From the San Bernardino Sun:

SAN BERNARDINO – A proposed county ordinance that would set development guidelines and establish land use fees for solar energy generation facilities goes before the Board of Supervisors today for consideration.

If approved, the ordinance would end a 1-year moratorium on new solar energy development in the county and would ultimately be incorporated into an amended general plan that will include a policy document on renewable energy and conservation. The updated general plan is expected to be in final draft form in early 2015.

Giant_photovoltaic_arrayDavid Lamfrom, California Desert senior program manager for the National Parks Conservation Association, is one of many environmentalists fighting to ensure that the demand for renewable energy projects in the Mojave Desert doesn’t adversely affect its flora and fauna and ruin the quality of life of its residents.

He said he’s happy with the approach the county has taken.

“I think in the past year the Board of Supervisors has taken an unprecedented interest in the issue of renewable energy, and I’m actually proud of the Board of Supervsiors,” Lamfrom said Monday. “I think they’ve taken seriously an issue that could have fundamentally, if not handled properly, drastically altered the quality of life for people living in rural areas of the county.”

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