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Mega Pet Adoption Event in Yucaipa on June 10 and 11

More than 200 dogs and cats will be available for adoption at the annual Mega Pet Adoption event at Yucaipa Community Park on Saturday, June 10 and Sunday June 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Animal shelters and rescue groups from throughout the county will have cats and dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds available for adoption at the two-day event.

Yucaipa Animal Hospital will provide low-cost vaccinations and microchipping on both days.

On-site licensing will be available for residents of Yucaipa and the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County.

The event will also feature pet-themed merchandise.

Find a new friend!

8 Responses to Mega Pet Adoption Event in Yucaipa on June 10 and 11

  • I am not impressed with the ACC website. Information is not current [today is July 24, the June 10/11 event is still the headline]. The SBCo website is visually pleasing but terribly outdated – was trying to find info bout ACC activities and noticed the info about how to donate and how the funds are used hasn’t been updated for at least two years. No where did I find reference to your Homeward Bound Facebook page except in these comments. The calendar is not being used to alert interested people in events – or much else. Eleven days spent at offsite adoption events since January 2017, eleven days in seven months I don’t see as effective. Publicize your events everywhere so potential adopters become informed from multiple resources.

    • Hi Barbara, thank you for letting us know about the issues regarding our website. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to update our site. Please visit our Homeward Bound Facebook page about upcoming weekly adoption events while we continue to work on our web site. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • Hi, just dropping you a note. By any chance, do you know about baby goat yoga events. I was reading about it and also heard it on TV about this event. Do you know if there is one available in the Fontana area and or somewhere close to San Bernardino county. I was interested in attending one of their baby goat events. Sounds like fun.

    Thank you very much for your time and patience. Sorry, I was not able to attend your mega pet adoption but I hope to see you on your next one.

  • hello, will you be having an event near to Fontana California or close area to Fontana, I was reading your event for pet adoption. If we apply for a dog or cat are we able to take them home on site or have to wait for application process. Do you accept checks or cash or debit card.

    Thank you very much. Hope to see you there or somewhere closer.


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