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Frank Guevara appointed new director of Veterans Affairs

Guevara_10A retired colonel with more than 36 years in the United States Army has been appointed as San Bernardino County’s Veterans Affairs Director.

Frank Guevara, who retired from the Army in May 2013, will begin his new role on June 1, 2015.

“I’m excited to join Veterans Affairs and look forward to serving our veterans and their families,” Guevara said.

Guevara has been an application development manager for San Bernardino County’s Information Services Department since 1989. He has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Cal Poly Pomona and an MBA from the University of La Verne.

“We are pleased that Frank Guevara is San Bernardino County’s incoming Veterans Affairs Director,” said Linda Haugan, San Bernardino County Assistant Executive Officer. “Frank is a veteran with more than three decades of service to our country and we look forward to all that he will do for San Bernardino County’s veterans and their families.”

He is actively involved with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. During his time in the service, he held various positions of increased responsibility, including Officer in Charge of the Intelligence and Security Command, where he was in charge of 5,400 military and civilian personnel, providing intelligence personnel and equipment to US and NATO forces throughout Afghanistan. He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia during his service.

5 thoughts on "Frank Guevara appointed new director of Veterans Affairs"

  1. Leiah says:

    Col Guevara,

    I would like to know if you will be able to influence the VA Health Care system to upgrade the level of care they provide to us veterans through an approach similar to Kaiser or functional medicine methods. Not necessarily their business model (although Kaiser seems to have that on lock down too) but their approach at treating the patient as a whole to include innovative testing and treatments. Too many times, resulting in too many dollars being spent; VA doctors use methods to treat the symptom of a specific ailment rather than getting at the root cause and addressing the issue causing the symptoms.

    Due to our country’s empty caloric food manufacturing and delivery system many of us vets are (like the rest of the country) nutritionally starving and therefore out of balance – this in addition to the many different challenges that vets experience during deployments that expose them to MANY factors that affect their health, psychological, and emotional well being.

    If the VA Health Care system could look at each individual vet as their own biological unit, then test and treat based upon those findings instead of prescribing medications to mask the symptoms – I believe the VA would restore not only its reputation but also its budget, and more importantly restore the health of veterans. And through example restore the health of our great country.

    Change is difficult, but to return our country back to the greatness it once was, we need to start at the root of our problems. One of those our problems is health. We, as a country, are unhealthy. To accomplish greatness we need to have all of our facilities functioning properly. To function properly we need to treat individuals as a whole. Please help our vets be as healthy as they can be.

    What can we do to turn our country’s health around?

    “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”


    Leiah Mundell

    1. Thank you for your e-mail Leiah. I look forward to working to serve our County’s Veterans and their families. There are many needs which I am well aware of, including the one that you mentioned. I am looking forward to meeting with leaders from the community and partner agencies and identifying ways we can work together to help our veterans. Please feel free to come into Veterans Affairs and meet with staff to talk about your specific situation. You can also reach Veterans Affairs at (909) 387-5516 or Toll-Free at 866-4SB-VETS (866-472-8387) San Bernardino County is committed to meeting the needs of its residents including improving their overall health and wellness. We have a number of resources available and we are happy to provide you with additional information. – Col. Guevara

  2. Good morning, Col. Guevara.
    Congratulations on your new appointment!
    The Southwest Veterans’ Business Resource Center, a national 501c3 nonprofit, cordially invites you to join us for our Grand Re-Opening of the Veterans’ Business Center in Perris, CA tomorrow, July 10th at 10am – 11 South D. Street. Register for the event at:

    I apologize for the tardiness of the invitation. I just came across the announcement of your appointment this morning.

    As President of the Southwest Veterans’ Business Resource Center, I offer our support to you in any way possible as you move forward to impact the lives of Veterans in San Bernardino County.
    Thank you for your years of service to our country and to our people. Economic impact and change are up to us! – Tracey Lawrence Collins

  3. LTC Miny Wilkes says:

    Sir, thank you for your continued service. I am happy to see you selfless service to service-members and their Families continues. God Bless! Miny Wilkes, LTC, U.S Army (Retired) and LTC Aaron Wilkes

  4. Ernest Poulin says:

    Not accepting a veteran and county constituent’s TRUE comments on the county site is a violation of my 1st amendment. Please accept my July 13, 2020 comment and THEN you may delete THIS one if you’d like, or accept it. Your choice. July 13th I am asking that you post publicly forthwith.

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