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Board continues support for Give BIG campaign

givebiglogoThe Board of Supervisors today agreed to partner with The Community Foundation to support Give BIG, an online fundraising campaign intended to strengthen local nonprofits that serve the needs of San Bernardino County’s residents.

The Board authorized $100,000 toward this year’s effort to increase the ability and visibility of nonprofits serving San Bernardino County so agencies can attract and retain donors. This funding will go a long way to help Give BIG develop the donor base and infrastructure to maintain itself moving forward.

“This is a wise investment of tax dollars,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos. “If we can make our local nonprofits stronger by spending a little money up front, we can save millions of tax dollars that would otherwise be spent on public assistance.”

Last year’s Give BIG campaign, led by The Community Foundation, was a huge success, exceeding a goal of raising $300,000 for 150 participating nonprofits. On May 8, 2014, 262 participating nonprofits raised about $550,000 in donations with a single agency earning $250,000 in donations. The Board is proud to support The Community Foundation in this year’s effort.

“I’m confident that our county will come together again and surpass the goals we have set for this year’s campaign,” Chairman Ramos said. “Last year, Give BIG brought nonprofits, sponsors and community members together to raise money and the effort inspired a new culture of philanthropy.”

Give BIG utilized a growing trend of 24-hour online and social media-based fundraising efforts that are replacing traditional telethons. The campaign provides a cohesive and collective opportunity for participating nonprofits to raise funds to address needs in the local community. Give BIG also helps build the fundraising and social media skills of participating nonprofits and engages new and younger donors.

This year, Give BIG will be held on Dec. 1 with a goal of raising $300,000 for 175 participating nonprofits.

A successful non-profit sector is important to achieving the Countywide Vision. Non-profit organizations provide health and social services to the county’s most vulnerable residents and contribute to the economic health and social well-being of the county.

More information about how to get involved and donate to Give BIG San Bernardino County will be forthcoming.

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