Deceased Animals

If you have lost your pet, the San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Program encourages you to FIRST go to the Lost Animals webpage to look for your pet. You should also visit all of the area animal shelters in your area in person to determine if your pet has been found.

Deceased Dog and Cat Lists

The cat and dog lists contain information about animals found deceased prior to being picked up by Animal Care & Control. This information may be of a sensitive nature and it is only intended to help provide residents with closure in the loss of a pet. These lists include animal ID numbers, animal descriptions, the location at which the animal was found, and the date the animal was picked up. The primary breed descriptions indicate the staff’s opinion of what the animals look like most and is not an indication that the animal is a purebred. The animals on this list have already been disposed of and are not available for viewing. However, if you would like additional information about an animal on these lists (i.e. tags, collars, unusual markings, size, etc.), please write down the animal’s ID number and contact the shelter staff in your area for assistance. The Big Bear Animal Shelter can be contacted at 909-866-4943. And the Devore Animal Shelter can be contacted at 909-386-9820.

These lists are updated several times a week. It is NOT updated on the weekends or during holidays. While every effort has been made to accurately determine the breed and sex of each animal, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of each entry in our database. All animals remain on the Deceased Pet List for over 2 weeks.

deceased pets

The following lists do not contain any photographs!
Deceased Cat List
Deceased Dog List

Grief Counseling Information

View the When A Pet Dies brochure
Gateway Pet Cemetery & Crematory
3850 Frontage Road, San Bernardino, CA

Report Deceased Stray Animals

  • On roadways in unincorporated areas, call County Roads at 909-387-8063
  • On highways and freeways, call CalTrans at 909-383-4631
  • On private property, call County Animal Care & Control at 1-800-472-5609

Large Animal Removal

There are private companies that can assist with the removal and disposal of livestock and large animals.