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Board approves grant to provide horse assisted therapy program to additional veterans

VADepartmentLogoLocal veterans will receive equine therapy provided by the San Bernardino County Department of Veterans Affairs after a Jan. 14 Board approval. A grant award by the California Department of Veterans Affairs will fund this non-traditional mental health service that has helped over 100 veterans and family members overcome mental health challenges.
The equine assisted therapy seven-week program is known to address mental health needs that include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.
Therapy sessions are conducted at Buffalo Meadows Ranch in Redlands and delivered by Equus Medendi, a 501(c)3 public charity whose mission is healing with horses. Here is a link to a story about Equus Medendi:

Bill Moseley, Director of San Bernardino County Department of Veterans Affairs, accredits the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) for these specialized services, “Without the MHSA funding we wouldn’t be able to conduct community outreach, education and provide support to veteran mental health projects around the County. Furthermore, this funding has resulted in new partnerships between the county, state, and federal VA from which our veterans and their families benefit,” said Moseley.

“This program is a testament to the all encompassing approach the County of San Bernardino takes to serving our residents. The key to providing these type of services is reaching out and getting everyone on board to look at a problem and find the right solution,” said Supervisor Josie
As of 2011, there are approximately 114,482 veterans residing in the County of San Bernardino, comprising approximately 5.5 percent of the County’s population according to the 2012 San Bernardino County Community Indicators Report.
For more information on this program and others like it, call the San Bernardino County Department of Veterans Affairs at (909) 387-5516

2 thoughts on "Board approves grant to provide horse assisted therapy program to additional veterans"

  1. This is wonderful news for veterans and their loved ones. Equine assisted therapy enhances self-esteem, self-efficacy, personal empowerment, and core strength. It pulls vets out of estrangement and alienation. It empowers them to connect with and direct 1000 lb. animals who respond to their emotional states in a cathartic way. Bravo for all who helped get this intervention approved and to all who will provide it! Expect great outcomes!

  2. michael f. smith says:

    I am a ptsd disabled vietnam vet. I spent most of my growing up on cattle ranchs. I cant say enough how much working with horses helps with ptsd and related problems. I have one mustang that im training and another one that ive had for 20 years.
    Horses are who they are, no masks or deciet. They can be trusted! No matter how long your with one, there will be a bond that i dont know how to explainj.
    if a person has trouble being around people this will be huge to them!!
    thanks, sanbernardino county!!!

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