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San Bernardino United Relief Fund established for victims

sbunited-blue-countyThe County Board of Supervisors and the Arrowhead United Way jointly established the San Bernardino United Relief Fund for the victims of Wednesday’s tragedy.

Donations will be used to address the needs of people affected by the Dec. 2 incident at the Inland Regional Center building in San Bernardino.

Donors may text ‘SBUNITED’ to 71777 and will be provided a link on their mobile phones to donate.

Checks made out to SBUNITED are also accepted by mail at Arrowhead United Way, 646 North D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401.

For more information, contact the Arrowhead United Way at (909) 884-9441 or visit

4 Responses to San Bernardino United Relief Fund established for victims

  • This is a wise decision to help families and other people who had any relation to that event in December

  • Hello!
    I am a muslim woman in Pakistan, and a former student of Alhuda. I am shocked and saddened by what happened, the totally unjustifiable murder of these 14 innocent people. Wanton destruction of precious human life is so alien to what I learnt at Alhuda that I cannot fathom what Tashfeen did there.
    As a student, I personally heard the teacher Dr. Farhat Hashmi teach on multiple occasions: ‘there is no greater force than love. The best way to eliminate an enemy is to make them a friend through kind dealings’. Also, I personally heard teachers discourage interest in militancy. We asked them about the organizations that promote jihad, and the teacher referred us to the Quran, 2:40-46, where we learn that the people of Moses were oppressed by Pharaoh for straying from the path of moral rectitude. And our teacher said only self correction will alleviate the plight of muslims today. Not fighting a phantom ‘them’.
    Cutting trees, harming noncombatants is forbidden even when soldiers are at war.. what to speak of the cowardly act of mowing down defenceless innocent people in peacetime !!!
    As citizens of America, Islam demands that they show respect for the land they live in, and the people they live among.
    Sorry, this is getting long, it was not meant as a religious discussion. Nothing can justify these horrible killings, and as a Muslim, Pakistani, Alhuda student and mother, I humbly extend my prayers, love, respects and apologies to those affected. May we all find peace. May God bless the people of San Bernardino

  • Praying for the victims, families and friends impacted on December 2, 2015. So glad that the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and the leadership of Arrowhead United Way jointly set up this fund to help. Bless you.

  • Thinking, praying and asking God to be especially close to all of the victims and their families now and in the days ahead.
    God bless San Bernardino, California.

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