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Health Officer formally prohibits short-term rentals

In an effort to protect the public from further spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, the County’s Acting Health Officer has formally ordered short-term lodging facilities – including hotels, motels, and short-term residential-style rental units – to cease operations until the governor’s “Stay at Home” order and the County’s order prohibiting gatherings have been rescinded.

“Short-term rental activity continues to be an issue in our county’s mountain and desert communities, which is understandably causing distress to local residents who are acting responsibly and are concerned about the spread of virus by tourists,” said San Bernardino County Acting Health Officer Dr. Erin Gustafson. “We advised short-term rental owners on March 22 to comply with the State health order, which clearly prohibits their operation. It is clear that a specific local order will assist with additional efforts to bring about compliance and assist in enforcement.”

Short-term lodging facilities may operate only if they are being used for COVID-19 mitigation and containment, such as serving the homeless population, or are being used to house workers supporting critical infrastructure.

The Acting Health Officer’s order, which can be viewed here, also formally extends indefinitely the March 17 County order prohibiting gatherings. It had originally been set to extend though at least April 6. The order also requires the closing of all movie theatres, gyms, health clubs, bars, adult entertainment establishments, and other businesses that serve alcohol but do not serve food. Food and beverage establishments must follow guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health.

The order does not apply to activities “essential to the functioning of our state” including work, public transportation, airport travel, grocery stores, charitable food distribution, certified farmers’ markets, and shopping at stores or malls. The order also does not apply to congregate living situations, including dormitories and homeless encampments.

San Bernardino County has 254 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the deaths of six county residents have been associated with the disease. One nursing facility alone accounts for 71 of those cases and at least two of those deaths.

Various appropriate County departments and agencies have been working together since Jan. 25 to protect the community from the COVID-19 pandemic.

For information about the coronavirus crisis, visit the County’s coronavirus website at New information and resources are updated daily. The public can also contact the COVID-19 hotline from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (909) 387-3911, or email the County at


El Oficial de Salud prohíbe formalmente los alquileres a corto plazo; Extiende la prohibición de las reuniones para que coincidan con el orden del Estado.

En un esfuerzo por proteger al público de una mayor propagación del virus que hace que COVID-19, el Oficial de Salud Interino del Condado ha ordenado formalmente instalaciones de alojamiento a corto plazo – incluyendo hoteles, moteles y unidades de alquiler de estilo residencial a corto plazo – para cesar hasta que la orden del gobernador “Permanecer en casa” y la orden del Condado que prohíbe las reuniones han sido anuladas.

“La actividad de alquiler a corto plazo sigue siendo un problema en las comunidades montañosas y desérticas de nuestro condado, lo que es comprensible que cause angustia a los residentes locales que están actuando de manera responsable y están preocupados por la propagación del virus por los turistas”, dijo San Dr. Erin Gustafson, Oficial de Salud Interino del Condado de San Bernardino. “Aconsejamos a los propietarios de alquiler a corto plazo el 22 de marzo que cumplieran con la orden de salud estatal, que prohíbe claramente su funcionamiento. Está claro que una orden local específica ayudará con esfuerzos adicionales para lograr el cumplimiento y ayudar en la aplicación de la ley.”

Las instalaciones de alojamiento a corto plazo solo pueden funcionar si se utilizan para el alivio y contención de COVID-19, como servir a la población sin hogar, o si se utilizan para alojar trabajadores que apoyan la infraestructura crítica.

La orden del Oficial de Salud Interino, que se puede ver aquí, también extiende formalmente indefinidamente la orden del Condado del 17 de marzo que prohíbe las reuniones. Originalmente se había establecido para extenderse al menos el 6 de abril. El pedido también requiere el cierre de todas las salas de cine, gimnasios, clubes de salud, bares, establecimientos de entretenimiento para adultos, y otros negocios que sirven alcohol, pero no sirven comida. Los establecimientos de alimentos y bebidas deben seguir bajo la dirección emitidas por el Departamento de Salud Pública de California.

El pedido no se aplica a las actividades “esenciales para el funcionamiento de nuestro estado” incluyendo el trabajo, el transporte público, los viajes al aeropuerto, las tiendas de comestibles, la distribución de alimentos de caridad, los mercados de agricultores certificados y las compras en tiendas o centros comerciales. El pedido tampoco se aplica a las situaciones de vida congregadas, incluyendo los dormitorios y los campamentos para personas sin hogar.

El condado de San Bernardino tiene 254 casos confirmados de COVID-19 y las muertes de seis residentes del condado han tenido que ver con la enfermedad. Una residencia de personas mayores representa 71 de aquellos casos y al menos dos de aquellas muertes.

Varios departamentos y agencias apropiados del Condado han estado trabajando juntos desde el 25 de enero para proteger a la comunidad de la pandemia COVID-19.

Para la información sobre la crisis coronavirus, visite el sitio web coronavirus del condado en La nueva información y los recursos son actualizados diariamente. El público también se puede poner en contacto con la línea directa COVID-19 de las 9:00 a las 17:00, de lunes a viernes al (909) 387-3911, o enviar el condado por correo electrónico en

10 thoughts on "Health Officer formally prohibits short-term rentals"

  1. RSG says:

    What is the legal authority of the public health officer to restrict short term rental operations?

    Regarding the state wide order, I called the governors office yesterday about the issue of short term rentals specifically and was informed that there is nothing in the statewide order restricting inter-county travel nor short term rentals and that it is up to the discretion of each county how they want to handle that. Has anyone looked into this? It seems to contradict what is written here.

    I would advice that SB county follow El Dorado counties lead and request permission to enter Phase 2 and open up non-essential businesses including short term rentals.

    Just trying to seek clarity and recognize all the economic destruction that is happening to small business right now.I am concerned that this will result in many foreclosures in CB county leading to more homelessness, death, etc..

    We the people are smart enough and responsible enough to mitigate the issue of spreading this bug in other ways without having to resort to a blanket lockdown. Just look at other states that never locked down like Utah that never had a surge. This policy has outlived its usefulness, and is harming people’s quality of life without a clear goal.

  2. Patrick says:

    When does SBC expect to allow short term rentals?

  3. Dan says:

    Its no wonder this county had to file for bankruptcy with idiotic and non-Constitutional orders from a “health officer”. Stop trampling on the rule of law and rescind your prohibition now!

    1. Hi Dan, the County has not filed for bankruptcy.

      1. sheila says:

        Hello –

        I understand that monthly rentals to non-symptomatic people in the area are still permitted even if booked through Airbnb. Is that accurate?

        Thank you.

        1. This guidance comes directly from the state: Under the current statewide Stay-at-Home order, hotels should only open for COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, treatment measures, providing accommodation for essential workers, or providing housing solutions, including measures to protect homeless populations.

          1. sheila says:

            Thank you, but this also excluded category of worker comes directly from the state, which seems to apply to monthly rentals to local people, no?:

            Workers responsible for the leasing of residential and commercial properties to provide individuals and families with ready access to available housing.

          2. Annomious says:

            So IAM homeless and have struggled beyond belief to try n keep this roof over my 2 kids n self because stay at home order prior to being ordered inside I was I car which was since impounded along with all my belongings and cards tax’s papers from last year my homeless long term rental agreement to be used to help pay rent for permanent housing all my clothes kids clothes pictures of after passed away 11 years now so I can’t take more my son’s graduation on and on I could go I tried to get at least my property back from the moment they took the car actually before they took car but officer said take it up with tow co iv spoken to them at least 30 times in 45 days the man wants to charge me 200 dollrs for my personal property and I cannot because I’ve been paying 380 a week that I do not have terrified to leave or to be forced to leave with no where to go .ora car to get there I now haven’t a penny to my name and owe several hunddred owed imed he could make me leave any moment I’m already suffering from PTSD ,major depression ,stress and anxiety as well as a heart problum a svt cotinously stressing on this motel a d how to pay just today I was told by a friend the owner was not suppost to be asking me to pay each week and that the state is going to give him 75 % of the amount of the room starting the day this is order was put into effect ??? So can I get this worry off my back do I get help from this order or the room Key project I need my money to get out of this situation and to provide for the kids I’ve gone aprox 3,000.00 into debt

          3. Annomious says:

            So did I have to begg n barrow my self ferther debt to stay in this motel I’ve been calling hud ,homeless programs all around country ,homeless coalation I’m in a room to small for me n kids because I can’t afford the few dollars more for two beds or any help to pay it I need guess what I’m asking can my room be taken care of with all the millions of dollars suppost to help the homeless I have homeless papers to prove I’ve been homeless a long time I can’t find a place because I have no credit n an eviction for not having enough to pay two hundred more a month ironically I’m paying more in this tinny room than I’ve ever paid for a 3-4 bed room home and now I’m tod I never had to ???????? Can someone help direct me to help plz I’ve tried calling the governed but did not reach him in person not through email help

          4. Please call 2-1-1 if you need assistance with housing.

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