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Edison warns of potential power outages through Thanksgiving

Southern California Edison may temporarily shut down electrical service to many areas of San Bernardino County at various times from Wednesday afternoon, through Thanksgiving, and into Friday afternoon because of strong Santa Ana winds and the threat of wildfires.

San Bernardino County urges residents to be prepared for power outages by visiting Edison at for information on outages and how to be personally notified when outages will occur in your area.

Edison reports that its Community Resource Centers and Community Crew Vehicles will be deployed in outage areas to support their customers. The centers and vehicles provide Customer Resiliency Kits, which include power shut-off information, light snacks, water, small resiliency devices, and personal protection equipment.

Edison states it will also provide additional care to households that are deenergized during the Thanksgiving holiday to help with food and supplies. Information on resources is available at

Edison reports that shutting off power is a last resort in the face of wildfire risk, and that it makes every effort to reduce the number of customers affected and the length of each outage, and turn power back on as soon as it is safe to do so. Typical restoration times range from three to eight hours after a circuit is cleared for inspection.

Information on how to contact Edison is available here:



2 thoughts on "Edison warns of potential power outages through Thanksgiving"

  1. Patrick Jay Williams says:

    A block above us has power.All the businesses on Kendall Ave have power.The winds here are mild to moderate yet we are shut down.No notification when power is to at 3116 I Street 92405

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    I have medical Machine when will the power be back on

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