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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Government Works: More foster children enrolled in preschool

Final Government Works StampDid you know the departments of Children and Family Services and Preschool Services were honored with an award for their Preschool Referral Project?

The Preschool Referral Project was developed to offer foster children age 3 to 5 enhanced preschool services resulting in increased placement stability, school readiness and school performance.


As a result of the referral project, participation in early childhood education programs for foster children increased by 200 percent resulting in 118 foster children participating the program. All children in the program showed improvement in language, self-regulation, mathematical and social development. The results are encouraging for children who have been abused, witnessed abuse and suffered the trauma of being removed from their parents.

The program was recognized in November 2013 by the California State Association of Counties with a Challenge Award, one of the most prestigious government awards in the state.

This is an example of how Government Works.

Fossils Under our Feet at the County Museum

ericscottfossilsOn Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15, 2014, San Bernardino County Museum Curator of Paleontology Eric Scott will discuss Ice Age fossils from urban southern California. The 2 p.m. presentation at the County Museum in Redlands is included with paid museum admission.

“Saying ‘Ice Ages’ conjures images of glaciers, ice fields, and herds of woolly mammoths huddling against raging blizzards,” said Scott. “Those scenarios are engaging, but they don’t accurately portray what our region was like during glacial times.”

During the Pleistocene Epoch—the “Ice Ages”— Southern California summers were cooler and year-round temperatures were more moderate. Snow and ice were present for most of the year in local mountains. “We had streams and lake in the valleys, fed by mountain ice, which provided lots of sustenance for plants and animals in the valleys. The evidence of these ancient organisms lies right beneath your feet,” said Scott.

In his lecture, Scott will talk about Pleistocene fossils from throughout southern California, with special emphasis on the Rancho La Brea “tar pits” in Los Angeles. He will also examine more local sites such as Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, California, where County Museum paleontologists working from 1993 through early 2000 excavated one of the richest non-asphaltic Ice Age sites anywhere in the American southwest.

The San Bernardino County Museum is at the California Street exit from Interstate 10 in Redlands. The museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 9 am to 5pm. General admission is $10 (adult), $8 (military or senior), $7 (student), and $5 (child aged 5 to 12). Children under five and Museum Association members are admitted free. Parking is free. For more information, visit The museum is accessible to persons with disabilities. If assistive listening devices or other auxiliary aids are needed in order to participate in museum exhibits or programs, requests should be made through Museum Visitor Services at least three business days prior to your visit. Visitor Services’ telephone number is 909-307-2669.

Community Indicators Report 2014 highlights County achievements and challenges

color seal smallThe San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and The Community Foundation have published the 2014 Community Indicators Report, a measuring stick of the progress and challenges ahead for the County of San Bernardino.

The 2014 report marks the fifth year the County takes a data-driven look at our economy, education, wellness, environment, quality of life and public safety to help achieve the Countywide Vision.

The purpose of the report is to give an honest self-assessment of our achievements and identifying areas that continue to demand our attention and resources.

You can read a copy of the report here: 2014 Community Indicators Report


Government Works: Warrants faster, on the go

Final Government Works StampDid you know the County’s Superior Court On-Call Warrants system was recognized by the California Association of Counties (CSAC) with a Challenge Award?


The system was designed by the Information Services Department to help judges review, sign, and deliver search warrants with a digital and mobile system accessed anytime and anywhere. Prior to development of the electronic system, a series of sometimes inconvenient phone calls and faxes between law enforcement and on-call judges had to be made causing delays in the approval process. Now judges review, annotate, and approve warrants anytime using a mobile web-based application.

Average wait time is about 15 minutes.

The annual CSAC awards are considered a highly competitive recognition program that honors the best and most innovative among California’s 58 counties. The award was presented in November 2013.

This is an example of how Government Works.

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