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Financial literacy classes now available on Saturdays

Begin the new year by learning how to secure your financial future!

Do you know that no matter how small your income, you can save for your future and budget for your current needs?

Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board (IFHMB) is offering financial literacy classes and has added Saturday classes.  Deposit your budget for investment

Classes will be held at IFHMB’s Ontario office located at 1500 South Haven Avenue, Suite 100.  Classes will be offered in both English and Spanish. The classes are free of charge.

The topics to be covered include:

• budgeting

• borrowing

• savings

• credit repair and wise use of credit

• financial recovery

• homeownership

Click here for details or visit the IFHMB website at


One thought on "Financial literacy classes now available on Saturdays"

  1. Cristina says:

    Thank you for the classes and services you offer. I am glad to know that you exist and are looking out for the needs of county residents.
    I would like to request that some of the literacy classed be offered at hours that are more accessible to the working people too, whether it be evening or weekend.

    Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

    Cristina Mendez

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