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State to Ease Mask Rules Wednesday February 16

San Bernardino County doesn’t have mask rules for adults or children, but the State applies its mask requirements to everyone in California.

Those State rules are about to ease now that the Omicron case and hospitalization numbers boosted by the Omicron surge have dropped dramatically.

Starting on Wednesday, the State will no longer require vaccinated people to wear masks indoors in public places. Masking indoors will be “strongly recommended” by the State for those who are vaccinated. The State will continue to require unvaccinated people to wear masks indoors.

Information on the State’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines can be found at

17 thoughts on "State to Ease Mask Rules Wednesday February 16"

  1. Chris grisafe says:

    How can Emergency rules apply now in good faith? We just had super bowl with no mandates. The States mandates have gone on far too long. The science does not support them. The situation does not support them, The state and federal constitution does not support them and most important we the citizens no longer support them. Your doing damage to our Children’s health. There are and will be consequences to these mandates.

    1. Geminate says:

      Masking saved your lives, but you’ll never know it. What a bunch of babies, whaaa! I don’t want to wear a mask and you can’t make me! Grow up people, if you are able.

      1. Victor Cuevas says:

        If your want to wear a mask fine. If you want to take 100 shots and 500 boosters fine. If you want to lock yourself in the house for eternity fine. But not me. Thank you.

  2. Alexis I. says:


  3. Kurt Cobain says:

    Do you mean “masking indoors will be recommended for those who are unvaccinated?” Please fix this typo.

    1. No. Making indoors is required for those who are unvaccinated. Masking indoors is “strongly recommended” for those who are vaccinated.

  4. Shelly Rose says:

    Why can thousands of people be unmasked at the super bowl but not in a classroom where children are at less risk??? STUPIDITY! Masks are unhealthy! They harbor bacteria that we breathe back into our lungs causing bacterial infections, some deadly! If a mask doesn’t keep us safe from smoke, then how can a mask keep us safe from a virus that’s smaller than smoke particles?? No one wears a mask correctly anyway. Forcing anyone, especially children, to wear a mask is abuse! You’re a bunch of sheep following corrupt, lying politicians who couldn’t care less about our health and safety. If they did, they’d shut up and quit trying to control our lives! You should be ashamed at your own sheepish stupidity!

    1. Victor Cuevas says:

      I agree 100%

  5. Jonathan Horstmann MD says:

    This is a very poorly worded statement, And not just poorly worded but a major error in communication. The problem is the use of “only” prior to be “strongly recommended”. It diminishes the strength of your recommendation it makes it seem as if it’s very optional rather than strongly recommended.
    viz., Masking indoors will only be “strongly recommended” by the State for those who are vaccinated. Sure It can be read in two ways, but we now know that a large group will read it in a way that will confirm their own biases. You need to fix this.

  6. Valerie Armenta says:

    Get rid of the masking mandates. Is child abuse to mass kids and it’s abuse. It’s a crime against humanity is a violation a civil liberties. Enough of the xxx!

    1. The County does not have a mask mandate.

  7. Albert HERRERA says:

    I think we should stop all the mandates only because mask are hurting people, your breathing you own carbon monoxide and not getting enough oxygen to the body which is causing so many people to get sick. Let the body build anti body’s which will help stop everyone from getting sick. If the government wants to help stop this virous they should be giving out vitamins instead of shots. But that’s my opinion

    1. Wallace Wilson says:

      I have a business in San Bernardino county do I have to let my customers in without a mask

      1. Mr. Wilson, as a private business you can ask your customers to wear a mask inside your business if you want to.

  8. Cathy Craine says:

    Those vaccinated do not have to wear a mask but yet even fully vaccinated can still acquire the virus. How does that make sense? Not to mention, how in the world is any person/store/business etc going to know if the individual without a mask has been vaccinated or not? My son was fully vaccinated still wears a mask and ended up with Covid. However, the urgency for all Americans to get vaccinated is apparently not a major issue any longer, as Biden hasn’t made a comment/reference to Covid in a while now. Covid has vanished from his mouth. Our state is out of control with these mandates. 1st Amendments rights says it all. I’m going to be 66 on Easter and I have not been vaccinated (side effects and given time destroys your immune system) have not contracted Covid. I wear a mask for the respect of other individuals, but my immune system is still strong and I will not comply with this mandate as the FACTS are proven the vac are really not any good for anyone to take especially children. But it is everyones right to do what they feel is best for them. Too much hypocrisy with Covid. Fauci has no clue. The SARS virus was here some years ago and we were not required by the state to wear mask let alone shut down. There’s an agenda and I wish our senators representatives would stop being biased and controlling to the American people who actually pay your salaries. Thank you

  9. John C says:

    I work for Papa Johns Pizza does my employer have the right to ask me to wear a mask ?

    1. Private employers can ask you to wear a mask.

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