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Fireworks alert from County Fire

firework displayPossession of any type of fireworks, including “safe and sane” fireworks, is against the law in any unincorporated area of San Bernardino County. In the event a fire occurs due to the unsafe use of fireworks, the responsible persons are likely to face criminal charges and be held liable for damages.

“Safe and Sane” fireworks are only allowed in the following cities: Adelanto, Chino, Colton, and Rialto, as well as specific locations in Fontana, Grand Terrace, and San Bernardino. Please call the fire department in these cities for more information. All fireworks are illegal elsewhere in the county. All fireworks that explode, shoot into the air or move along the ground are termed dangerous and are illegal anywhere in California.

With San Bernardino County facing a dangerous wildland fire season, the County Fire Department has increased its vigilance in enforcing state and county firework laws to protect public health and safety. Fire officials will be issuing citations for the illegal use of fireworks, with fines up to $1,250 for the first offense. Property owners may be cited if they allow fireworks to be possessed, stored or used on their property.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, on a typical 4th of July, fireworks cause more fires in the U.S. than all other causes combined. While “Safe and Sane” fireworks are allowed in some San Bernardino County communities, the County Board of Supervisors and County Fire encourage residents to watch fireworks at community celebrations rather than use their own.

When using fireworks where allowed, County Fire offers some safety tips:

 Always use fireworks (“Safe and Sane” only) with an adult present. Even a “Safe and Sane” sparkler burns at a temperature that ignites clothing easily
 Always read and follow label directions
 Always have water (garden hose/bucket) and a fire extinguisher within reach
 Always place fireworks on a firm, non-combustible surface, like a sidewalk or pavement
 Never alter fireworks
 Never re-light “dud” fireworks
 Homemade fireworks are often deadly; leave the making of fireworks to the experts
 Never point, throw or mishandle fireworks

In addition to fires, fireworks cause deaths, blindness, and maiming injuries to children and adults every year.
For more information on fireworks safety, contact your local fire station.

Have a SAFE celebration!

20 thoughts on "Fireworks alert from County Fire"

  1. Jennifer Dreyfuss says:

    For the good of the community — it would be especially helpful to include a phone number to report illegal fireworks being set off. Not only is it super annoying to me and upsetting to our pets but it is also an absolute fire hazard as well. I would not hesitate in the slightest if I just knew who to call about this. I mean, certainly not 911 as it is not an emergency, but who to call after hours in the unincorporated areas of the county? Including such a phone number would actually be a Useful Public Service Announcement. Instead of repeating what should be common sense anyway…
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jennifer, you can call County Fire’s dispatch line at 909-356-3805 or you can call your local law enforcement agency to report illegal fireworks. Thank you for asking!

  2. Maureen says:

    When are they going to stop these idiots up here in the Del Rosa area where we have LOST our home due to a wildfire from using these illegal fireworks… There was already a fire on little mountain where they lost homes and you know it was due to fireworks… We are between 39th and Eureka, PLEASE DUE SOMETHING, I’ve called 911 and they due absolutely nothing to help… Please help us up here…

    1. We at County Fire are so sorry for your loss and understand what you have gone through. The City of San Bernardino has banned the use of fireworks along the foothills of the city, including your area. To report the illegal use of fireworks, please contact the San Bernardino Police Department, 909-384-5742. If you have specific information regarding an exact address where fireworks are being used or a known person, you may also contact the San Bernardino County Fire Office of the Fire Marshal during business hours at 909-386-8400 and ask to speak with an investigator.

  3. Jace Michaels says:

    Just was wondering is there a way to find out where exactly in San Bernardino city are they illegal? I have a Partner who has Ptsd and i really want to prepare. Please let me know asap.

    1. Good morning, and thank you for contacting us. There is detailed information including a map at Have a great Fourth of July!

  4. Estrella says:

    I live in Bloomington. Every year I hear that fireworks are ilegal in this area, much more the illegal fireworks, but every year I hear them all over my neighborhood. What is the point of saying you will fine if you actually dont? :/ today its june 24 and I’m allready hearing them in my block. so far I have heard 3 of the illegal that exploted very loud, setting of car alarms in area.

    1. Hi Estrella, please call the Public Affairs Unit at the Sheriff’s Department with your concerns about fireworks at (909) 387-3700.

  5. Lucy Cavazos says:

    Some one in our neighborhood was setting off M80’s continually for a few hours last night around 3am. I called 911 and they told me it was not considered an emergency but they would send someone out. At that point they had stopped. What number can I call at night when it happens again where someone will do something?

    1. Hi Lucy, Call the non-emergency line at 909-387-8313 to reach dispatch.

  6. JESSE says:


    1. If you think someone is creating a hazard and breaking the law, please call 911.

  7. Ellen H. says:

    I have a suggestion.
    Why not have an interactive tract map online where we, the concerned citizens, can just click on the offending house or area/street with the illegal fireworks. We could pinpoint an area with issues… lets say the east end of 13th Street in Bloomington as I type this. There are at least 3 houses with explosives going at it right now.

    1. Good morning. That’s a great idea! We will share it with County Fire. Thank you.

      1. Ellen H. says:

        Do the drones I saw over the number streets belong to County fire?
        If so, splendid! another good idea….. saves time, man-power, $$.
        I see the documentation attached to their ticket….awesome/although…
        It is kind of a “big-brother” approach.

    2. I totally agree i live in fontana,dorsey way..between merrill and arrow!! I feel like iam in a warzone!!!

  8. Deborah Fisher says:

    What do you do, or who do you call if you find old fireworks on/in your property?

    1. Hi Deborah, you can call the Office of the Fire Marshal at (909) 386-8400.

  9. Stacie hopkins says:

    I have a comment I wish they would come and sit over in 11 th ave in Hesperia Cross st Joshua and catch these dumb people set off fireworks all nite long

  10. Joyce Rapp says:

    We have the same problems here in Mentone: I call the Sheriff’s business number in Yucaipa (909) 918-2305. The stop as soon as we call it in; or they do it intermittently so nothing is going on when the deputies arrive; or they blatantly tell me they have done it and I see the evidence but don’t have a chance to take a picture; their neighbors don’t report it, as they should (probably also taking part), etc. I think the whole fireworks thing should be illegal everywhere in CA: selling, purchasing and setting them off. We have enough fire problems as it is, as well as scared dogs and people with PTSD or autism.

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