blue cut fire horsesReunification of pets and owners is an important focus of San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control (ACC). In an effort to reunite lost pets with their families affected by the Blue Cut Fire, ACC urges individuals looking for lost pets to visit the three emergency evacuation animal shelters in Devore, Apple Valley and Victorville, as well as other local shelters in surrounding cities where lost or stray animal might have been taken.
· Devore Animal Shelter – 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino, call (909) 386-9820
· San Bernardino County Fairgrounds – 14800 7th St., Victorville.
· Apple Valley Animal Shelter – 22131 Powhatan Rd., Apple Valley, call (760) 240-7000

Animals evacuated from the fires may not be on ACC’s website due to the various locations they could have been taken to, such as the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, the Town of Apple Valley Animal Shelter, and Devore Animal Shelter or other local shelters. All stray animals admitted to our Devore shelter are on our County’s website. The animal’s photo is placed on the ACC’s website for easy review, along with a brief description of the animal. Animals evacuated to county shelters by their owners will not be on the website since those animals are unavailable for adoption and we know who the owner of record is.

“Animal Care and Control is committed to helping reunite lost pets with their families,” said Brian Cronin, Chief of Animal Care and Control. “We encourage individuals looking for lost pets to first visit ACC’s animal shelters and then other local shelters.”

Some animals may be delivered to any of a number of other animal shelter facilities in the surrounding area. The City of Hesperia Animal Shelter, Victor Valley Animal Protective League (serves Adelanto and Victorville) or other shelters in the Central Valley may have received lost or stray animals during this time. Pet owners are encouraged to contact all local animal shelters if they have lost their pet.

For more information contact San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control at (909) 386-9820 or view the ACC website. For surrounding shelter numbers and addresses click here.