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Sheriff’s 10K Trail Run on Sunday

sheriff's trail runFor fun, For Adventure or For Challenge…You Decide!

No Wine. No Cocoa. No Gimmicks.


Want to challenge yourself, have a good time and stay in shape? Sign up for the Sheriff’s 10K Trail Run,  a grueling off-pavement trail run along foot paths and fire roads surrounding the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Training Center. The 6.2 mile course includes challenging hills with moderate to steep inclines. Categories are divided by age and gender (12 years and older).  First 200 finishers will receive a Finisher’s Medal!
The event is Sunday, April 3 at 8 a.m.
Proceeds benefit volunteers of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and Star in Motion, a nonprofit organization. Star in Motion fosters positive relationships between the public safety community and the public and supports the health and well-being of the public safety community.
For registration and fee information, visit

2 thoughts on "Sheriff’s 10K Trail Run on Sunday"

  1. james Stevenson says:

    I didn’t receive a confirmation email from you guys about the 10 K I was wondering if you had my email right. It a little sloppy on the form I sent in. My friends received there’s yesterday. My email is I would appreciate another email from you about my confirmation and what time to get there ect. Thanks!

    1. Hi James, we have forwarded your issue to the Sheriff’s Department as they are the organizers of this event. The contact person we forwarded your concern to is Jane Whitworth Good luck with your run.

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