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Those with disabilities and medical conditions not required to show proof

Those aged 16 to 64 whose medical condition puts them at high risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19 will not be asked to show proof of eligibility when they arrive for a vaccination appointment, according to new direction from the State issued this afternoon. They will simply have to sign an attestation verifying they are eligible for vaccination.

The best course of action for those in this high-risk group is still to first check with their health care provider, who might be able to provide vaccination more promptly and without the need for a signed attestation. But those who make appointments through the County’s vaccination website, won’t be asked for any verification other than eligibility other than a signed attestation form, which can be reviewed in English  and in Spanish.

Information about eligibility of people with a disability and/or medical condition can be found on the State website.


4 thoughts on "Those with disabilities and medical conditions not required to show proof"

  1. Jon Foster says:

    The decision to NOT require proof of a medical condition simply opens the door for anyone age 16-64 to get a vaccine during the 1c phase. Meanwhile, those of us who truly have a life-threatening condition cannot get an appointment.

    What were you thinking? Did you really think people would TRUTHFULLY fill out that attestment form?

    You should have just gone from 1b to Phase 2. It would have had the same effect.

    1. Hello Mr. Foster, the County opens tiers and eligibility following guidance from the State of California. We are hopeful that more vaccine doses are coming soon and we will have more appointments available for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one. If you need assistance in finding an appointment you can always call our hotline at (909) 387-3911. You can also keep checking our website at, or with your medical provider or your local pharmacy.

  2. Jenny Alaniz says:

    I have COPD AND ASTHMA, do I qualify for my vaccine now, n where do I go to get the vaccine?

    1. Hi Jenny, you should check with your health care provider first to determine if they can provide you with a vaccine. If not, then you may make an appointment with the County on our website at Please keep in mind now that eligibility has increased for more people, appointments are in high demand.

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