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Government Works

Government Works: Improving food safety through health education

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Food service facilities in San Bernardino County can sometimes have reoccurring critical violations increasing the risk of food borne illness outbreaks and low inspection scores. This can have a negative financial impact on businesses.

Did you know the Division of Environmental Health Services  implemented a Health Education Liaison Program that promotes effective strategies to improve inspection scores, raise food safety standards, and strengthen operator’s managerial control measures to meet long-term compliance objectives?

Low scoring facilities are referred to HELP by district inspectors. The HELP consultation is performed at no cost to the facility and has assisted participating food facilities in achieving a 10% reduction in critical violations.

An example of the effectiveness of this program is represented by a facility that went from a score of 73 (C grade) before the HELP consultation, and increased to a score of 90 (A grade) on their next unannounced routine inspection five months later.

The Health Education Liaison Program was recently recognized with an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties.

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Government Works: Increased training on elder abuse for law enforcement

Final Government Works StampDid you know the Department of Aging and Adult Services came up with a way to raise awareness about elder abuse for law enforcement officers?

The department created a two-sided pocket-sized accordion style card that provides officers with penal codes applicable to elder and dependent abuse. Having a quick reference on hand allows officers to file proper charges against alleged perpetrators .

Social workers provide the informational card and training directly to local law enforcement at law enforcement departmental meetings.

Through the use of the Law Enforcement Information Card and associated training, there has been increased participation in elder and dependent abuse investigations by local law enforcement agencies and improved relationships between social workers and law enforcement.

Just recently, the National Association of Counties recognized Aging and Adult Services with an Achievement Award for the program.

Click here to view the P.C. 368 Law Enforcement Card.

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Government Works: Kiosks make it easy

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Did you know the Department of Child Support Services has implemented six self-service kiosks in the public reception areas of each of its three offices, as well as its office located at the local child support court?

These kiosks offer customers the opportunity to open a case, access information about the status of their case, make a payment toward their child support obligation, or obtain answers to questions they may have about the program.

Customers may also access information about community services which assist in addressing other non-child support issues they may be experiencing. The six kiosks were installed in September 2012. During 2013, 4,461 customers spent over 265 hours using the department’s kiosks.

Kiosks (1)On June 13, the National Association of Counties recognized Child Support Services with an Achievement Award for their innovative kiosks.

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Government Works: County providing employment, training and skills

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During the first quarter of 2013, the County’s Workforce Investment Board entered into an agreement with the County’s Housing Authority to provide employment and educational services to families eligible under the housing assistance program.

The program has served a total of 123 low-income residents who receive career counseling, employment services workshops, job referrals and job skills enhancement services. The overall program goals are to assist eligible individuals with finding and retaining work, improving skills, becoming self-sufficient, and contributing to the economic stability of San Bernardino County.

On June 12, 2014, the National Association of Counties recognized the Housing Authority and Workforce Investment Board partnership with an Achievement Award in the category of Employment and Training. The award was just one of 31 San Bernardino County received from NaCo this year for our innovative programs, surpassing its own record of 27 NaCo awards in 2011.

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Government Works: Online, convenient food worker training

Fast Food Restaurant Employee

Did you know the Department of  Public Health Division of Environmental Health Services won an award from the National Association of Counties last year for their online program for food industry workers?

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The program allows food workers to have access to food worker training and testing. The online program is available in five languages and can be accessed at any time.

There was a 55 percent increase in food worker card compliance from 2010-11 to 2011-12 after the online feature debuted. To view information about the online program, click here.

This is another example of how Government Works.


Government Works: More foster children enrolled in preschool

Final Government Works StampDid you know the departments of Children and Family Services and Preschool Services were honored with an award for their Preschool Referral Project?

The Preschool Referral Project was developed to offer foster children age 3 to 5 enhanced preschool services resulting in increased placement stability, school readiness and school performance.


As a result of the referral project, participation in early childhood education programs for foster children increased by 200 percent resulting in 118 foster children participating the program. All children in the program showed improvement in language, self-regulation, mathematical and social development. The results are encouraging for children who have been abused, witnessed abuse and suffered the trauma of being removed from their parents.

The program was recognized in November 2013 by the California State Association of Counties with a Challenge Award, one of the most prestigious government awards in the state.

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Government Works: Warrants faster, on the go

Final Government Works StampDid you know the County’s Superior Court On-Call Warrants system was recognized by the California Association of Counties (CSAC) with a Challenge Award?


The system was designed by the Information Services Department to help judges review, sign, and deliver search warrants with a digital and mobile system accessed anytime and anywhere. Prior to development of the electronic system, a series of sometimes inconvenient phone calls and faxes between law enforcement and on-call judges had to be made causing delays in the approval process. Now judges review, annotate, and approve warrants anytime using a mobile web-based application.

Average wait time is about 15 minutes.

The annual CSAC awards are considered a highly competitive recognition program that honors the best and most innovative among California’s 58 counties. The award was presented in November 2013.

This is an example of how Government Works.

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