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A Message from the Chairman

logosmallerWords can’t describe how saddened and horrified we are about this tragedy. Our hearts go out to the victims. The Board of Supervisors is monitoring the situation and is in communication with law enforcement. Media should contact the San Bernardino Police Department for more information about the shooting at 909-383-5311. The County has taken precautions to protect the public and County employees.

County employees who are working within the City of San Bernardino were sent home for the day. Security has been provided at County facilities within the city as a precaution.

11 Responses to A Message from the Chairman

  • We in Miami are just stunned to such a horrible crime. At the same time, I congratulate all the law officers involved in this action. They are heroes and an example for the rest of the nation. Thank you guys. We pray for the victims and the law officers.

    Thank You,
    Nelson Alba

  • Us in Missouri have all of you in our prayers. God be with you all.

  • When will the county “take precautions” to insure that all of it’s ALL of its employees of this nature i.e. works with the public about their medi-cal, food stamps, cash aid are protected from this type of threat? Most county offices that deal with these programs are not secure, “customers” are seen directly across a desk from a county asset (employee) with no protection for them from the common cold let alone an enraged person who has just had their benifits cancelled. The security provided is usually one officer strolling thru the lobby with no more than a can of pepper spray and a night stick, this does not constitute a secure environment for the customer or the employee. The events of 12/2/15 should be a wake up call to the board to improve security of all county buildings and offices. When banks and liquor stores have barriers in place (bullet resistant glass) to protect themselves against violence and the largest county in the United States does not something is backwards.

    Bill Perry.

    • Thank you for your comment and concern. The county constantly assesses and improves its safety measures, and a major assessment and plans for improvements have been underway for the past several weeks. The focus will be on improvements to buildings that will control access to employee work areas and enhance the ability of security personnel to monitor building entrances. In the meantime, the county is stepping up the presence and readiness levels of security personnel at each county facility as appropriate.

  • Too little, too late, no?

  • Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. Extending my deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences.

  • How can aid be provided to the affected families?

  • My condolences to the families. It’s beyond words the actions of these cowards that did this. Those poor ladies. It breaks my heart. God bless the families and especially to the law enforcement that must have the resources to find and hopefully deliver final justice. So sad.

  • God Bless America, praying for the superheroes, the policia, the bravehearted who bear the burden that many people won’t do.

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