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Lucerne Valley-Camp Rock Transfer Station available to Lucerne residents

The County of San Bernardino Department of Public Works Solid Waste Management Division is reminding residents of Lucerne about our Transfer Station in Lucerne for residential trash.

Lucerne Valley Camp Rock Transfer Station is at 27805 Squaw Bush Road in Lucerne Valley. Operational hours are Wednesday through Monday 8a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Closed Tuesdays).  This disposal site is for county unincorporated residents only.  Each residential property owner in the unincorporated area is sent a Land Use punch card annually and this must be presented when using the facility.

Household hazardous materials cannot be brought to any San Bernardino County disposal site.  For information on Household Hazardous Waste, including disposal locations, please refer to 1-800-OILYCAT or

For further information about Solid Waste Management please visit our website at; or call 909-386-8701.

29 thoughts on "Lucerne Valley-Camp Rock Transfer Station available to Lucerne residents"

  1. Tina Oertle says:

    I would like to see or have a list of what we can take to the Lucerne Valley Transfer Station. There have been some problems with homeowners and residents being told to go to Barstow with their trash. I think a list would help clear up some problems that have come up at our town meetings.

    1. Hi Tina, thank you for asking. Lucerne Transfer Station accepts; recyclables such as cardboard, glass, bottles, paper, household furniture, tree trimmings and tires (4 max), as well as regular household solid waste.

      They do not accept; liquids, flammable corrosives, toxic or hazardous waste, no E-waste, no TV’s, CRT’s, carpet, carpet padding, compressed gas cylinders, construction debris, oversized lumber, land clearing materials, demolition material, roofing or concrete.

  2. Mark holloway says:


    Im looking for employment at the transfor Lucerne Valley / camp rock.i am 55 years old and retired from the roofers union local 220.i live in Lucerne Valley. I use the site often and think it will be a good place to work.can you send me in the right direction for this job.

    1. Hi Mark, we don’t think it’s a good idea to post your phone number on a public blog, so we’ll keep that post private. However, I have some information for you. Athens, our contractor, runs the Lucerne Transfer Station. You can check on job opportunities there. The Lucerne Valley/Camp Rock Collection Center is run by Athens Services;Athens Services SBC Office | 2151 E. Convention Center Way, Suite 202 | Ontario, CA 91764
      Office (626) 723-3742

  3. Tom Hoover says:

    Does the Lucerne Valley site accept old appliances, stove, wash machine, dryer? Also can scrap metal cut to smaller than 3′ lengths be dropped here?

    1. Hi Tom, the Lucerne Valley Transfer Station only takes household waste/items. Barstow or Landers are regular landfills and they take appliances and scrap metal.

  4. Scott Simpson says:

    Recently purchased land in Lucenre Valley, we are the process of putting a home on the property and need to dispose of household wast etc.. from the property hoe dowe recieve a dump card?

    1. Hello Mr. Simpson. Would any of the waste be considered hazardous? Does it include chemicals, paint, asbestos, etc? Thank you!

  5. Salina Rocha says:

    Hello. I purchased a home in Lucerne valley last May and never received a dump card in the mail. How do I go about getting my card?

    1. Hi Salina, call us at 909-386-8701 and we will take down your information and send a card.

  6. Valerie Karr says:

    Hi we are doing work in our backyard and need to remove tons of rocks. Will you accept rock?

    1. Hi Valerie, call the Solid Waste Division at 909-386-8701 and they can help you determine what you can and can’t take to the transfer station.

  7. Renee rader says:

    Is dump open ?

  8. Carlos says:

    Hello just purchaced a home in lucern valley going to clean the back yard have lots of brush and old dry trees would you guys take that?

  9. Patricia says:

    We have been residents of lucerne valley since July 2019 and have not received a punch card. Is there anything I can do to obtain one?

    1. Hi Patricia, there are certain qualifications required to receive a punch card, such as: resident has to live within our land use permit area in the unincorporated area of the County, they pay a yearly disposal fee on their property taxes, the parcel must be active in the PIMS system and listed in the lot book, and has a qualifying “use code”. If you fit all of the necessary criteria and believe you have not received your punch card in error, please contact Public Works Solid Waste Management Division at (909) 386-8701 for assistance. Thank you.

  10. wayne r mcclean says:

    hello if you own land in lucerne with no structure just land can you get punch card

    1. Mr. McClean, Solid Waste will be in contact with you.

  11. Paul Irwin says:

    Hi, I have a few questions about the Camp Rock Transfer Station. I have my punch card. I’m elderly, and am hiring two young men who have a truck and trailer. Do I need to be with them when the go to the dump or can they present my card? Does a small truck, that has big tool box in the bed, and the trailer count as one load or two? And I have parts of an old wooden fence. If I cut them up in into small pieces, will that be accepted? Also, am I limited to one load a week, or could my guys come daily.

    1. Hi Paul, please call Solid Waste Management at 909-386-8701.

  12. Curt Stough says:

    I think I lost my keys at this facility on Sunday 03-28 2021 around 3 pm near bin # 6

    1. Hi Curt, we removed your phone number from your post as to not publish it publicly, but we have sent your contact information to Public Works.

  13. Linda Kranz says:

    Hello. Can we take roofing paper to the Lucerne Valley Transfer Station? We have our card.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Linda, give them a call at 909-386-8701

  14. martin olson says:

    I lost my camp rock Land Use punch card.
    How do i get a replacement?

    1. Mr. Olson, Public Works will be contacting you.

  15. Alex Ramirez says:

    Interested in purchasing home in Lucerne Valley. Where do i go to pull permits?


    1. Hi Alex, visit Land Use Services first at and they can assist you with permits.

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