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Brilliant Behavioral Health programs earn top honors

Veronica Kelley, Department of Behavioral Health Director and NACo President Brian Desloge

A Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) program that encourages and empowers clients to conduct trainings and provide support to their peers was one of a hundred nationwide county programs selected by the National Association of Counties (NACo) as a 100 Brilliant Ideas at Work. This distinction was awarded to select programs who received a 2017 NACo Achievement Award and illustrated the top innovations in county government, including increased quality of life for its residents.

In total, DBH received two of the 100 Brilliant Ideas at Work distinctions; one for its Group Facilitator Training and another for Connections. DBH’s Group Facilitator Training provides engaging workshops to empower clients with leadership skills, enhanced self-esteem and the opportunity to become class facilitators themselves. Connections serves as a centralized resource hub for behavioral health clients, connecting them with additional supportive services within DBH and the community, supporting holistic health care.

The San Bernardino County Public Defender and San Bernardino County Probation Department also each received a 100 Brilliant Ideas at Work distinction for their programs developed in collaboration with DBH.  Public Defender’s Everyone SWIMS (Self Sufficient, Well-Being, In House, Mental Health, Services) program addresses the unnecessary hospitalization and incarceration of individuals with psychological distress and mental disorders, while Probation’s Custody to Community program provides supportive services to mentally ill and medically fragile offenders through coordination of services during the re-entry process from State and local custody to the community, effectively reducing homelessness and recidivism rates.

Each of the 100 Brilliant Ideas entries were selected from the top 2017 NACo Achievement Awards and according to NACo President Bryan Desloge, “can serve as examples for counties across the country.” Started in 1970, NACo’s annual Achievement Award Program is designed to recognize innovative county government programs. This year, DBH was awarded a total of six Achievement Awards ranging in category from children and youth, public safety, human services and volunteerism.

“DBH strives to be innovators in the field of behavioral health by designing services that reflect local needs and nationwide trends,” said DBH Director Veronica Kelley. “This award encourages our resolve to provide progressive and effective behavioral health care to the San Bernardino County community.”

DBH, through these recognitions, is supporting the Countywide Vision by providing behavioral health services that promote wellness, recovery and resilience in the community. Information on the Countywide Vision and on DBH can be found at

One thought on "Brilliant Behavioral Health programs earn top honors"

  1. Jim Granger says:

    As a Mental Health Clinic Supervisor of the Department of Behavioral Health and a former San Bernardino County Probation Officer, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our community members diagnosed with severe mental disorders to re-enter into our community. Congratulations to all, who promote Recovery, Resilience and Wellness.

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