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Code Enforcement increases focus on illegal trucking in Bloomington

San Bernardino County Code Enforcement officers will increase enforcement of illegal trucking operations in the unincorporated area of Bloomington to mitigate environmental hazards and public nuisances in residential areas.

There are more than 100 properties in Bloomington where the number of illegal operations involving truck storage, warehousing hazardous materials on properties, and unpermitted businesses is significantly higher than any other unincorporated area of the County.

“Bloomington is in the midst of designing its future as part of the new Countywide Plan and any illegal operations that currently exist there are not part of the vision,” said Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales whose district includes Bloomington. “The community definitely needs healthy businesses to thrive; businesses choosing to be good actors that comply with local, regional, state, and federal regulations enacted to protect all of our residents. County Code Enforcement will play a key role in ensuring Bloomington’s bright economic future.”

The Board of Supervisors allocated $400,000 in the 2018-19 County budget to address unpermitted truck operations in Bloomington which will allow a Code Enforcement officer to work on the issue full time.

In residential zones of Bloomington, only one tractor-trailer is allowed to be parked as long as the truck and trailer belongs to the owner-operator and is parked in an appropriate area on at least one acre of land.

Evelyn Duke, a longtime resident of Bloomington, lives across the street from a property where trucks were parked illegally before the operation was shut down. She complained about noise and plumes of smoke the trucks would give off when driving onto the property because she saw how it was negatively impacting her elderly neighbors.

“They had eight or nine trucks parked there and we couldn’t open our doors or windows because of the noise and they would leave their trucks idling out there at night,” Duke said. “One of the things that made me most angry was the sound of them changing tires at 10 o’clock at night.”

Code Enforcement currently has several open cases on suspected illegal trucking operations where as many as 20 tractor-trailers are located on one property in a residential zone. A significant number are next to schools. Illegal trucking operations negatively impact air and groundwater quality and increase odor, exposure to hazardous materials and the unsafe operation of trucks on neighborhood streets.

About 2,400 students attend Bloomington High School on Laurel Avenue, a street that has one lane of traffic going each way and several illegal trucking operations in the immediate area. Often right in front of the school, trucks on the narrow street must sit and wait for the oncoming lane to clear of traffic before they can make the left turn from Laurel. This is particularly a problem at crowded school arrival and dismissal times, according to Principal Sandy Torres.

“It does create traffic jams,” Torres said. “It makes it more hectic for our parents when they try to drop off and pick up their kids.”

The increased code enforcement operation has already led to criminal charges being filed against illegal operators who didn’t comply with County codes and other regulations.

A majority of the illegal operations are in areas zoned for single-family residences and must be relocated. A small number of the illegal operations could come into compliance if the owners who are in an appropriate zone applied for a permit to operate or applied for a zone change with Land Use Services.

The County is providing assistance for illegal trucking operators who want to come into compliance and/or relocate their business with the help of a commercial broker. For relocation resources, contact Matthew Mena at the Economic Development Agency at (909) 387-4552. People who need assistance with land use and zoning may contact Ignacio Nunez at Code Enforcement at (909) 948-5086.

9 thoughts on "Code Enforcement increases focus on illegal trucking in Bloomington"

  1. Ron Hill says:

    I Ron. Hill would like to comply to park my truck here. I have been here for over 20 yrs. And my business is agriculture and the property is zoned for agriculture ???

    1. Hi Ron, call Ignacio Nunez at Code Enforcement at (909) 948-5086 and he can talk to you about whether you are in compliance.

  2. Karen Gomez says:

    I live down the street from two elementary schools, across from me there is a trucking business. I would like to know if it is there legally pr illegally? Who can i contact?

    1. Code Enforcement may be reached at the following numbers, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm: (909) 884-4056 or (760) 995-8140

  3. Rigoberto Rangel says:

    Greetings,. My name is Rigo, we moved here about a year ago and we have been hit hard with so called regulations. We have a small family business (trucking), we own 5-6 trucks and are not all parked there all at once, we leveled and graveled the ground to apeace the neighbors complaining of dust, we build a two walls across the who front of the property, and apparently someone are still not happy,. Now what are we supposed to do with 3-4 acres of empty property?

    1. Hi Mr. Rangel, please call Ignacio Nunez at Code Enforcement at (909) 948-5086 and he can talk to you about your issue.

  4. Tracie says:

    Aggressive & Dangerous Dog with prior attacks on file with SB County and/or City and Animal Control who was in Shelter/Animal Control Custody attacked my sick dog at the County Contracted Shelter Hustle Vet today in the waiting room.
    A unprovoked, extremely aggressive dog from the city shelter or devore county shelter custody, and I found out has already been contained by county of San Bernardo for prior attacks on other dogs, biting, aggressive and vicious behavior, so basically predetermined by the county & animal control was being transported through the vet waiting room yesterday. The COUNTY & CITY CONTRACTED VET that is in itself disgusting but riddled with the unsanitary, inhumane, dirty, ill, diseased, discarded, vicious, pets throughout the IE…. I am not from SB and I reside up in Lake Arrowhead, but based on their amazing website I thought my pets were going to be in great care.
    I am demanding all information about this black shepherd mix be immediately released to me so I can take appropriate action for the health of my own pet without the block of a vet that along with the county is standing in front of a huge law suit for negligence among many other things. 
    This was my first visit to this vet and I had my Labrador on a leash (he was being seen for vision impairment & possible tumor) and he’s very friendly, happy, docile & overweight but as sweet as they come.
    The vet staff was walking a known vicious/aggressive dog through the waiting room after it was transported by animal controls holding facility, to the vet for its rabbies vacination (proof was not given to me), I guess vet evaluation for health and most likely aggressive behavior, then to a 3rd party for transport and on to a rescue facility or private home.

    My lab leaned out to sniff the dog passing by and without any warning that other dog snatched my dogs throat and locked down until my my husband kicked him a 4th time with everything he had in him to save my dog from death.

    The entire vet staff attempted to get the dog to release and failed

    The vet staff said because my dog was on a retractable leash (which was clicked to off at less than 6ft) but because he leaned over to sniff the other dog, that he asked for it, per say…but they did clearly admit my dog didn’t bite, show teeth, growl or have any aggression at all, just sniff a dog that should have never been in that facility near other animals or people.

    The vicious dog DID also bite the vet tech that tried to take control of him after he released my dog and her injury was severe and broke skin on her right upper bicep area, as she showed us at first without thinking so much and later departed work quite early for the day, but she refused to file charges or admit that to animal control of any attack or bite, which is beyond irresponsible and even more dangerous for any animal volunteers, rescue facilities or foster families but also protected because of her job having patient confidentiality and occupational hazards that are protected even in this case.

    At minimum, and mind you I have been pet sitting, training, care taking and fostering dogs for over 20 years, and have never imagined a scenario of having the desire of putting a dog down, but this dog NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN. THIS DOG SHOULD BE KILLED IMMEDIATELY AND RIGHT NOW IS SPENDING THE NEXT 10 DAYS IN THAT VET OFFICE UNDER QUARANTINE AROUND OTHER PETS.

    I was not allowed to view the video from the waiting room, but the lawyer I contract will definitely demand it, will also show you that my overweight sweet purebread labrador suffering from 2 prior knee and leg surgeries at over $14k, visual impairment due to onset glucaoma, an infection in his causing yellow discharge (which the vet left untreated after everything else), and a painful tumor on his belly…. my dog was standing in front of and later shielding both a small child & myself from being attacked in my opinion, as the attack took place, and I personally believe the scenario could be very tragic for a small boy without my dog sitting in front of him.
    And I also had our 5 month old puppy with us at the office, luckily he went outside to go potty with dad, but if it was my puppy that had been sitting with me instead, and he was attacked that aggressively, he would be dead right now.

    We are lucky, that despite the teasing of my FAT Labrador dog being thick both skin & overweight, it is because of that extra skin that saved his life however I imagine close to 90% of any other dog in his place would have resulted a bloody bath as well.
    I know there might not be a “legal owner” if the dog was given up for aggression, but its also possible the dog was taken away from an aggressive or brutal owner too, but regardless there are at least 4 liable contacts that I am filing a complaints on, and want official reports actually written up, filed and a copy of and investigated immensely…. 1. County/City of San Bernardino & Animal Control Division for County/City of San Bernardino, as the aggressive dog was in animal control custody, has and were aware of the dog having previous reports of animal attacks, but still releasing it into a facility with other pets seeking care and not at the very least required to be muzzled.  2. The Staff on Duty at Advanced Pet Care Vet Hospital with special attention to Vet Tech refusing to report bite and Vet who approved clearance for transport to rescue facility or home foster.    3. The 3rd party transport lady/company who would have had prior knowledge of dog aggression and was angry and I feel hostile towards us for requiring us to use such force to obtain locked jaw release just to save our dogs life.   4. The registered or implied pet owner of record of this beast and/or any others having prior knowledge and not reporting this dogs aggressive behavior and or attacks on either other animals or humans.

    This was at very least a clear neglect to animal law protocol for dangerous animals and that dog should have never been in a public facility and definitely never ever, walked right through a waiting room surrounded with other peoples loved house pets and should have required nothing less that security restraints, control spiked collar, handler training and most important muzzle protection.

    While my dog was still under extreme stress and a very elevated and panic insulin rush even hours after the attack, the staff without a suitable exam of any consistence said he didn’t or doesn’t yet show signs of physical injury, or skin puncture but the video speaks for itself as my dog pooped his entire stomach contents everywhere while being attacked and screaming and last night was suffering from extreme anxiety, was skiddish, and fearful of being touched or approached while prior he loved being laid on and brushed and pet and had no fear. This morning I have noticed he jumps when our puppy & his brother of 4 months that are tight as thieves, even gets close to him or breaths near him and just yesterday they slept and snuggle all night together.

    My dog is clearly traumatized, and that is not okay. My dog has had over $14,000 in knee surgeries, he suffered the loss of his brother who was just 6 months older a few months ago, he was been abandoned by his 1st dad (my ex) a year ago, he’s undergone 3 years of water therapy for rehab & exercise because he couldn’t walk much of the time, he’s been an amazing companion, great protector, fun playmate, docile friend, loving caregiver, the best puppy teacher/trainer money can buy & mediator between other pet that were considered “breed” aggressive and at the end of the day, this dog, this labrador was proud to be doing his job and continued to pop up with huge overly joyful smile on his face and snuggle in close to this luckly dog mom and take away my worries in exchange for love and care BUT NOT ANYMORE, AT LEAST NOT YESTERDAY AND NOT THIS MORNING, he is right now, outside in the cold alone against our back gate and his personality is destroyed, his eye infection untreated yet billed for, his pain level unknown but most likely terrible if he won’t come around me.

    I know for sure that it is questionable whether he may have just saved my life, a little boys life or even his new puppy brothers life, but it is without doubt that my sweet boy, HE LOST HIS LIFE TODAY, he lost the joy that drives him, HE LOST HIS LOVABLE PERSONALITY, he lost his quirky elvis grin, HIS HUGE GLOWING SMILE, his young puppylike playful personality, HE LOST HIS EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE TODAY INCLUDING HIS PRIDE.
    OUR OTHER DOG, 5 MONTH OLD PUPPY THAT WATCHED THE ATTACK, NOW HE WONT DO ANYTHING BUT LAY IN THE CORNER ALONE IN THE DARK, DEPRESSED, BREATHING HEAVY, SHAKING, AND CRYING IN HIS SLEEP…he won’t go outside, he won’t go on a walk, he won’t come lay with his family, he won’t eat his food, and even turned down treats.

    I do hope that after a little time has passed, some of these, non physical injuries begin to change, become less stressful and we all begin to forget this tramatic event but regardless it’s not fair this happened and that 3 separate entities that basically take an oath to protect & care for the welfare of animals were each so irresponsible with my dogs life & became protective over the vicious dogs life.

    Occurrence Date: 9/26/2019 approx 13:00 hours
    Occurrence location: Advanced Pet Care Veterinary in San Bernardino, inside their office within their waiting room/reception desk area.
    Animal Control: Called, Report Given, Few Notes were actually taken. We demanded Animal Control, and asked several times if we were sure we had to report this, and I asked for nothing less that euthanasia for the unprovoked attacking on my dog and it was denied. While an employee, who was responsible for my pets safety as well, refused to file human bite report that broke the skin on their upper right area/bicep area.

    While I wasn’t physically injured by the attacking animal or bitten, I am suffering emotional distress, fear of the loved breed Ive cared for most my life, fear for my own dogs well being, while reliving old and new suffering brought on from all the trauma of the recent and very young aged death of my other other Labrador just a few short months ago, and I am already suffering from disabilities stemming from PTSD, with mental/emotional health issues and possibility this will complaint will disappear allowing all parties to avoid blame.

    I will begin to contact dog bit & personal injury attorneys today, to find out what legal assistance I can get to have this animal permanently put down and hold the irresponsible parties responsible for their actions that put us all in danger and caused permanent scars and still unknown injuries to my dog. 

    1. Hi Tracie, we understand how troubling this incident must be for you. The incident did not occur at a County facility and the County does not have jurisdiction over this incident because it occurred within the city of San Bernardino. We understand that you have been provided the correct contact information for authorities in the City of San Bernardino. Our hearts go out to you and your dog.

  5. Tracy D Swindle says:

    Maybe. The. Trucks. Could. Pull in. The. Yard . If. All the. Cars. Parking illegal. Would. Get. Tickets. And. Not. Park. 2. Wide. In. The. Right side of. Laurel ave. Says. NO. PARKING. TICKETS. IT’S. THE. CARS. AND. KITS NOT CROSSING IN. CROSSWALK NOT. TRUCKER. .

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