Final Government Works StampDid you know the Department of Aging and Adult Services teamed up with Valley Transportation Services to provide people in need with transportation?

The Transportation Reimbursement Escort Program provides help to seniors, people with disabilities and people of low income who reside in rural areas of San Bernardino County.

The focus of the program is to allow qualified seniors and persons with disabilities to hire their own volunteer drivers to provide necessary escort transportation when they are unable to drive and use other forms of transportation.
The participant-hired drivers are paid directly by the participant with funds they receive through this program. TREP provides access to necessary medical care and travel to other life-enriching activities. Individuals apply for the program and are qualified using the criteria of limited mobility or lack of public transit.  Clients are then eligible for a predetermined amount of mileage per month, depending on their particular needs.

TREP is available in all rural areas of the county, excluding the cities of Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley and will soon be expanding into the San Bernardino Valley.

The Department of Aging and Adult Services and Valley Transportation Services of Upland were recognized for their efforts with a 2014 National Association of Counties Achievement Award.

This is an example of how Government Works.