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San Bernardino County Library hosts Baker’s Book Club

The San Bernardino County Library is once again partnering with Baker’s Drive Thru for the 4th Annual Baker’s Book Club, to help promote reading among children and teens this fall. This reading for rewards program will begin on Monday, Oct. 2 and will run through Saturday, Nov. 18. The Baker’s Book Club reading program will be offered exclusively at all of our San Bernardino County branch libraries. The Baker’s Book Club will encourage youths in all county communities to read and is perfectly timed to support students returning to school and help them get back into their school routines.

To participate in this program, visit any of the 32 San Bernardino County branch libraries to sign up. Participants must be between the ages of 4 and 17, and a parent or guardian will need to sign to acknowledge reading progress. Participants will be able to reach three levels of reading goals by reading and logging the number of pages read. Each reading goal met is paired with a reward provided by Baker’s Drive Thru. Rewards include certificates for free Hand Dipped Real Ice Cream Milkshakes, bean burritos, Single Baker Burgers, fries and more. Every child and teenager who reaches the level 3 reading goal will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, also provided by Baker’s Drive Thru.

In support and celebration of the Countywide Vision’s literacy campaign, Vision2Read, this program will strive to help improve literacy among children ages 4 to 17, with the help of incentives, by inspiring an excitement to read, providing achievable goals, and encouraging a reading routine at home.

The San Bernardino County Library system is a dynamic network of 32 branch libraries that serves a diverse population over a vast geographic area. The County Library system strives to provide equal access to information, technology, programs, and services for all the people who call San Bernardino County home.

The library plays a key role in the achievement of the Countywide Vision by contributing to educational, cultural, and historical development of our County community.

For more information on the San Bernardino County Library system, please visit or call (909) 387-2220.

2 Responses to San Bernardino County Library hosts Baker’s Book Club

  • I need to find out where to take a “Bench Warrant Civil Action” that needs to be served in Mentone,CA 92359. Have tried calling the Sherrif’s main office (909) 387-3700 and got no answer twice and stuck in the automated menu. Then tried calling (909) 387-5505 and got a message saying that no one was available and the voicemail was full. Please tell me where to take this Bench Warrant for service. Thank you

    • Hi Elaine, sorry you are having trouble. Here is the information you requested: take it to San Bernardino County sheriff civil enforcement unit 157 W. 3rd St. 3rd floor San Bernardino the phone number is 909-387-5500.

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