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Supervisors approve new County logo

logosmallerIn an effort to increase the public’s understanding of the services available through County government, the Board of Supervisors today approved a new visual identity for the County and its various agencies, departments, and divisions.

“Having a consistent visual identity will help residents know which services are provided by County agencies and know that the County is responsible for making sure those services are provided competently and efficiently,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Rutherford.

Until now, County government has been represented for the most part by an arrowhead-shaped seal containing depictions of the county’s resources and geography. Over time, each of the County’s more than 50 agencies, departments, and divisions have adopted their own separate visual identities, sometimes making it unclear that these entities are all part of the same County organization.

Earlier this year, the Board of Supervisors publicly adopted goals and objectives for the County, including a call for consistent messaging for the organization and elimination of barriers between departments in order to foster collaboration.

The new visual identity – consisting of a logo, color scheme, and typography – maintains use of the historic arrowhead as a recognizable symbol of the county. It will represent County government on letterhead, websites, social media, vehicles, uniforms, business cards, and buildings. It was created by County staff and its use will be phased in to avoid incurring additional costs.

The historic County seal will remain in use only as the County’s legal insignia to be stamped on official documents.

3 Responses to Supervisors approve new County logo

  • What a stupid idea and logo! The original logo represented the HISTORY of San Bernardino County and now that has been taken away! Also, the $1000s involved in relabeling things such as the vehicle fleet. I thought the Board of Supervisors were supposed to watch how they spend the TAXPAYER’s dollars. On top of this, the 1st District supervisor gives up a perfectly great office that the taxpayer’s paid for at the NEW High Desert Government Center because it was too far from the freeway! Where is the accountability? SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! Oh, and by the way SCREW THE EMPLOYEES at the same time!

    • Thank you for the feedback. The arrowhead logo remains as the County’s official legal symbol. No County funds were spent creating the new logo and none will be spent implementing it. The new logo was created by County employees during the normal course of their duties, and it will appear during the normal course of replacing stationery, vehicle labeling, building signage, etc. As for Supervisor Lovingood’s new office, he is using existing funds to pay the lease. In the meantime, the new location is much more convenient for residents throughout the First District. As for the County’s employees, their pay and benefits meet or exceed those of employees in all comparable Southern California counties because they and their work are appreciated and highly valued by the County and the public. Thank you again for the feedback, and please let us know when you have other concerns or questions.

  • Good to see the change. Twenty years ago – Sante Fe railroad was involved in a proven criminal enterprise called the Bolo/Rail-Cycle MegaDump. At times, larger versions of the County Seal actually had the Sante Fe insignia on the railroad locomotive going thru that large gear shape. They earned their removal back then. So, now, at last, they are off the County Seal.

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