Bid Opportunities

Below you will find both formal bid opportunities, as well as informal quotes created from a requisition.

Formal Bids

01/22/2019 Bid InfoVHS119-FL000-3205Weights & Measures Vehicle Scale test TruckFleet ManagementPam Buscemi
01/24/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-31796x6 CNG Water TruckPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
01/25/2019 Bid InfoEDA119-WDD-3218Human Resource Hotline Services RFQEconomic Development AgencyDavid Battaglia
01/25/2019 Bid InfoEDA119-WDD-3219Business Workshops Services RFQEconomic Development AgencyDavid Battaglia
01/25/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-3193Mini Patch Truck Public WorksMichelle Churchill
01/25/2019 Bid InfoEDA119-WDD-3225Business Process Improvement Consulting Services RFQEconomic Development AgencyDavid Battaglia
01/28/2019 Bid InfoAGENCY19-PURC-3187Transportation Logistics ManagementPurchasing Department Suzanna Hinckley
01/29/2019 Bid InfoDPHE19-CO-3153Primary CarePublic HealthLeng Winkler
01/30/2019 Bid InfoFMD119-FM-3094Building Electrical Systems MaintenanceFacilities ManagementJacqueline Ambrose
01/31/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-FLOOD-3167Donnell Basin Geotechnical- Fault StudyPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
01/31/2019 Bid InfoAGENCY19-PURC-3222Law Enforcement Duty GearPurchasing Department Bill Brock
01/31/2019 Bid InfoAGENCY19-PURC-3224Less Lethal Munitions & Chemical AgentsPurchasing Department Bill Brock
02/01/2019 Bid InfoARMC119-ARMC-3209Physician Compensation EvalArrowhead Regional Medical CenterJason Cloninger
02/05/2019 Bid InfoSHR119-FLSPS-3168Indigient Disposition ServicesSheriffMichael Candelaria
02/08/2019 Bid InfoAGENCY19-PURC-3098CalACES Online CalWORKs Appraisal Tool (OCAT) ProjectPurchasing Department Leo Gomez
02/11/2019 Bid InfoARMC119-ARMC-3194DIGITAL BI-PLANEArrowhead Regional Medical CenterJason Cloninger
02/13/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-3226Portable Trailer Mounted RestroomPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
02/13/2019 Bid InfoDBHE19-FOR-3199Transitional Housing for Co-occurring Forensic Consumers RFPBehavioral HealthLeng Winkler
02/15/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-3215CNG 10 Wheel Dump TruckPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
02/15/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-32166x6 CNG 10 Wheel Dump TruckPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
02/19/2019 Bid InfoCAO119-CAO4-3198HIPAA/HITECH Risk AssessmentCounty Administrative OfficeMichelle Churchill
02/20/2019 Bid InfoFMD119-FM-3151Weekly Landscape SuperblockFacilities ManagementJacqueline Ambrose
02/20/2019 Bid InfoFMD119-FM-3129custodial service for Devore Sheriffs Training, EVOC, Animal ShelterFacilities ManagementJacqueline Ambrose
02/21/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-OPERA-3217Trackless Articulating TractorPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
02/28/2019 Bid InfoPWG119-SOLID-3211RFP On-Call General Engineering ServicesPublic WorksMichelle Churchill
02/28/2019 Bid InfoDBHE19-ADS-3204FS Rapid Re-HousingBehavioral HealthLeng Winkler
03/01/2019 Bid InfoRMG119-RMADM-3203Request for Proposal No. RMG119-RMADM-3203 For Legal Defense of WC ClaimsRisk ManagementRichard Chudanski
03/04/2019 Bid InfoPSSD19-ADMIN-3228RFP for Food Services for Head Start and State Preschool ProgramsPreschool Services Lynn Evans

Informal Quotes

Informal quote information is accessible for products and services your company provides, based on the commodity code selections made when registering as a County vendor. To view additional information and respond to informal quotes please log into ePro, select the Quotes tab, and then choose Informal.

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