General Services

There are a number of mental health service offerings that are not age-oriented, including our outpatient clinics and fee-for-service provider information.

Need to speak with someone immediately, but don’t need 911? View our Member Services: Access & Referral page.

outpatient clinics

Outpatient Clinics

Find out more about our outpatient clinics which provide mental health services to children, youth, adults and older adults.


Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital Providers

Find out more about psychiatric inpatient hospital providers.

homeless services

Homeless Services

Find out more about our programs for homeless individuals which provide mental health services, temporary housing, and outreach.

specialty mhs

Specialty Mental Health Services

Find out more about our specialty mental health services offered at various locations countywide.

ffs providers

Fee-For-Service Providers

Find out more information about our fee-for-service network of mental health providers.

ffs providers


Behavioral health brochures, flyers, and other resources.