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July 21, 2021 Update

The County Update publishes once a week on Wednesdays and also as needed to share important news and resources in our battle against COVID-19. We remain here for you. #SBCountyTogether

In today’s Update:

  • Vaccinations by the numbers
  • Pandemic is now only among the unvaccinated
  • “Family Fun” events planned this weekend for those getting vaccine and those already vaccinated
  • El Sol recognized for COVID-fighting efforts at July 4 White House ceremony
  • County museums recognized with four national awards
  • County Sheriff update

 Vaccinating San Bernardino County (as of July 20, 2021)

Doses administered to county residents 1,779,279
County residents fully vaccinated 851,358
Percentage of 12+ residents any vaccination 54.1%
Percentage of 12+ residents fully vaccinated  47.1%

To schedule an appointment, please visit the County vaccination page or call the COVID-19 helpline at (909) 387-3911, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

COVID-19 is now a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

One Dose J&J Vaccine Now Available at All County Events

With the current COVID-19 vaccines showing strong effectiveness against the more contagious Delta variant, the Centers for Disease Control is saying that 97% of people entering the hospital nationwide with COVID-19 are unvaccinated and nearly all of the deaths related to the virus are unvaccinated.

Here in San Bernardino County, confirmed cases and hospitalizations are also on the rise and, in fact, if the State’s color tier system were still in effect, we would now be in the Red Tier, with capacity restrictions on businesses.

Nationwide, the Delta variant of COVID-19 now makes up 83% of sequenced samples, which is up from 50% for the week of July 3. Fortunately, with nearly 50% of San Bernardino County residents fully vaccinated, the development in the county has been slower, with the Delta variant accounting for 9.0% of the rising cases (up from 5.1% on July 14); although this number only reflects testing at County sites.

“While we are nowhere near the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths we saw pre-vaccine, it is still concerning to see patients once again coming into our ICU units with COVID-19,” said County Public Health Officer Dr. Michael Sequeira. “If you are still unvaccinated, you are playing Russian roulette with your health – most will get through a COVID-19 infection unscathed, but there will be others that will have severe reactions, and yes, some will die.”

J&J vaccine now an option at County events

The vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson (J&J), one of three approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration, is now available on request at all County-run vaccination sites for residents aged 18 and older in addition to the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, which is available to those 12 and older.

The J&J vaccine offers advantages in terms of convenience: it only requires a single dose to be effective, unlike with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which require second doses to be maximally effective.

Want to help? Community-based organizations and employers can request to host a vaccination event, or bring in a health education ambassador to address vaccine questions and concerns. To request either, simply email the County Department of Public Health at

“Family Fun” Community Vaccination Events Scheduled for the Weekend

Mcdonald’s also continuing to Host Vaccinations with Offers of Free Food

A series of “Family Fun” vaccination events has been scheduled for this Saturday, July 24. Attendees who receive either the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson vaccine during the event — as well as those who have previously been vaccinated — will each be given free vouchers for food items, desserts and games.

The Family Fun events will run from 4-7 p.m. at locations in Fontana, Victorville, Ontario, Highland/San Bernardino, and Rialto. (See below for details). Those already vaccinated can also receive the vouchers for the food and games by showing a valid vaccination card.

“This represents an excellent opportunity for families to gather for some food, fun and play time — while taking steps to protect themselves and their families and friends from this dangerous and deadly virus,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman.

Guests can obtain a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which is available to people 12 and older, or a single dose shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is limited to people 18 and older.

“The event locations have been carefully selected on the basis of a variety of criteria, including current vaccination rates, COVID-19 case rates, health equity, and population demographics,” said Hagman. “Planners also sought convenient, centralized locations throughout the county.”

Vaccination events are also continuing to be held at select McDonalds’ restaurant locations, with guests receiving vaccines being given vouchers for free food items. The McDonald’s events are hosted at different days and times, depending on location. Although appointments are encouraged, walk-ins are welcomed at all locations. All special events and ongoing County-administered vaccine sites can be found on the County’s vaccination website.

Following are locations for the Family Fun events this Saturday, July 24 from 4-7 p.m.:


Hook Community Center

14973 Joshua St, Victorville


Fontana Community Senior Center

16710 Ceres Avenue, Fontana


Warm Springs Elementary

7497 Sterling Ave, San Bernardino


Chaffey High School

1245 N Euclid Ave, Ontario


ARMC Westside Clinic

850 Foothill Blvd, Rialto


El Sol Efforts to Fight COVID-19 Celebrated at Event at White House

Nonprofit Selected to Attend Event with President Biden

It’s been quite a month for El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center.

Representatives of the San Bernardino-based nonprofit were among a select group of first responders and healthcare workers honored at a July 4 White House event for their contributions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The South Lawn celebration featured remarks from President Joe Biden.

El Sol also received a video message from Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, where he lauded the organization for its leadership in expanding access to COVID-19 vaccines among underserved communities in the Inland Empire. In addition to these accolades, the organization was selected as a 2021 California Nonprofit of the Year for its work with vulnerable communities throughout the pandemic.

“El Sol’s innovative outreach efforts have helped save countless lives and slowed the spread of the deadly coronavirus in some of our hardest-hit communities in the Inland Empire,” said State Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gómez Reyes.

Responding quickly to the pandemic, El Sol sent community health workers and promotoras (specially trained Spanish-speaking health workers) to address vaccine hesitancy, overcome access barriers and otherwise help meet the needs of underserved communities. Over the past several months the organization has:

  • Delivered nearly 6,000 COVID-19 vaccinations by leading dozens of pop-up vaccination events and clinics throughout the Inland Empire.
  • Provided 40 hours of COVID-19 training modules for community health workers and promotoras on community safety, mental health, risk communication, contact tracing, disease prevention, COVID-19 basics and community primary care.
  • Produced and distributed nearly 7,000 COVID-19 care kits, which included masks, hand sanitizer, vaccination card holders.
  • Developed “Time to Heal” virtual tool kits which include mental health check-in plans and self-care planning tools sheets to help community members heal from the trauma of the pandemic.
  • Produced original music videos in both English and Spanish that used lyrics and imagery showing community members receiving vaccinations in a supportive environment to address vaccine hesitancy.
  • Produced youth-friendly content including comic strips, activity books and posters to help parents and community health workers talk about the importance of vaccines with youth.
  • Activated a call center to provide information and answer the community’s questions about vaccines.
  • Managed a communications campaign in both English and Spanish to dispel vaccine myths and encourage COVID-19 harm reduction actions.
  • Collected and shared “Stories of Impact” about the community health workers and promotoras who are key in fighting COVID-19.

A hallmark of El Sol’s distinct approach to community outreach is integrating pop culture to reach its audiences. El Sol produced original music videos in both English and Spanish that used lyrics and imagery showing community members receiving vaccinations in a supportive environment.

“El Sol has been playing an invaluable role in our community for three decades,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “The group’s community health workers often share the language and culture of the people they serve, and as a result are perceived as a helpful, credible resource. El Sol’s contributions during these difficult times have been particularly impactful.”

“El Sol has long been committed to empowering people in our community to become messengers of health, and connecting our residents to critical resources and care,” said Alexander Fajardo, executive director. “I am so grateful that the tireless efforts of our team and promotoras have been honored. It further inspires us to ensure everyone we serve can get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Kids picking up Activity Kits for Museum’s virtual events

County Museum Honored with Four National Awards for Exceptional Virtual Events

San Bernardino County Museum Continues to Receive Well-Deserved Recognition

The County museum is the recipient of four 2021 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards, recognizing the museum’s programs in the Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation category for Arthropolooza: The Ultimate Bugfest; Developing Ethnobotany: Creative Collaboration and Indigenous Stories; Museum Programs Gone Virtual; and Science Spooktacular: Demystifying Science for our County Families.

The NACo Achievement Award Program recognizes innovative county government programs throughout the nation. The awards are even more impressive given they are programs offered during the pandemic.

The San Bernardino County Museum received an award for Arthropolooza: The Ultimate Bugfest, an annual program that focuses on the diversity of arthropods in the region and their ecological roles and significance to our environment.

The second award was for the Developing Ethnobotany: Creative Collaboration and Indigenous Stories project which is in collaboration with native people and their telling of indigenous stories in order to more effectively connect the public to the Museum’s ethnobotany spaces.

The third award was for Museum Programs Gone Virtual. The COVID-19 pandemic halted onsite museum programming since with temporary closure in March 2020. Our educational public service meant that maintaining communication and connecting with the county’s over 2 million residents would be crucial during this ongoing health crisis. From March 2020 through February 2021 the museum pivoted six regularly scheduled annual and quarterly onsite programs to the virtual environment.

The fourth award was for Science Spooktacular: Demystifying Science for our County Families which is meant to help demystify science and build science literacy in our county.

“We are thrilled to be the recipient of four NACo awards this year,” said Museum Director Melissa Russo. “I’m incredibly proud of the museum staff who rose above the challenges of the pandemic closure to continue to serve our county residents. It has been heartwarming to see residents with children drive up for activity kits and express so much appreciation for our continued presence with these virtual events.”

NACo is dedicated to advancing excellence in public service to help people and places thrive across America. The NACo Achievement Awards honor counties which are innovatively working to strengthen services for their residents.

For more information, visit to see the full schedule of activities.

Sheriff Update on Inmates and Employees Testing Positive for COVID-19

A total of 1,174 County jail inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic; of these, 43 current inmates are experiencing minor symptoms and are recovering. The infected inmates are isolated, monitored around the clock, and provided with medical treatment.

A total of 1,067 department employees have tested positive for COVID-19 and 1,044 of the employees have recovered from the virus. Other employees are expected to return to work in the next few weeks. It is unknown when or where the employees were infected with the virus. The department continues to encourage all department members to heed the warnings of health officials.

Latest Stats

303,350 Confirmed Cases             (up 0.1% from the previous day)
4,836 Deaths                                  (up 0% from the previous day)
3,510,680 Tests                             (up 0.2% from the previous day)

For more statistics from the COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard, click the desktop or mobile tab on the County’s website.

La Actualización del Condado se publica una vez a la semana los miércoles y también según sea necesario para compartir noticias y recursos importantes en nuestra batalla contra COVID-19. Nos quedamos aquí para ti.


En la actualización de hoy:

  • Vacunaciones por numeros
  • La pandemia es ahora solo entre los no vacunados
  • Eventos “Diversion Familiar” planeados para este fin de semana para los que estan recibiendo la vacuna y los que ya estan vacunados
  • El Sol recibe reconocimiento por sus esfuerzos contra el COVID-19 en la ceremonia del 4 de julio en la Casa Blanca
  • Museos del Condado son reconocidos con cuatro premios nacionales
  • Actualizacíon del Sheriff del Condado

Vacunación del Condado de San Bernardino (al 20 de julio de 2021)

Dosis administradas a residentes del condado 1,779,279
Residentes del condado totalmente vacunados 851,358
Porcentaje de residentes de 12+ años de edad de cualquier vacuna 54.1%
Porcentaje de residentes de 12+ años de edad totalmente vacunados 47.1%

 Para programar una cita, por favor visite la página de vacunación del condado o llame a la línea directa de Covid-19 al (909) 387-3911, de lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m.

COVID-19 es ahora una pandemia de los no vacunados

Una dosis de la vacuna J&J ya está disponible en todos los eventos del condado

Con las vacunas actuales contra el COVID-19 mostrando una fuerte efectividad contra la variante Delta más contagiosa, los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades dicen que el 97% de las personas que ingresan al hospital en todo el país con COVID-19 no están vacunadas y casi todas las muertes relacionadas con el virus no están vacunadas.

Aquí en el Condado de San Bernardino, los casos confirmados y las hospitalizaciones también están en aumento y, de hecho, si el sistema de niveles de color del Estado todavía estuviera en vigor, ahora estaríamos en el nivel rojo, con restricciones de capacidad para las empresas.

A nivel nacional, la variante Delta de COVID-19 ahora representa el 83% de las muestras secuenciadas, que es un aumento del 50% en la semana del 3 de julio. Afortunadamente, con casi el 50% de los residentes del Condado de San Bernardino completamente vacunados, el desarrollo en el condado ha sido más lento, con la variante Delta representando el 9.0% de los casos en aumento (frente al 5.1% del 14 de julio); aunque este número solo refleja las pruebas en los sitios del Condado.

“Si bien no estamos cerca de los números de hospitalizaciones y muertes que vimos antes de la vacuna, todavía es preocupante ver a los pacientes una vez más entrar en nuestras unidades de UCI con COVID-19”, dijo el Oficial de Salud Pública del Condado Dr. Michael Sequeira. “Si aún no estás vacunado, estás jugando a la ruleta rusa con tu salud – la mayoría superará ilesa una infección de COVID-19, pero habrá otros que tendrán reacciones graves, y sí, algunos morirán”.

La vacuna J&J ahora es una opción en los eventos del Condado

La vacuna producida por Johnson & Johnson (J&J), una de las tres aprobadas para uso de emergencia por La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos, ahora está disponible a petición en todos los sitios de vacunación administrados por el Condado para residentes de 18 años y mayor, además de la vacuna de Pfizer de dos inyecciones, que está disponible para los de 12 años o mas.

La vacuna J&J ofrece ventajas en términos de conveniencia: solo requiere una sola dosis para ser efectiva, a diferencia de las vacunas de Pfizer y Moderna, que requieren segundas dosis para ser máximamente efectivas.

¿Quieres ayudar? Las organizaciones comunitarias y los empleadores pueden solicitar organizar un evento de vacunación, o traer a un embajador de educación de salud para abordar las preguntas y preocupaciones sobre las vacunas. Para solicitar cualquiera de los dos, simplemente envíe un correo electrónico al Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado a

Eventos comunitarios de vacunación “Diversion Familiar” programados para este fin de semana

McDonald’s también continúa ofreciendo vacunas con ofertas de comida gratis

Se ha programado una serie de eventos de vacunación “Diversión Familiar” para este sábado 24 de julio. Los asistentes que reciban la vacuna Pfizer o Johnson & Johnson durante el evento, así como los que hayan sido vacunados previamente, recibirán cupones gratuitos para alimentos, postres y juegos.

Los eventos de Diversión Familiar se llevarán a cabo de 4 a 7 p.m. en ubicaciones en Fontana, Victorville, Ontario, Highland / San Bernardino y Rialto. (Consulte los detalles a continuación). Los ya vacunados también pueden recibir los cupones para la comida y los juegos mostrando una tarjeta de vacunación válida.

“Esto representa una oportunidad excelente para que las familias se reúnan para comer, divertirse y jugar, mientras toman medidas para protegerse a sí mismas, y a sus familias y amigos de este virus peligroso y mortal”, dijo el Presidente de la Junta de Supervisores Curt Hagman.

Los invitados pueden obtener una primera dosis de la vacuna Pfizer, que está disponible para personas 12 años o mas, o una inyección de dosis única de la vacuna Johnson & Johnson, que está limitada a personas 18 años o mas.

“Las ubicaciones de los eventos han sido seleccionados cuidadosamente sobre la base de una variedad de criterios, incluidas las tasas de vacunación actuales, las tasas de casos de COVID-19, la equidad en la salud y la demografía de la población”, dijo Hagman. “Los planificadores también buscaron ubicaciones convenientes y centralizadas en todo el condado”.

También se siguen celebrando eventos de vacunación en restaurantes selectos de McDonald’s, y los invitados que reciben vacunas reciben cupones para alimentos gratuitos. Los eventos de McDonald’s se realizan en diferentes días y horarios, dependiendo de la ubicación. Aunque se recomiendan las citas, las personas sin cita previa son bienvenidas en todos los eventos. Todos los eventos especiales y los sitios de vacunas administrados por el Condado en curso se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de vacunación del Condado.

Las siguientes son las ubicaciones para los eventos de Diversión Familiar este sábado 24 de julio de 4 a 7 p.m.:

Hook Community Center

14973 Joshua St, Victorville

Fontana Community Senior Center

16710 Ceres Avenue, Fontana

Warm Springs Elementary

7497 Sterling Ave, San Bernardino

Chaffey High School

1245 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

ARMC Westside Clinic 

850 Foothill Blvd, Rialto

Los esfuerzos de El Sol en la lucha contra el COVID-19 son celebrados en un evento en la Casa Blanca

Organización sin fines de lucro ha sido seleccionada para asistir un evento con Presidente Biden.

Ha sido un mes muy especial para El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center. Representantes de la organización sin fines de lucro basada en San Bernardino fueron entre un grupo selecto de trabajadores de primera respuesta y de cuidado de salud que fueron honrados el 4 de julio en la Casa Blanca por su contribuciones en la lucha contra la pandemia COVID-19. La celebración en el Jardín del Sur de la Casa Blanca contó con los comentarios del Presidente Joe Biden.

El Sol también recibió un mensaje por video del Dr. Anthony Fauci, director de la Instituto Nacional de Alergias y Enfermedades Infecciosas de EE. UU., donde alago a la organización por su liderazgo en expansión de acceso a las vacunas contra el COVID-19 entre las comunidades desatendidas en el Inland Empire. Además de estos elogios, la organización fue seleccionada como Organización No Lucrativa de California 2021 por su trabajo con comunidades vulnerables durante la pandemia.

“Los esfuerzos innovadores de El Sol han ayudado a salvar un numero incontable de vidas y han reducido la propagación del coronavirus fatal en unas de las comunidades más afectadas en el Inland Empire,” dijo la Líder de la Mayoría de la Asamblea Estatal Eloise Gomez Reyes.

Respondiendo rápidamente a la pandemia, El Sol mando trabajadores de salud comunitaria y promotoras (trabajadores que son especialmente entrenados y hablan español) a la comunidad para abordar las dudas sobre las vacunas, superar la barrera de acceso, y de lo contrario, ayudar a satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad marginada. Durante los últimos meses, la organización ha:

  • Entregado casi 6,000 vacunas contra el COVID-19, liderando docenas de eventos de vacunación y clínicas en el Inland Empire.
  • Ha proveído 40 horas de entrenamiento sobre el COVID-19 para los trabajadores de salud comunitaria y promotoras en seguridad comunitaria, salud mental, comunicación de riesgos, seguimiento de contactos, prevención de enfermedades, información básica del COVID-19 y cuidado primario comunitario.
  • Producido y distribuido casi 7,000 kits de cuidado para el COVID-19, que incluyen mascarillas, desinfectante para las manos, y cartera para la tarjeta de vacunas.
  • Ha desarrollado “Tiempo de Sanar” un kit virtual de herramientas que incluye planes de chequeo de salud mental y hojas con herramientas de planificación de autocuidado para ayudar a miembros de la comunidad a sanar del trauma de la pandemia.
  • Ha producido videos de música originales en Inglés y Español que usan letra e imagines mostrando miembros de la comunidad recibiendo vacunas en un ambiente de apoyo para abordar las dudas sobre las vacunas.
  • Producido contenido para los jóvenes incluyendo tiras cómicas, libros de actividades y carteles para ayudar a los padres y trabajadores de salud comunitaria a hablar sobre la importancia de vacunas con jóvenes.
  • Activo un centro de llamadas para proveer información y contestar las preguntas de la comunidad sobre las vacunas.
  • Manejo una campaña de comunicación en Inglés y Español para disipar los mitos sobre la vacuna y fomentar las acciones de reducción de daños de COVID-19.
  • Colecto y compartió “Historias de Impacto” sobre los trabajadores de salud comunitaria y promotoras quienes son clave en la lucha contra el COVID-19.

Un sello de calidad del enfoque distintivo de El Sol para el alcance comunitario es la integración de la cultura pop para alcanzar su audiencia. El Sol producido videos de música originales en Inglés y Español que usan letra e imagines mostrando miembros de la comunidad recibiendo vacunas en un ambiente de apoyo.

“El Sol ha jugado un papel invaluable en nuestra comunidad por tres décadas,” dijo Curt Hagman, el Presidente de la Junta de Supervisores. “Los trabajadores de salud comunitaria a menudo comparten el idioma y cultura de la gente que sirven, y de resultado son percibidos como un recurso útil y creíble. Las contribuciones de El Sol durante estos tiempos difíciles han sido particularmente impactantes.”

“El Sol ha estado comprometido durante mucho tiempo en empoderar a la gente en nuestra comunidad a convertirse en mensajeros de salud, y conectar a nuestros residentes a cuidado y recursos críticos,” dijo Alexander Fajardo, el director ejecutivo. “Estoy tan agradecido que los esfuerzos incansables de nuestro equipo y promotoras han sido honrados. Nos inspira aún más para asegurar que todos a los que servimos sean vacunados contra el COVID-19.”

Niños recogiendo Paquetes de Actividades para eventos virtuales del Museo.

Museo del Condado Honrado con Cuatro Premios Nacionales por Eventos Virtuales Excepcionales.

El Museo del Condado de San Bernardino continúa recibiendo reconocimientos bien merecidos

El museo del Condado es el recipiente de cuatro Premios por Logros del 2021 de la Asociación Nacional de Condados (NACo), reconociendo programas del museo en la categorías de Arte, Preservación Cultural e Histórica en la categoría de Arthropolooza: El Festival de Insectos Definitivo; Desarrollando Etnobotánica: Colaboración Creativa e Historias Indígenas; Programas del Museo Vueltos Virtuales; y Ciencia Spooktacular: Desmitificando Ciencia para nuestras Familias del Condado.

El Programa de Premios por Logros de NACo reconoce programas innovadores del gobierno del condado a lo largo de la nación. Los premios son mucho más impresionantes ya que fueron programas ofrecidos durante la pandemia.

El Museo del Condado de San Bernardino recibió un premio por Arthropolooza: El Festival de Insectos Definitivo, una programa anual que se enfoca en la diversidad de artrópodos de la región y sus roles ecológicos y importancia para nuestro medio ambiente.

El segundo premio fue para el proyecto Desarrollando Etnobotánica: Colaboración Creativa e Historias Indígenas, que se realiza en colaboración con gente nativas y su narración de historias indígenas con el fin de conectar más eficazmente al público con los espacios de etnobotánica del Museo.

El tercer premio fue para Programas del Museo Vuelto Virtuales. La pandemia de COVID-19 detuvo la programación en sitio del museo desde que se cerró temporalmente en marzo de 2020. Nuestro servicio público educacional significó que manteniendo comunicación y conectando con más de 2 millones de residentes del condado sería crucial durante esta crisis de salud en curso. Desde marzo de 2020 hasta febrero de 2021, el museo cambió seis programas en el sitio regularmente programados anuales y trimestrales al entorno virtual.

El cuarto premio fue para Ciencia Spooktacular: Desmitificando Ciencia para nuestras Familias del Condado, el cual sirve para ayudar a simplificar ciencia y construir literatura científica en nuestro condado.

“Estamos encantados de recibir cuatro premios de NACo este año,” dijo la Directora del Museo Melissa Russo. “Estoy increíblemente orgullosa del personal del museo el cual se elevó por encima de los retos de cerrar a causa de la pandemia para continuar sirviendo a nuestros residentes del condado. Ha sido reconfortante ver residentes con sus niños venir por paquetes de actividades y expresar mucha apreciación por nuestra continua presencia con estos eventos virtuales.”

NACo se dedica en avanzar excelencia en servicio público para ayudar a personas y a lugares a prosperar por toda América. Los Premios por Logro de NACo honran condados que están trabajando de manera innovadora para fortalecer los servicios para sus residentes.

Para más información, visite para ver el horario completo de actividades.

Actualización del Sheriff Sobre Reclusos y Empleados que Probaron Positivo para COVID-19

Un total de 1,174 reclusos de la prisión del Condado han dado positivo al COVID-19 desde el inició de la pandemia; de los cuales, 43 de ellos están experimentando síntomas menores y están recuperándose. Los internos infectados se encuentran aislados, son monitoreados las 24 horas del día y proporcionado tratamiento médico.

Un total 1,067 empleados de departamento han probado positivo para COVID-19, y 1,044 de estos empleados se han recuperado del virus. Se espera que otros empleados vuelvan a trabajar en las próximas semanas. Es desconocido cuándo o dónde se infectaron los empleados con el virus. El departamento sigue alentando a todos los miembros del departamento a que presten atención a las advertencias de los funcionarios de salud.

Últimas Estadísticas

303,350 Casos Confirmados        (0.1% más que el día anterior)

4,836 Muertes                                  (0% más que el día anterior)

3,510,680 Pruebas                          (0.2% más que el día anterior)

Para obtener más estadísticas del Tablero de Vigilancia de COVID-19, haga clic en la pestaña de escritorio o móvil en el sitio web del Condado.

Applications for Sheriff appointment go online tomorrow

Applications will be available online tomorrow morning for qualified San Bernardino County residents interested in being appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve as the County’s Sheriff.

Sheriff John McMahon announced on Friday that he will retire on July 16 after more than 36 years of public service. His current four year term does not end until Jan. 2, 2023. A special election to fill the vacancy is not a viable option.

“Although the new county charter created a special election option, the timing of this vacancy would not allow a special election to occur until June 7, 2022, which is the date of the next regular election for sheriff,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “The county should not go that long without someone serving in the office of Sheriff.”

“The process we will use for this appointment will be fair, transparent, and guarantee meaningful public input,” Hagman said.

The Board of Supervisors will conduct a special meeting on July 7 to identify finalists for the appointment, conduct public interviews, and consider appointing a new Sheriff to complete Sheriff McMahon’s term.

Starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow, June 23, persons who meet the qualifications to serve as a sheriff in California can apply for the appointment by visiting the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors website.

Applications and supplemental materials will be received until 5 p.m. on June 30. On July 1, the application materials will be provided to members of the Board of Supervisors.

Board adopts 2021-22 County budget with eye toward economic recovery

The Board of Supervisors adopted the 2021-22 County budget on Tuesday, which invests in San Bernardino County’s communities, residents and businesses to help them recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the $7.6 billion budget recognizes the relative stability of County revenues and plans to keep significant resources available to address any possible future economic challenges.  The Board has maintained its long-standing fiscally prudent approach by setting aside an additional $41 million towards its General Purpose Reserve and is projecting to end 2021-22 with a $19 million General Fund operating surplus.

“We are being fiscally responsible with your tax dollars and we are listening to your priorities,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “We are putting resources in the right direction and this budget gives us the opportunity to move this county forward.”

While not included in the initial recommended budget, the Board also took action today to adopt a plan for the use of $423.5 million of federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).  This significant resource will help the County continue to respond to the pandemic, help with economic recovery and infrastructure and improve government operations.

“The 2021-22 Recommended Budget represents a significant step toward recovery from the pandemic,” Chief Executive Officer Leonard X. Hernandez wrote in a letter to the Board. “Through the investment of available financing sources, this budget will both strengthen the County’s fiscal stability while expanding and enhancing the County’s ability to provide high-quality services to our residents and investors.”

To address community concerns, the Board allocated $10.4 million over the next several years to help combat illegal marijuana cultivation, short-term rental oversight, illegal dumping and graffiti abatement, snow play nuisance abatement, illegal vending in problem areas and illegal trucking activities.

“This budget reflects your commitment to public safety in the county,” said San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon, citing the issue of illegal marijuana cultivation in the county.

The post-pandemic desire for outdoor activities prompted an additional $5 million investment in the County’s Regional Parks with capital improvements planned at Glen Helen, Yucaipa, Prado, Guasti, and Mojave Narrows regional parks.

Fighting homelessness remains a priority in the County budget. There is a renewed focus and staffing added to the Homeless Strategic Plan, which aligns the county’s homeless population with health and housing services provided by the County and its partners.

In addition, technological upgrades are due for County systems and online services that help residents and businesses receive a necessary and evolving level of service that is timely and convenient and helps the County generate revenue to continue serving the public’s needs.

Board applauds ‘American Idol’ winner Chayce Beckham

American Idol Winner Chayce Beckham of Apple Valley

The Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution Tuesday congratulating Apple Valley’s Chayce Beckham for becoming the first San Bernardino County resident to win ‘American Idol.’

The 24-year-old is a native of the High Desert and the first winner of American Idol from Southern California.

“I am extremely proud to hear that our first ever Southern Californian American Idol winner comes from San Bernardino County,” said First District Supervisor Col. Paul Cook (Ret.). “Congratulations Chayce, we are all proud of you and excited to see you embark on this new journey.”

Beckham was born in Victorville and lived in Hesperia and Apple Valley where he attended Vanguard Preparatory School and Sitting Bull Academy. He got his first guitar when he was three years old. Before Idol, Beckham and his friends formed a band called the Sinking Sailors performing punk, reggae and funk music and they frequently played local gigs. He last worked as a heavy machine operator for United Rentals.

The gravel-voiced country singer and songwriter wowed Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan and ultimately viewers at home who voted him the winner of the popular singing competition. As the 2021 American Idol winner, Beckham takes home a cash prize and most importantly, a record deal of his own.

While on American Idol, Beckham wrote and recorded his own hit single, “23” which rose to No. 1 on iTunes Country charts and No. 2 on iTunes Top 10 songs.

A year ago, Beckham decided to audition for American Idol at the urging of his family.

County wins record 60 awards from National Association of Counties

Innovative public service programs, many of them aimed at addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, earned San Bernardino County a record 60 National Association of Counties 2021 Achievement Awards, the most awards won since 2019 when the County claimed 52 NACo awards.

A majority of the NACo Achievement Awards recognized programs and resources that helped our residents during the global COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination effort, including the #SBCountyTogether bilingual public information and outreach campaign, the COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program, the COVID-19 data dashboard, the nursing home task force, and our alternative care sites.

The County Public Health Department and its staff, who were on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, won 14 2021 NACo Awards, the most of any County department. The Public Health data team developed and maintain the COVID-19 data dashboard, which shows daily information on COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, the status of the virus in the county’s cities and towns and schools along with testing and vaccination metrics.

Two County departments, the Economic Development Department and the Innovation and Technology Department won awards for the COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program, which provided $30 million in CARES Act funding to help local businesses and nonprofits comply with COVID-19 health orders to keep their employees and customers safe.

“I am extremely proud of our County staff for being creative and using technology to get our residents and businesses through these past 15 months,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “County staff worked long hours through a lot of uncertainty to try to get ahead of the virus and keep us all safe. I am pleased to see the great work they do each and every day recognized on the national stage.”

Since 2010, San Bernardino County has won 441 Achievement Awards from NACo, an organization that honors innovative, effective county government programs that enhance services for residents.

Nationally, NACo Achievement Awards are given in 18 different categories that reflect the variety of services counties provide. San Bernardino County won awards in 14 categories.  This year, NACo reviewed 884 entries from counties in 28 states.

The Board of Supervisors will recognize and honor the people and departments responsible for the winning programs and services below at an upcoming event. The County’s winners are:

CATEGORY: Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation

County Museum – Arthropolooza – the Ultimate Bugfest

County Museum – Developing Ethnobotany: Creative Collaboration and Indigenous Stories

County Museum – Museum Programs Gone Virtual

County Museum – Spooktacular: Demystifying Science for our County Families

Public Works – Desert View Recreational Trails

CATEGORY: Children and Youth

Children and Family Services – Children and Family Services Electronic Warrants Process

Children and Family Services – Enhancing Educational Attainment Among Foster Youth through Collaboration

Children and Family Services – Helping Our Population by Empowerment

Children and Family Services – Special Collaboration with Marine Bases to Keep Children Safe

CATEGORY: Civic Education and Public Information

County Administrative Office, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and Behavioral Health- #SBCountyTogether Communication Program

CATEGORY: Community and Economic Development

Economic Development and County Administrative Office – COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program

Economic Development – San Bernardino County Film Office (FilmSBC)

Economic Development – San Bernardino County Opportunity Zone Program

Purchasing – San Bernardino County Online COVID-19 Store

Purchasing – Surplus Distribution Hub

Workforce Development – Virtual Career Fair

Workforce Development – Virtual Hiring Event

Workforce Development – Virtual Rapid Response

CATEGORY: County Administration and Management

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector – Payroll Electronic Document System (PEDS)

Fleet Management – Vehicle COVID-19 Sanitizing Procedure

CATEGORY: Criminal Justice and Public Safety

County Fire – San Bernardino County Illegal Fireworks Reporter

District Attorney – Digital Victim Advocate Program

Public Defender – New Hope/Abundant Living Church

Sheriff – Parental Intervention Project

CATEGORY: Financial Management

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector – Process Server Checks Project


Arrowhead Regional Medical Center – Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Charts Pandemic Response Path for Local Hospitals

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA), County Administrative Office, Public Health, Behavioral Health and Aging and Adult Services – Caring for Our Most Vulnerable – Bold Actions in Midst of Pandemic

Behavioral Health – Care Coordination

Behavioral Health – Consumer Evaluation Council

Public Health – Inland Empire Black Breastfeeding Week 2020

Public Health – Reducing Health Inequity and Hunger Among Veterans During COVID and Beyond

Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA), Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, County Fire, County Administrative Office – Alternative Care Sites

CATEGORY: Human Services

Aging and Adult Services and Behavioral Health – Age Wise’s 24/7 Hotline Expands Seniors’ Access to Vital Services

Aging and Adult Services – Reducing Homelessness through the At-Home Program

Aging and Adult Services – Successful Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Implementation Methods

Preschool Services, Public Health and Aging and Behavioral Health – Distance Learning Program

Transitional Assistance, Workforce Development and Public Health – CalFresh Employment and Training COVID-19 Response

Transitional Assistance, Public Health  and Aging and Adult Services – TAD/DAAS-PG CalFresh Targeted Outreach to Seniors and Disabled Persons

Transitional Assistance and Public Health – Housing Services Assistance Agreement

CATEGORY: Information Technology

Assessor-Recorder-Clerk – ARC Online Modernization of Services Program

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and Purchasing – Arrowhead Regional Medical Center SAP Inventory Management Module (ARMC | SAP IMM)

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector – Robotic Process Automation

Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector – Tax Collector Kiosk Project

Public Health – CAIR / QIE Bidirectional Interface

Public Health – Cisco Call Center Systems

Public Health – COVID-19 Operation Dashboard and Hub Pages

Public Health – Education and Engagement Indicator

Public Health – Internship and Volunteer Program

Public Health – Remote Customer Service

Public Health – VSRO Birth & Death Certificate Automation

Innovation and Technology – Election Virtual Dashboard and Command Center

Innovation and Technology, Economic Development, and County Administrative Office – Utilizing GIS Technology for COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program

Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA) – Resource Management Program

Registrar of Voters and Innovation and Technology – Online Candidate Filing Program

CATEGORY: Libraries

County Library – Converting Programs to Meet the Need

County Library – Instant Digital Library Card

CATEGORY: Parks and Recreation

Public Works – Big Bear Alpine Zoo

CATEGORY: Personnel Management, Employment and Training

Behavioral Health – Transparency Through Talk Project

CATEGORY: Risk and Emergency Management

Purchasing – Emergency Purchase Orders (POs)

Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA) and County Fire – Incident Management Team

County leaders celebrate grand opening of new Behavioral Health building

Today, top local, state, and national leaders gathered in San Bernardino to celebrate the grand opening of a new 11,375-square-foot facility serving the Juvenile Justice Program (JJP) within San Bernardino County’s Department of Behavioral Health. The facility will serve an estimated 400 to 900 families per year, advancing the JJP’s mission to provide a comprehensive and effective continuum of adolescent behavioral health care for justice-involved youth, in or out of custody, who have mental illness.

“The Juvenile Justice Program reduces recidivism, promotes wellness and recovery, and enhances the quality of life in our county,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Also, this project was developed in a Qualified Opportunity Zone, which benefits both the public and private sectors and creates vital community benefit. The value of bringing new investment to underserved communities underscores the importance of this program.”

Vice Chair Dawn Rowe

“This new space will serve as a key resource for many deserving individuals and families in the region. It will be instrumental in giving youth and their families hope for a better future by promoting wellness and resiliency,” said Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Dawn Rowe. The facility is located within Vice Chair Rowe’s Third Supervisorial District.

The new office space will be located proximate to the San Bernardino Children’s Assessment Center, Juvenile Court, Probation Office, and several schools. This new location will help facilitate collaboration as JJP staff members conduct community outreach and serve justice involved youth and their families.

“The critical need for outpatient behavioral health services has never been greater, especially when we are addressing restorative justice for youth living in this community. This is a great day for our youth, for equity and for our San Bernardino County at large,” said Dr. Veronica Kelley, Director for the Department of Behavioral Health.

Notably, the facility is located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) census tract – one of 57 Opportunity Zone tracts in the County – a designation created in 2017 via bipartisan legislation co-sponsored by U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). Under the initiative, investors who make long-term investments in QOZ communities are eligible for a series of tax benefits. The neighborhood is amongst the most distressed in the nation, scoring a 92.2 out of 100 on the Economic Innovation Group’s Distressed Communities Index. Further, its youngest residents are disconnected from vital services and are not well-positioned to reach their full potential. The Child Opportunity Index finds that neighborhood conditions scored very low for the census tract, suppressing the potential for local children and young adults to achieve upward mobility.

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott

“Already millions of Americans have seen and benefited from the incredible potential of Opportunity Zones across the nation,” said Senator Tim Scott, who attended and spoke at the event. “I am amazed by the great work being done here at the San Bernardino Medical Center and look forward to hearing the success stories that come from their efforts.”

The project was highlighted as a national best practice in a May 2020 report by the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which included several case studies of Opportunity Zone investments across the country.

“Today is another sign of the growing promise of San Bernardino,” said San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia. “First and foremost, this new facility will help us better meet the needs of youth and families in our community. More broadly, the 500+ jobs created by the project and millions in new private investment generated are proof positive that San Bernardino is open for business and poised for growth. I commend my colleagues at the County for reaching this milestone, and thank Senator Scott, RevOZ Capital, and Sudweeks Development for their commitment to our community.”

Opportunity Zone capital proved essential to the building’s viability and construction. In 2018, San Bernardino County selected California-based developer Sudweeks Development and Investment Co. (SDIC) to finance and build a new government office building. The county pre-leased the building for 15 years. However, SDIC found that potential equity partners were not willing to invest in such a highly-distressed community, even though the long-term commitment from the county (an S&P rated AA+ tenant) reduced the risk of the project. Fortunately, RevOZ Capital, a nationally-recognized Opportunity Zone fund, partnered with SDIC and the County.  RevOZ and its affiliates made a 10-year investment to support construction of the San Bernardino Medical Center

“This project embodies so much of what RevOZ aspires to achieve,” said Lisa Merage, RevOZ Capital Managing Partner and Chair of the RevOZ Social Impact Council. “We believe deeply both in the potential of emerging communities like San Bernardino, and in the potential of Opportunity Zone investments to create real economic, financial, and community benefits. We thank all of our partners for their support on this project, and are excited to explore further opportunities in the community to create economic and social impact.”

“Public–Private Partnerships have been the cornerstone of our business for the past several years,” said Brandon Sudweeks, Managing Member of SDIC. “Our team truly enjoys bringing together public, private, and community interests to address deep, unmet needs. I’m grateful to the County for their collaboration, and particularly thankful to Senator Scott and RevOZ for seeing the potential of Opportunity Zone financing to bring this project to fruition. Completing such a timely and important project – especially in light of the challenges posed by Covid over the past year – is a credit to our team and a tremendous source of pride.”

County staff anticipate completing final preparatory activities in the coming days and open the facility to patients later this month. For more information on the DBH Juvenile Justice Program, please visit

The Juvenile Justice Program (JJP) is a collaboration of the San Bernardino County Probation Department and the Department of Behavioral Health. It is a team entrusted by the public to provide quality mental health services to juveniles in the justice system and to their families in an effort to reduce recidivism and enhance the quality of their lives. Juvenile Justice Program services are only available to minors involved in the San Bernardino County juvenile justice system who are referred to the program through the Probation Department and Juvenile Court system.

Flags lowered to half-staff for fallen Sheriff’s sergeant

Sgt. Dominic Vaca

Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman has ordered flags at all county government facilities to fly at half-staff in honor of Sheriff’s Sgt. Dominic Vaca, who was killed in the line of duty on Monday.

Chairman Hagman encourages all county residents, businesses and government agencies to do the same.

“Sgt. Vaca lost his life bravely protecting the people of this county. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that someday all of us can live our lives free from the fear of violent crime,” Hagman said.

Sgt. Vaca was a 17-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He was killed when a motorcyclist opened fire on deputies who had been pursuing him in Yucca Valley. The gunman was killed during the gunfight with deputies.

“Our hearts are broken. Sgt. Vaca was a true hero and a beloved member of our Morongo Basin community,” said Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Dawn Rowe, a resident of Yucca Valley. “Our thoughts, prayers and support are with his dear family during this tragic time.”

A memorial fund has been established to assist Sgt. Vaca’s wife and children.

The County will keep flags at half-staff until sunset on the day of Sgt. Vaca’s interment, which has yet to be determined.

Regional Parks still needs lifeguards and pool managers for 2021 summer swim season

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, the San Bernardino County Regional Parks opens its swim complexes at Cucamonga-Guasti, Glen Helen and Yucaipa for families to enjoy. We would like to invite any interested candidates to apply as a Lifeguard or Pool Manager at one of these Regional Parks for the 2021 Summer Season.

The department will host virtual interviews with potential same day job offers. Applications will be accepted online continuously through June 2021.

Regional Parks will offer reimbursement for new lifeguard certification or recertification upon completion of 80 hours of paid work time.

Applicants must be at least 16 and are required to provide Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications valid through September 2021. Reimbursements for certifications may be provided (see job announcement for details). All requirements must be met prior to the first day of work. Bilingual applicants strongly desired.

Preferred work location is not guaranteed and will be decided by Park staffing needs.

Please visit and apply today!

County launches redistricting website; Commission meets Tuesday

San Bernardino County’s 2021 supervisorial redistricting effort is underway with the launch of an interactive website and the scheduling of the County Redistricting Commission’s first meeting.

“The Board of Supervisors is looking forward to utilizing the latest technology and in-person meetings throughout the county to involve every county resident and each of our communities in the 2021 redistricting process,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman.

Every 10 years, upon the release of new U.S. Census data, the county is required to redraw the boundaries of the five Board of Supervisors districts to ensure each has very close to the same number of residents and that the new districts comply with the Voting Rights Act and meet other criteria. The process will begin in earnest when detailed U.S. Census data is released by the federal government in the fall.

Today the County launched a website,, that contains information about the redistricting process, alerts visitors to upcoming meetings, allows them to view live and archived meetings, submit questions and other feedback, and read the latest news on redistricting.

The site also allows visitors to become familiar and experiment with a map-drawing tool that will allow anyone to create and submit their own redistricting plans incorporating the latest data on population, demographics, and city boundaries. The data on which the 2021 redistricting will be based won’t be available until the federal government releases it in the fall.

“Our goal is to make the redistricting process transparent and to provide many opportunities for public input. The new website is a great way for the public to stay up to date on the redistricting process and to have their voices heard,” said Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford, who with Chairman Hagman comprises the Board of Supervisors Redistricting Subcommittee.

The redistricting website also includes information about the County’s new Advisory Redistricting Commission.

In compliance with a new County Charter approved by voters in November, the board in March created a seven-member Advisory Redistricting Commission to receive comments and suggestions from the public and recommend at least two supervisorial district boundary maps for consideration by the board.

In April, each board member appointed one commissioner and one alternate commissioner, who will join two members appointed by the presiding judge of the Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino, to sit as the commission.

The commission will be sworn in and conduct its first meeting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 11, in the Covington Chambers on the first floor of the County Government Center in San Bernardino. The public can view live and archived meetings on the County’s redistricting website. The commission will conduct many of its future meetings at various locations throughout the county.

Fire & Ice Cream vaccine event set for Saturday in San Bernardino

Free ice cream, churros, and other treats and giveaways await those who participate in the county’s first official Fire and Ice Cream COVID-19 vaccination event Saturday at Nunez Park in San Bernardino.

The county, in partnership with the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, will lead a parade of fire trucks, other emergency vehicles, the county’s Our Shot for Hope mobile vaccination van, am ice cream truck and a churro van through the streets of the neighborhoods surrounding the park at 12:30 p.m. From 2 to 6 p.m. in Nunez Park, the county will provide the free treats and free “one-and-done” Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. No appointment is necessary.

The vaccinations are for any one age 18 and over. The treats are for everyone. 

“Fire and Ice Cream is an example of how committed we are to making vaccines available across the county, especially in vulnerable or hard-to-reach neighborhoods,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “We’re very happy to be doing this in conjunction with our county fire department. Firefighters are trusted heroes in our communities, and nothing draws attention like fire trucks and ice cream trucks!”

Why take the shot for hope? The COVID-19 vaccination will help protect individuals by creating an antibody (immune system) response without having to experience sickness. After you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you may be able to start doing some things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic.

Nunez Park is located at 1717 West 5th Street in San Bernardino.

Future Fire and Ice Cream events in other locations throughout the county will be announced soon.

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