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Board selects County CFO Gary McBride as next County CEO

County Chief Financial Officer Gary McBride, a lifelong San Bernardino County resident who has spent his entire 23-year professional career working his way through the county government organization, earning knowledge and trust along the way, was appointed

today by the Board of Supervisors to serve as the county’s next chief executive officer effective Nov. 25.

Board members praised McBride’s dedication to the county organization and the community, his commitment to innovation in the cause of public service, and his ability to grasp and translate into lay terms complex issues and provide sound, trustworthy advice.

Board members also praised Interim CEO Dena M. Smith for leading the organization during the past seven months since the retirement of former CEO Greg Devereaux. Smith, who plans to retire and was not a candidate for the CEO position, will stay on board to assist in McBride’s transition.

“You don’t get this far in your career without the support of a great family,” McBride, 46, told the board today. “Thank you for the confidence from the board. We have some great things headed our way, a lot of opportunities, and I am excited to share in the future with all five of you.”

The board conducted an exhaustive seven-month recruitment and interview process prior to appointing McBride as CEO. The board conducted more than 34 interviews over the course of 12 meetings with candidates from within county government, other public agencies and the private sector.

“Gary’s integrity, strong financial background and experience with the county made him the stand-out candidate for Chief Executive Officer of San Bernardino County,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert A. Lovingood. “I have trusted his advice in the past and look forward to working with him as we pursue the opportunities ahead.”

“Gary McBride has provided outstanding leadership and skillful financial management for over four years as Chief Financial Officer for the County of San Bernardino,” said Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Curt Hagman. “I have benefitted from his wise counsel, innovative management style and commitment to accept nothing but the best from himself and all those around him. Gary will make an outstanding CEO and I look forward to working with him and my Board colleagues in making San Bernardino County the best run county government in America.”

“We went through an extensively thorough process of interviewing a number of uniquely qualified individuals,” said Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales. “It was through each supervisor’s individual path of discovery that my colleagues and I came together to select the individual who would best help us realize our hopes and projects to better serve our residents. It is imperative that we, as a county family, view ourselves as visionaries and a flagship for implementing new ideas. Mr. McBride embodies the kind of talent that exists within our family.”

“Gary is incredibly smart and thoughtful, and he is eager to explore new ideas,” said Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford. “He has a passion for this organization and a genuine, deep commitment to the County team that will serve him well in this new leadership role.”

“I am confident Mr. McBride, with his abundant wealth of institutional knowledge, will excel our county towards greater heights and into new horizons,” said Third District Supervisor James Ramos. “I proudly join the Board of Supervisors as we wish him great success and look forward to working with him to strengthen our county.”

The chief executive officer is county government’s top non-elected position. The CEO works closely with the Board of Supervisors to develop the board’s goals and objectives and administers and coordinates the operations of county government in accordance with the policies established by the board.

McBride holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, graduating with departmental honors, and a master’s degree in public administration, earning the program’s Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year award, from Cal State San Bernardino. Last year he was named to the university’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Hall of Fame. McBride has also participated in the Leadership Decision Making course offered through Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Executive Education program.

McBride has guest lectured for Cal State San Bernardino, set up an economics scholarship fund for CSUSB students, serves on the CSUSB Economics Department’s scholarship committee, and serves on the Advisory Board of the CSUSB Department of Public Administration.

McBride began his career with the county in 1994 as a fiscal clerk in Human Services. He was promoted to staff analyst in Public Health in 1996, administrative analyst in the County Administrative Office in 2000, Public Health division chief in 2002, deputy executive officer in the County Administrative Office in 2006, and county chief financial officer in 2013.

As CFO, McBride is responsible for the development of budget recommendations, monitoring and forecasting the county’s $5.2 billion annual budget as well as its $1 billion in outstanding debt. In his capacity as CFO he also serves as chairman and board member of a number of oversight and advisory boards and corporations. Under his leadership, the county has received several Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards from the Government Finance Officers Association. Recently, as a result of his work as chairman of the committee set up to restructure the county’s retirement savings plan, the county received a national award for the comprehensive restructuring of its savings plan.

McBride served on the founding board of the Animals Are First Fund, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to supporting animal care and control and animal rescue groups throughout the county.

He also serves as treasurer of the Los Angeles Region of Destination Imagination, a nonprofit organization that conducts an annual international problem-solving and critical thinking competition with a focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.  He is also the assistant manager of his son’s Destination Imagination team, which has won the world championship tournament, conducted at the University of Tennessee, in three of the past five years against competition from around the world.

112 thoughts on "Board selects County CFO Gary McBride as next County CEO"

  1. Adriana Rodriguez says:

    Please help Sheba the senior German Shepard, she is not a vicious dog, she doesn’t deserve to be confined. The community is worried about Sheba and her senior owner. We are asking you to please give her another chance.

  2. DBonneau says:

    Please release Sheba to his owner this is not fair to either of them!! This is Cruel!!

  3. Ana Vandenberg says:

    Gary McBride = Free Sheba the German Shepard. People from all parts of the country are watching to see what you will do. Make the right decision and free that poor dog, please free Sheba!

  4. Nandia Black says:

    I am writing to you regarding Sheba, the 11 year old German Shepherd, who has been imprisoned at Devore Animal Shelter for nearly 15 months.

    The County claims it is eager to discuss serious proposals that would preserve Sheba’s life, yet since May 2020 requests to release Sheba were ignored.

    The County claims that Sheba is being well-cared for, yet you have forced an 11 yr old dog to remain in solitary confinement for nearly 15 months without being allowed outside of her tiny cement cell.

    The County professes that Sheba is allowed visits by her owner three times a week, yet you limit these visits to five minutes and the only contact is through the bars of her cage.

    The County alleges you have to protect the public from future attacks, yet Sheba has never attacked the public and has NO BITE HISTORY TOWARDS HUMANS.

    The County claims that you want to shield the taxpayers of San Bernardino County from liability, yet continue to use taxpayers dollars these past 15 months to subsidize the County’s hearings and lawsuits regarding Sheba.

    Sheba and Mr. Sanchez have suffered long enough! Free Sheba Now!

    Justice dictates that San Bernardino County does the right thing and return Sheba to Mr. Sanchez and to the only home she has known.

  5. Jean Germaine says:

    The German Shepherd and support dog Sheba common needs to be returned to her owner of 11 years as expeditiously as possible! This is cruel and inhuman treatment for this dog as well as for the elderly owner. what is going on with this dog is pure animal abuse in the shelter where she is now that is Doling out cruel and unusual treatment to this animal!
    this dog is suffering and her owner is suffering as well! This is an egregious mistake fire officials and it needs to be corrected now. There are also animal rescues that have offered to take this dog why is this dog left languishing horrific Lee and her owner faced with worrying about her being euthanized every single day! This has to stop it is elder abuse and it is animal abuse! give this dog back to her owner you are wasting taxpayer dollars keeping her there and it is helping to kill this elderly man Who needs and relies on the support dog! If you do choose to do nothing about this horrific scenario the blood of that dog is on your hands and if her owner breaks from the stress he is under it could affect his health and then you will have that on your conscience as well! Free Shiba now!

  6. Brigid Balesterri says:

    Please release Sheba to her owner Jose “Pepe”. This dog needs to be home with her loved ones and family. Have a heart and let this dog reunite with her owner.

  7. Jeana Falkenstein says:

    Please return Sheba to her owner Pepe. I am begging you to reunite this man with the only family he still has left. He understands now, I know he must beat himself up daily for not understanding English & your requests before she was taken. However, he has a fenced in secure yard waiting for her. He loves her & is enduring mental anguish & torture due to her being taken away. So many unwanted abused animals out there, and she actually has someone who loves, wants, & needs her. Please, do not continue to torture him with this punishment. Please, do the humane thing and release her to Pepe. Thanks for your time & attention. We’re all anxiously awaiting.
    Jeana Falkenstein

  8. H.Morton - Cameron says:

    I beg of you to return the senior dog SHEBA to he owner Mr Sanchez. Sheba has had one mishap in Twelve years,she is not vicious.Mr Sanchez has complied and put a fence around his property. PLEASE release her.

  9. Christipher Morgan says:

    Please reunite these 2 it will be no hair off your head…God will judge you not I

  10. Cheryl Larson says:

    Mr. McBride, I am a resident of PA that has been following the case of Sheba, the german shepherd in the Devore shelter very closely. I plead with you to do the right thing and return this non-aggressive dog back to her elderly owner, Pepe. No animal should have to be punished this harshly, and she deserves to live out the short remainder of her life with the person that she loves and trusts the most.

  11. Sue says:

    This is regarding the case (CIDVDS1928265) THE GERMAN SHEPHERD SHEBA. Why is th iui s shelter being allowed to keep th iui s dog. It’s been over a year since the getting first time ever getting out out of the yard incident. It’s horrible and shame on you. This poor 81 yr. Old man drives to see his baby continuously. The shelter allows only 5 mins. The family of the other dog has sa uh d they dont want to press charges and dont want this poor dog killed. SO…WHAT IS GOING ON. WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING. There are so m.j any on wanted, abused, neg6animals in thus world. This dog should not be on death role or be kept from his loving owner. AGAIN WHY??? Its horrible ..thus story has gone viral on Facebook. PLEASE DEMAND SHEBA IS RELEASED Sue in Tennessee

  12. Donna Catalfamo Mazza says:

    This is not fair or right for anyone, especially SHEBA And Her Dad! Please for the love I f God, give this man back his dog, Why do you as a human thing it’s OK to leave her without play, human contact, toys or anything else? This family has suffered enough, Pepe has put up a fence, he lives his Sheba and desperately wants her back, imagine one of your family members being held hostage, how would you feel! Give her back

  13. Diane M Lynch says:

    I am writing to convey my shock and disappointment at the handling and incarceration of Sheba for this ungodly time period and in the manner in which she has been confined. It is a case of extreme animal cruelty. I have read the conflicting reports from your organization about her care and treatment and do not find that the truth is being told.

    The owner has constructed a confined area and has visited the dog weekly when you have allowed visitation….Even the original complaintant does not want this dog euthanized. They have been together 10 years with no prior history of bite issues. I am requesting you reacess your previous decisions and review the facts and reunited this dog and her owner. This treatment and the duration is truly a case of animal cruelty.

  14. Cassandra S Lewis says:

    This has been an overkill from the start! Please don’t let down Sheba, her master Pepe, and the public at large that demand Sheba’s immediate release back to her owner! Free Sheba now!

  15. Ellyn Mattison-Novak says:

    Dear Gary McBride,
    Sheba and Pepa have suffered for over a year. The selfless love between a man and his Dog can be the most relationship. This Senior 81 yr old man loves this Dog so much, Don’t they deserve to spend whatever time they have left together. This is the only happiness he longs for, weeping because of their separation. Please find it in your heart to give this man and his Dog
    back to right the wrong of keeping Sheba away for so long. Show the love to thousands of people that you are a kind, compassionate and a good man to reunite Sheba with Pepe. We are all praying for this reunion to mend the hearts of both Pepe as Dogs have feelings of despair, pain and happiness. They both need this act of love and kindness!!!!

  16. Return her to her beloved owner. This is out right ANIMAL CRUELTY. The owner has built an area where she can not get out again. They both deserve to love out their lives together. Mr Sanchez is the only person he has ever known. She is 11 years old for heaven sales. Please Please return her to her owner.

  17. Anna Magee says:

    Dear Gary McBride, please release Sheba. Thousands if not millions of people from all over the world are watching. Why are you wasting so much time on a dog that has never harmed anyone? We’ve seen dogs get released that have done a lot worse then Sheba has ever done. Her owner was finally able to raise the funds to have the fence enclosure put up that was requested. Even if you don’t refuse Sheba to go back to her owner at least release her to a rescue. Also keeping her locked up with no toys blankets or any stimuli is one of the cruelest I have ever seen in my life. Why? It just seems like a power trip at this point! If this poor dog don’t get released you’ll probably be one of the most hated people on earth. Please release Sheba.

  18. Leah Fonseca says:

    Please release Sheba to her owner.

  19. Mr. McBride:

    Hasn’t Sheba and her owner suffered enough! She has been kept in a shelter’s prison for over one year for being simply a dog!
    Sir with all due respect what’s going on here?

    This is abuse plain and simple! Where may I ask is your city’s compassion and decency?
    Do the right and release Sheba back to her owner who’s built an enclosure to keep her in her yard. Or release her to a reputable humane rescue and allow her owner frequent vistation rights.

  20. Toni says:

    Asking with respect for one last time to please find kindness in your heart tomorrow and let Sheba go home to her owner to live out her life. She is old…

  21. Cynthia Campanale says:

    Praying for Sheba’s release to her senior owner Mr. Pepe Sanchez. Your legacy can be one of compassion and empathy or arbitrary and capricious with malice . I hope you choose reunification. Even criminals receive a reprieve and are given probation or parole. Sheba has served 14 months along with her senior companion Mr. Pepe Sanchez. Many gather in support for the reunification of both a senior furbaby Sheba and her human Mr. Pepe Sanchez. To err is human but to forgive is divine . Both deserve to live out their golden years together . The fenced enclosure will prevent any further escapes or skirmishes and shows compliance with your request / mandate for the fence. Please allow goodwill to prevail and allow transgressions to be forgiven in order for this travesty of justice to be reduced to an unpleasant memory in all our minds. In the midst of chaos, pandemics and the raging wild fires here is something that can be accomplished to bring peace, order and justice for both man ( Mr. Sanchez) and his senior faithful companion Sheba. The world is watching and waiting for your final decision. Reunite Sheba with her human Mr. Pepe Sanchez !!! #FreeSheba#

  22. Raine Michaels says:


  23. Leslie Pack says:

    Please FREE SHEBA !! (German Shepard, being Isolated/Neglected in shelter)
    The owners of the other Dog, who was someway injured by Sheba (one incident), have written letters, pleading Not to euthanize Sheba !!!!!

    There are other dogs that are “Vicious”, mostly because their Human Owners taught them to be that way !!!!

    This is NOT the case with Sheba !!! She was raised by a Loving man Mr. Sanchez, who is now elderly and still driving to visit Sheba 3/times per week, because He Loves, Misses, and Needs Sheba !!!!!!!

    Please Stop this UNNESSECARY sheltering & punishing/isolating of Sheba AND Release her to either a RESCUE GROUP (for Rehabilitation that she’ll most definitely need now, after her unhealthy treatment/Neglect n the SBC Animal Shelter), OR to Mr. Sanchez directly !!!

    One Dog incident, against another Dog (that is alive & doing well), is NOT CAUSE FOR THIS EXTENDED ABUSE/NEGLECT/ISOLATION, AND SUBJECT TO BEING KILLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO THE RIGHT THING, & RETURN SHEBA TO HER OWNER, MR. SANCHEZ, before it’s too late……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. leanne macrory-o'brien says:

    Free sheba and return her to pepe . Leane and family from the uk.

    1.  Sheba was wrongfully confiscated and erroneously labeled a “vicious” dog. I request that you do the right thing and return Sheba to Pepe..

  25. Karen DiPietro says:

    Kindly reunite Sheba and Mr. Sanchez. I am hoping the hu

  26. Martha Bonner says:

    Been following this for a few weeks. I’ve had a rescue in the past. Most shelters have gone No Kill, since the sentiments are so strong against kill shelters!! The public is watching, & will be very vocal & acting with the power they have as voting members of society! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!!! Release this dog, Sheba, back to her owner with the stipulation of him keeping her contained!! What does your organization gain by continuing this very sad, mishandled situation?

  27. Cynthia Campanale says:

    Mr. Juan “ Pepe “ Sanchez has complied with the requirements and his dog must be returned after his the inspection !!!

    s31642. Keeping and controlling potentially dangerous dogs

    A potentially dangerous dog, while at the owner’s property, shall, at all times, be kept indoors, or in a securely fenced yard from which the dog cannot escape, and into which children cannot trespass. A potentially dangerous animal may be off the owner’s premises only if it is restrained by a substantial leash, of appropriate length, and if it is under the control of a responsible adult.




  29. Donna says:

    Please return SHEBA To Pepe, she is not a risk and this is not fair to either one of them! Do the right thing and give her back, this has gone on way too long.

  30. Hello 

    I am writing concerning Sheba, the 11 year old German Shepherd Dog owned by Pepe Sanchez. Sheba is a friendly family pet. Sheba is beloved in her community and gets along well with kids, and Sheba HAS NO BITE HISTORY TOWARDS HUMANS. Pepe has built a fenced in enclosure on his property to secure Sheba. Sheba deserves to return to Pepe and the only  home she has known.

    Keeping Sheba and Pepe apart is unjust and serves no legitimate purpose.

    Please, I beg you to let them live the remaining time they have together. I saw the video of Sheba and Pepe together in her cell. Her whining and Pepe kept calling her Bsby. It was heartbreaking and brought tears to my eyes. My son had a German Shepherd dog he raised from a puppy. Jules was his name and the nicest dog and so good with his twin boys, as they were toddlers and would love and play with him and he never would bite even when crawling on him. Sadly he died of bone cancer at young age of 8 years. He didn’t have the stress and anxiety that Sheba has had for 15 months now, and stress continually and not being in her home can wear on a dog and cause health problems.  This dog is not young anymore.

     Please do what is right for them both. Have a heart. She will not be loose. She doesn’t want to go back to that horrible place where she was. They are smart dogs.


    Patricia Frederick 

    Lincoln, Nebraska

  31. Deborah Flinn says:

    I respectfully request that you return Sheba, who was erroneously labelled a “vicious” dog to her owner. Sheba has never harmed a human being, and despite the fact that she got into a scuffle with another dog, who has since recovered, she does not meet the legal definition of a “vicious” dog. The law demands that you follow it. You can not simply take a statute and twist it to apply to whatever you want. The vicious dog statute clearly applies to a dog who has severely injured a human being. Thus, this ruling is a misapplication of the law, and should not be permitted to stand. As Sheba is not a vicious dog, there was simply no justification for seizing her in the first place. Sheba has been mistreated since her incarceration, being kept in a cold, dark kennel on a concrete floor with little stimulation, and very little contact with her elderly owner who travels hours just to visit her for 5 minutes at a time. Justice and compassion demand that you do the right thing and return this dog to her owner who has cared for her since she was a puppy. If you have no compassion, you have no business in leadership. Sheba is well loved by both her owner and the community. It is simply cruel to keep this senior dog alone in a kennel for a behavior that has not been repeated. It is cruel to keep an elderly man’s loving pet when he has taken steps to ensure that Sheba does not get out in the future. This is both elder and animal abuse, and both deserve better.

  32. Margo Rogat says:

    Do you have any knowledge of dogs sir? Do you know their intelligence levels? Better yet do you have any idea what they can do for the human soul, especially the elderly? You’ve not only imprisoned Sheba, but her owner Mr. Sanchez too. The loss of his dog is comparable to losing the only real thing he has left in his life. In fact it’s pretty much the only thing he did have until you took her away. Animal abusers never see 14 months in prison. They just get a slap on the wrist. Why are you treating Sheba like she is the criminal? She’s clearly the victim! Give her back to her owner & let them live their lives in peace. There’s to much tragedy in this world as it is. Don’t make this another unnecessary tragedy too.

  33. Ann-Marie Walker says:

    I am asking you to please release Sheba to her rightful owner “ Pepe” ! She , being involved in an altercation with another dog , has been imprisoned in a shelter for almost 15 months ! She is an elderly dog who is right now lying on a old concrete floor with no bed , blankets , no toys no stimulation, and no exercise. This to me seems punishment enough ! She is a good dog in good standing within her community! No one wants to see her killed ! She escaped from her yard and got into trouble ! Her owner , since she was 8 months old , has built an enclosure in his yard in order to keep Sheba confined when she is outside ! He is trying to do everything necessary to bring his beloved dog home ! He , at this point, is only allowed 3 visits a month for five minutes at a time ! These two have suffered enough ! It is time to do the right thing and let them be reunited ! How must punishment to an elderly man and elderly dog is necessary ? Enough is enough ! Please reunite these two !

  34. Jean says:

    Sir, I am compelled to contact you as a concerned citizen as well as an advocate for Save Sheba Now! a group which is now 1000 strong with advocates that reach internationally . I am a member of HSUS as well as an active member of K-9 unchain USA , PETA as well as a variety of animal advocacy groups and animal rescue groups.
    it has come to our attention that Devore County Animal Shelter, Gary Beck, manager, has in their custody an 11 year old German Shepherd named Sheba who who is owned by Mr. Sanchez.
    Shiba who has no prior human bite incidents and only one dog aggression incident that occurred when she was approximately 10 years old. This was an unexpected and unusual occurrence since for 10 years this dog had no prior incidents of biting any other dogs.
    this dog has been held at the Devore County Animal Shelter for fifteen solid months of nothing but isolation, no physical exercise nor is this dog even allowed for a 5-minute walk per day! This is against the law sir!
    the SBC as well as the Devore County Animal Shelter have broken several laws in regard to animal cruelty!
    There are also elder abuse laws that have been violated and have been considered as well when Mr. Sanchez goes for his 5-minute visits as Sheba is only allowed to feel the Gentle Touch of his hand through the cold bars of the small run she is kept in twenty-four hours a day for 15 months Never seeing light of day or having fresh air or proper exercise!
    This beautiful and gentle German Shepherd, Shiba was deemed as “vicious” by the Devore County Animal Shelter manager, Mr. Gary Beck.
    he didn’t this after picking the dog up roaming where she showed no aggression to him or his staff whatsoever, certainly not indicating anything close to what she would be A
    vicious animal!!!
    I asked you to turn your attention to the law:
    Ss32.11406 in regard to the removal of designation of a dog as potentially dangerous and vicious which reads:
    ” if the owner or keeper demonstrates changes to mitigate the risk to the public to the satisfaction of the county and Animal control officer the designation of potentially dangerous and vicious shall be removed.
    Ord passed 2000.
    This was an investigation that was never conducted by SBC officials after They confiscated Mr. Sanchez’s beloved
    dog Sheba!!! Therefore, this seizure was not coordinated within the guidelines of the law!
    We have done some investigating into the Devore County Animal Shelter. It rates very low on a quality scale in regard to the Animal Care provided to their animals as well as the condition of the shelter being in disrepair the Devore Animal Shelter. On the other hand, has a disproportionate amount of animals that are surrendered to their care any animals that are actually adopted out. what they do rate high on is And also disproportionate of animals that are euthanized in their shelter every year!
    with all due respect, we demand that Sheba be released immediately as she was seized not under the guidelines of the law!
    This dog, by any professional point of view other than a complete Layman Is in no way a vicious dog! we asked that she immediately be returned to her owner or an inspection and proper notification of what needs to be done for an enclosure be set up by your office with Mr. Sanchez.
    this dog has been kept in a cruel isolation, with no walks, no physical activity, no socialization with people Other than her owner who travels 45 minutes each way three times a week Faithfully for the past fifteen months! This man is an 81 year old man who is in horrific distress and despair and so is his dog Sheba! We ask that you release this dog expeditiously!
    the Devore shelter is a County run Animal Shelter paid by taxpayer dollars of your constituents the same constituents that voted you into office. I have no doubt in my mind that it was not their intention to have their hard-earned dollars be contributed to the most horrific kind of animal abuse and elder abuse One could imagine!
    I strongly suggest that you release Sheba until there is a final determination either to mr. Sanchez or to a person hand chosen by the
    Save Sheba Now administrators for this Council to release this dog to a foster home that is willing to take on full custody and liability for Sheba Until she is returned to her owner if she’s not returned to her
    owner immediately!
    I guess we are all Lucky that if our children get into one fight in school they’re not thrown into a cage and forced to live on a cold, concrete ground, brutalized, terrified and never allowed to see their parents! Because that is the equivalent of what the SBC has put upon Sheba and her owner mr. Sanchez!
    Please keep in mind sir, along with the rest of your Council, that animals are sentient beings who are capable of love and sadness and they are loyal and forgiving.
    Sheba has endured a torture that most would come out wanting to kill anybody who ever tried to put their hands on them again or cruelly and uncaringly slowly destroyed the spirit of Sheba as well as her owner! most would come out never to trust again and to be as mad
    as hell!
    Yet this so-called vicious dog, stays complacent, Sheba remains sweet and loving where most human beings would find it impossible she has remained complacent and gentle Could you if you had gone through what she did? I doubt it!! release that dog now and keep in mind the same people who voted you into office will vote you out and this will be a terrible blemish on the SBC as well as the Devore County Animal Shelter if this continues Any longer, we will not tolerate it I assure you!

    1. peggy lewis says:

      100 % true, every word
      well spoken.
      They are still holding her while the iron out their issues.


  35. ,Maia Mikhaili says:

    I am asking all of you supervisors to look at PEPE Sanchez as your father. He is a proud Latino man. He is 81 years and recently lost his wife and now you have stripped him of his beloved dog of 11 years, SHEBA. He w o und probably do anything to keep his dog alive and so he surrendered her to the county’s care in order to keep her alive.

    PEPE has built a fence to keep SHEBA in when she goes outside. Apparently the animal country officer has said that nothing PEPE did would mitigate the danger to the public or the County treasury. Personally, I think that decision is vindictive and irresponsible. Pepe’s fence has never been examined. And furthermore, if it is found to not be compliant, we advocates over 2000 strong from all over the world will chip in and make it compliant.

    I have been in contact with fence makers here in northeastern Pennsylvania who create dog parks and need to ensure little dogs’safety as well as the big ones. We can create a fencing from Pepe’s door to a keeper pen. This will prevent SHEBA from bolting out down the street when PEPE opens the door. The keeper pen will have 3 gates. — one to the outside, another to Sheba’s yard, so to speak.and the 3rd gate to the house. The gates can be regulated so that only one gate can be open at a time.

    Pepe’s neighbors have also told us they will help in any way.

    We can make the fencing compliant .

    Please return SHEBA to PEPE. This case did not need to go on this long. Punishing Sheba because PEPE did not want to be compliant and what need is served by crushing an old man?

    Please return SHEBA to PEPE after we make his fencing compliant.

    Thank you.
    Maia Mikhaili

  36. Patricia Pirraglia says:

    Regarding Sheba. Everything that can be said has been said on her behalf regarding how unfair her confinement has been over her one and only offense. Confining her for 15 straight months in a cage never allowing her to come out is just overkill. It’s cruel. It has to stop now. You have to care of this dog and let her go. She has paid too heavy of a price. Being labeled vicious when she is not to people who understand dog behavior. I’m done talking about the incident bc nothing happened that day to justify the abuse Sheba is enduring. She is old. She is being hurt far more than that dachshund ever was. Free this dog tomorrow in the 15th. She really should go home to Pepe bc his fence is secure and abides by county code but if you don’t want that then release her to the rescue- just make a decision and LET HER GO NOW. It’s so abusive what you are doing to her.

  37. Regina Chatham says:

    Please give Sheba back to Pepe. With them both being seniors they don’t have much time left together, above it says you support animal care and rescue groups, the man has been faithful to his dog so above it also states that you are a thoughtful man can you please show compassion for these two. We have so much hate and negative in this world today that it seems that there are bigger things needing tending to than an old man and his dog. I will pled with you again to consider giving these two back what life they have left to live, hasn’t Sheba especially suffered enough being confined and alone ?

  38. Teresa Reichel says:

    Please I’m asking and praying for you to do the right thing and give this angel back to her owner Pepe. He clearly loves her and will do whatever it takes. They deserve to be together, they need one another. I’m praying. Sheba is not a vicious dog you can clearly see she just wants to go home. Let her go home!!

  39. Patricia Pirraglia says:

    You’ve got to release Sheba immediately. You know she is suffering but how can you have such coldness and hate in you to hold a vendetta against an 81 year old man and his innocent dog? This is elder abuse and animal abuse. It’s so disgusting how badly you are treating them. We know you don’t care but that does not mean the world doesn’t. People want to take care of Sheba and Pepe from this torturous 15 months that you have put them through. You need to deal with tour anger and control issues- for you to do this to an innocent senior and his innocent dog is psychotic and demented. Get yourself some help. Free Sheba.

  40. Lillian Dowling says:

    Please free this beautiful dog! She doesn’t deserve this. This shelter needs to make some big changes. These animals aren’t being cared for properly. No exercise and who knows what else!

  41. Cheryl Larson says:

    Mr. McBride, I am pleading for you to do the right thing and release Sheba, the 11 year old German Shepherd back to her owner, Pepe.
    They both have suffered for far too long and she needs let out of Devore NOW.

  42. Dana Krall says:

    Please do the right thing and free Sheba now. 15 months in solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment. She has rescue facilities ready and willing to take her. Her fees for her release have been raised. Are you keeping her longer to increase the fees? Criminals all over the state are being released on zero bail, but yet Sheba remains confined to a cage. Please release her to a rescue facility so she can live out the remainder of her life in comfort. Thank you

  43. Linda says:

    Please release Sheba . This is cruel. She and her family need each other.

  44. Linda segal says:

    Please free Sheba. Reunite him with his family. This is extremely cruel.

  45. Tracy Light says:

    Please please search your conscience and let Sheba go home to her carer Pepe. The way she’s being treated is worse than how a human prisoner would be treated.. She is NOT dangerous. For the mental and physic health of both Sheba and Pepe, let them be reunited.

  46. Wendy says:

    I come to you as many other are to please free Sheba back into the arms of her human pepe Sheba is being neglected in so many ways no exercise no love no human contact no bed and no grooming how about you take a walk on nails that long just because she is a dog doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings or feel pain she doesn’t understand why she isn’t able to love pepe or he isn’t allowed to love her I believe they hold be given another chance money is tight times are hard we are willing to come together to pay for a fence for them ill even travel from ny to put it up please let them live the remainder of there lives out with each other all are doing more harm than good keeping them apart please have a heart

  47. Vincie Sberna says:

    Regarding SHEEBA,
    I saw the pictures of how you are housing that dog.Not a blanket not a rug nothing to protect her joints at her age from the cold laying on metal. that is cruel and inhumane! You need to release her back to Mr. Sanchez he has since put up fencing to keep her in where is she going at 11 years of age? She is in her final time and he is elderly what is wrong with you people what are you even thinking you are not thinking obviously. I do animal rescue in Ohio and you take dogs away from this element and save them!What kind of people are you ?How do you sleep at night? Most house pets are treated like children, is this how you treat your children? Release that girl back to her owner‼️‼️

  48. Margaret Britt says:

    I pray you do the right thing and free Sheba, who is being kept unjustly at Devore Shelter and return her to her owner Pepe.

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