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Generation GO! : High school seniors begin county internships

More than 100 San Bernardino County high school seniors got a jump start into careers on Wednesday as they began internships with more than 20 county departments.

The internships are part of  Generation Go!, a countywide program established by the County Workforce Development Board providing work-based learning opportunities to high school students. A key component of its work is ensuring that the county’s youth are ready to enter the workforce with the skills needed to compete today and for the future.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman, County Chief Executive Officer Gary McBride and Deputy Executive Officer Reg Javier offered encouraging remarks to the students during their orientation Wednesday. McBride expressed a particular connection with the students, recounting how he began his career with the county at a young age in an entry-level position. 

Generation Go! is an essential element of Vision2Succeed, a project of the Countywide Vision aimed at preparing San Bernardino County residents for the jobs we have and the jobs we want to attract.

The county is currently seeking businesses that are willing to provide work-based learning experiences as part of a high school curriculum. Targeted industries include utilities/energy, logistics/transportation, construction/engineering, automotive, manufacturing and culinary.

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