Triage, Engagement and Support Teams

The Triage, Engagement, and Support Teams (TEST) program was developed to provide intensive crisis case management services to unserved/underserved residents of San Bernardino County. The TEST program provides crisis intervention and support services to individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. TEST staff are co-located within twenty-five (25) entities, including internal County partners, such as the Sheriff’s Department and Public Defender’s Office, and external community partners, such as local police departments throughout the County, hospital emergency departments, and California State University San Bernardino. The TEST program provides support to the partnering departments and agencies in which staff are co-located.  TEST staff respond in the field with law enforcement personnel and/or assist other partnering agency staff in managing behavioral health crises. TEST then provides follow-up case management services to link consumers with needed resources for ongoing stability.  TEST continues to provide services for up to 59 days in order to help ensure continued engagement in needed behavioral health services.

Services provided include:

  • Crisis assessment and intervention in the field
  • Case management
  • Collateral contacts
  • Referrals and Linkage to community resources and providers
  • Family and caretaker education
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Education and support to law enforcement and community partners

*Note – Direct referrals cannot be accepted by the TEST program. Referrals must be from the agency in which TEST staff are located. For more information, please contact 909-873-4409.