, and Schools

Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event: A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers
Age-related Reactions to a Traumatic Event
Psychological First Aid for Schools Field Operations Guide, 2nd Edition
Trinka and Sam: The Day the Earth Shook

Resources Focused on Older Adults

Helping Families Deal With the Stress of Relocation After a Disaster

Resources Focused on Substance Use Concerns

Alcohol, Medication, and Drug Use After Disaster
Disaster Events and Services for Persons with Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders

Resources for Disaster Responders

Tips for Disaster Responders: Preventing and Managing Stress: English/Spanish
Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide, 2nd Edition
Psychological First Aid (PFA) Online

Traumatic Stress and Retraumatization Resources

Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Coping With Retraumatization
Effects of Traumatic Stress After Mass Violence, Terror, or Disaster
Media Coverage of Traumatic Events: Research on Effects

Additional Resource for Acute Needs

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline