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Are you ready to camp? Regional Parks has a spot for you!

campingCan you smell the S’mores?

San Bernardino County Regional Parks is ready to host you and your family at our campgrounds.

For information about camping in our Regional Parks, visit or visit the Facebook page or follow on Twitter @GreenerParks

2 thoughts on "Are you ready to camp? Regional Parks has a spot for you!"

  1. James Clayton says:

    Perhaps the County will pay attention to quitting the subsidy of the private banking system that inflates the value of the dollar by giving “money” away that has been created by loaning it into existence out of thin air. When the homeless learn that they can legally camp anywhere on public property, especially those made homeless primarily by governing policies that buy votes with giving-away what taxpayers earned in this rigged game, then perhaps government will change. Right now, with the public– as a result of public “education” are ignorant of how debt slavery works, votes from those with nothing can be purchased with free money– welfare including taxpayer-subsidized down-payments to convert renters to debt slaves. So, those looking for a place to “go camping” simply research the law including recent court decisions that allow the homeless to camp anywhere on public property. Try camping in front of County buildings between the offices and “workers” parking lots. It will encourage change you can believe-in. At least it will encourage the building of better fences, gates, landscaping, and security features like all-night bright lighting to prevent your wanting to “camp” there.

  2. James Clayton says:

    Are you ready to camp?

    ‘… A federal ruling passed on September 4th now states it’s “unconstitutional” for law enforcement to cite or arrest homeless people sleeping on public property…’
    Court Ruling Allows Homeless to Sleep on Public Property Without Citation
    September 19, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    That TAD office on Little Mountain Drive was misrepresented to the immediate neighborhood as a Human Resource (personnel) office for San Bernardino County including the claim that misrepresenting it was a “typo” and no effort has been made to do anything about the homeless it has attracted that trespass for various reasons including dumpster diving at adjacent Fairway Park and Edgehill Village condominium complexes. From the newspaper article about that misrepresentation (fraud) it appears both the City and County have contempt for residents in the neighborhood and confidence that they are too gullible and disorganized to do anything about it other that meet, greet, and retreat. A shill for a so-called community association seems satisfied that it will not happen again elsewhere and only insists that it be legitimized by a conditional use permit.

    Responsible leadership would not only fence the TAD office against the homeless, which irresponsible leadership did immediately– the City Council that is up for re-election in November, but leadership responsive to awareness that the community was sold-out would assist those who are damaged by the “homeless magnet” by subsidizing the same quality of fencing-out at Fairway Park, Edgehill Village, and the City-owned but privately-contracted golf club of exactly the same problem. No doubt the City would rather cause continued degradation of property values, owner’s home equity, and the tax base for several reasons. Currently City code enforcement officials have stated they are too busy to even follow-up on reports of violations at those two properties. Operations like AMAZON and COSTCO require less services and generate more revenue. [redacted]

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