Community Projects

The San Bernardino County Homeless Partnership (SBCHP) is committed to establishing and maintaining strong ties with the community. Through volunteer participation in various projects, the SBCHP helps to create a bond between the Partnership, Homeless Service Providers and the community. These projects consist of a biennial Point In Time Count, an Annual Shelter Count, Project Homeless Connects, and an annual Homeless Summit. Additionally, SBCHP promotes learning and education throughout technical assistance and workshops offered to the Homeless Service Providers.

hands holding a house

Annual Homeless Summit

Participate in civic processes and to advocate for housing services.


Partnership Resolutions

Cities and elected officials as partners give SBCHP needed support to effectively end homlessness in San Bernardino County.


Point-In-Time Count

Particpate in the PITC survey to count the homeless in San Bernardino County.

Homeless meals

Project Homeless Connects

Outreach, screenings, and services provided to the homeless.