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Special event at Agua Mansa Cemetery celebrates Dia de Los Muertos

skullCurator of History Michele Nielsen will lead an afternoon of family remembrance on Friday, November 1 from 1 to 3 p.m. as Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated at Agua Mansa Cemetery, a museum historic site. Here is a link to a story about the event in the Press-Enterprise.

One thought on "Special event at Agua Mansa Cemetery celebrates Dia de Los Muertos"

  1. Paul Palsa says:

    There is another very important historical event that we need to provide education on, during Hispanic Heritage Month, and throughout the year.

    When the Spanish came to the Americas, there was ‘another’ population that came with them, as laborers, — from another part of the world (Africa). The Portuguese and Spanish transported these persons in ships, to the mining and agricultural work areas of Spanish America, beginning 510 years ago. They were first brought first to the Caribbean, then soon after to Central and South America; and in 1519 Cortez brought them to North America (the part then known as Nueva Espana, or today’s Mexico).

    These men and women from Africa,… were the ‘first – migrant – labor’ in the Americas !!

    The importation of African laborers to the Americas was ‘exclusively’ a Spanish/Portuguese industry from 1502 through the mid 1600’s, when the English, French and Dutch also became involved with the Caribbean.

    In 1992, the government of Mexico officially recognized ‘The Third Root’ — the presence of African people, … and African culture, art, heritage and labor history in Mexico. It should be in EVERY book on Mexico, Latino Heritage and Chicano history, but it is in very FEW. { -this is not acceptable- }.

    Our college professors/authors need to begin to LEARN and HONOR this history. (And if necessary, we may need to ‘tag’ the books that omit this important history, in our schools and universities. And perhaps the state Dept. of Education, the UC and CSU systems, and the Community College districts will follow our lead.)

    I provide presentations on ‘diversity’ for various ages, and I am honored to share this history. Please let me know how I can help the County of San Bernardino, with this important matter!

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