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Learn how to clear your criminal record or traffic citation

handcuffsThe Public Defender’s Office in conjunction with Abundant Living Family Church is holding a criminal record and traffic citation clearing clinic on Nov. 15.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Abundant Living Family Church, 17555 Mauna Loa Street in Hesperia.

For more information about the event, contact Christina Schondel at the Victorville Public Defender’s Office at 760-243-8954.

Click here for more details.

11 thoughts on "Learn how to clear your criminal record or traffic citation"

  1. Desmon Ford says:

    Will this cover incidents that happened out of state? What is the minimum time lapse needed to qualify? My incident happened eight years ago.

    1. Hi Desmon, If you prior incident was out of state, you should contact the Public Defender’s Office in that location. If you have additional questions, visit or call one of our offices. Here is a link to the locations and contact information:

  2. Rene B` says:

    I went to the application for eligibility for expungement on the Public Defenders website ( ), completed it, hit submit, but it went to an email address that is non existent ( Very disappointed that this is not kept up to date especially since
    This is just one aspect of our holistic approach towards rehabilitation and reintegration in a way that benefits the community”‘. Called the main administration phone number on the Public Defenders website it is not working (listed as 909 382-7639). Can you get me the correct email address to send the

    1. Rene, we are so sorry you are having trouble with the website and the phone number. We are correcting the email address on the form submission. If you would like to call the Public Defender’s office directly, the correct number is 909-382-3950.

      1. Rene says:

        is it possible for you to provide me with the correct email where that particular application has to go to?

        1. Hi Rene, the Public Defender’s Office is in the process of correcting the email address. Go ahead and resubmit and if it doesn’t work, please email me a copy at and I will forward it to the Public Defender’s Office on your behalf.

          1. Rene says:

            Your awesome!

  3. Sabrina says:

    is this still possible? Help please

    1. Hi Sabrina! Contact the Public Defender’s Office if you would like information on clearing a criminal record at (909) 387-8373

  4. Phillip jackson says:

    Hello do you have a email where I can get the expungement application for San Bernardino county?

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