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New grand jury website makes it easy to apply for a seat or submit a complaint

The Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino is pleased to announce the launch of its new San Bernardino County Grand Jury website.

In addition to the specific information about the Grand Jury, the website was redesigned as a tool for the public to have a greater understanding of and access to the application process, filing complaints and viewing reports. New features include a Grand Jury calendar, updated news bulletins and electronic mailing list.

The website will be updated regularly with news regarding recruitment, the final report, events, Grand Jury presentations, and other information regarding important dates. The Grand Jury’s mission is to ensure the public is informed of concerning investigations about county and city government functions. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and subscribe to the Grand Jury’s mailing list.

Grand Jury recruitment is still open and accepting applications from qualified residents. Interested individuals can now apply online here. The deadline to submit an application is April 6.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grand Jury Assistant at (909) 387-9120.

One thought on "New grand jury website makes it easy to apply for a seat or submit a complaint"

  1. kimberly Jones mother of inmate Charles B Carr says:

    My son is encarcerated in the high desert facility in Adelanto and is falsely accused of a crime in which his court appointed attorney from conflict panel has fallen short on her duties to provide him with competent counsel and with speedy trial and she hasn’t filed the motion for a dismissal and keeps waving time on his case against his wishes to move on in time limit as she States that she is too busy with other trials to adequately represent him on this case and the motion for dismissal is based on the lack of evidence And witnesses and no physical items support such allegations on the he said she said matter. He’s spent 10 weeks so far jailed without any ‘ do process of the law or his rights while at the mercy of the over worked and incompetent less knowledgable court appointed attorney. DA has no evidence or witness or facts and false allegations persued by an ex jilted discrunteled girlfriend known to have drug addiction and a criminal background herself. With all this being said he’s in dire need to have properly educated and efficient and confident non judgemental counsel to represent his case before a judge or jury and not to have inadequate counsel as she States that her very busy schedule hinders her availabilities to act efficient enough to properly advise him correctly. She stated that she wants him to waiver time so she has more time to prepare because her case load is heavy, but he wants to move forward now and file for motion to dismiss this unjust and unfounded case as enough is enough and his job home and kids have all been taken away and now his freedom as well. Please investigate this case and all the proceedings thus far and the attorney’s ability to represent and her knowledge of statures and basic procedures of the court and said rulings and law.

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