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South Coast AIr Quality Management District

Save money with SCAQMD lawn mower exchange program

mowing the lawn

Starting April 16, citizens may register to get up to 75 percent in savings on a new electric lawn mower with the South Coast AQMD’s popular Lawn Mower Exchange Program.

Now in its 12th year, the program helps the wallet and air quality by trading residents’ used, highly polluting gas-powered lawn mowers for environmentally friendly, cordless battery-electric models.
This year’s program offers 4,000 mowers for trade-in. SCAQMD encourages residents to act fast once registration opens and secure a spot at one of four events being held this year in Long Beach, Pasadena, Riverside and Anaheim.

“By participating in the Lawn Mower Exchange Program, residents will get a brand new mower that is easier to operate and quieter than a gas model for just a fraction of the retail price,” said William A. Burke, Ed.D., SCAQMD’s Governing Board Chairman. “In addition to taking advantage of this great offer, residents will also help better their community by eliminating air pollution from old gas mowers.”

In fact, an older gas-powered lawn mower can spew more pollution into the air in a single year than a car driven more than 22,000 miles.

Residents have the opportunity to register and choose from one of five Black & Decker and Greenstation battery electric models ranging from $100 to $250:
— Black & Decker 18” 36 volt, $100 (Retail price: $379) (75 percent savings!)
— Black & Decker 19” 36 volt, $180 (Retail price:  $429)
— Black & Decker 19” 36 volt self-propelled, $250 (Retail price: $479)
— Greenstation 20” 24 volt, $160 (Retail price: $430)
— Greenstation 19” 24 volt self-propelled, $230 (Retail price: $470)
To take advantage of this great offer, residents must pre-register at by clicking on the Lawn Mower Exchange banner, or calling 1-888-425-6247. Registration opens April 16 at 8 a.m. and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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