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Property Tax Deadline is April 10

April 10 marks the last day San Bernardino County property owners can pay the second installment of property taxes without penalty. Property taxes are the largest discretionary source of funding for the County, and a significant source of funding for school districts, community college districts, and special districts.

Spread the word about the upcoming deadline and the many quick and easy ways to pay. Visit or click here for more information.

5 thoughts on "Property Tax Deadline is April 10"

  1. Eulalia Schoonover says:

    Has this been extended until july

  2. Linda Cline says:

    I did not receive an email bill regarding my property taxes. It just occurred to me today 5/17/21 to check on them. I just paid them by e check. Please make sure that we get an email of the upcoming property tax due date in the future. (In previous years I received emails, but not this year).

    1. Hi Linda, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at (866) 227-3880 or (909) 387-8308.

  3. Gary D. Gardner says:

    I have just paid off my home loan for the house at 1005 West 59th street San Bernardino Ca 92407.
    When are my next property taxes due & will I automatically be mailed the bill?

    1. Please contact the Tax Collector’s Office for assistance at

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