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Public Health officer orders face covering, electronic-only religious services

In an effort to protect the public from further spread of COVID-19, the County’s Acting Health Officer has formally ordered everyone in San Bernardino County to wear a face covering when leaving home.

Face coverings may include coverings that secure to the ears or back of the head and encompass the mouth and nose. Homemade cloth ear loop covers, bandannas and handkerchiefs, and neck gaiters may be used to reduce the spread of COVID-19 particularly among asymptomatic people. Surgical masks and N95 masks must be preserved for healthcare workers and emergency responders.

“Staying home, practicing social distancing and frequent handwashing are far more effective ways to combat the spread of COVID-19, and face coverings are not a substitute for those practices,” said Dr. Erin Gustafson, the County’s Acting Public Health Officer.

Tuesday’s order also says faith-based services must be electronic only through streaming or online technology. People may not leave their homes for driving parades or drive-up services or to pick up non-essential items such as pre-packaged Easter eggs or bags filled with candy and toys at a drive-thru location.

“We understand that this is an important time for Christians around the world and it is natural to want to worship and celebrate with our families. Right now, however, is a critical time for our country and our community – we can still celebrate this time from the safety of our individual homes while we help flatten the curve and save lives,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “When we stay home we help our healthcare workers and our emergency responders and vulnerable populations beat COVID-19.”

Many churches and houses of worship are hosting “virtual” services, streamed online. The County encourages single-family, home-based worshipping and activities, including Easter egg hunts among household members inside the house or in residential back yards.

As of today, San Bernardino County has 530 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the deaths of 16 county residents have been associated with the disease.

The Acting Health Officer’s order may be viewed here. Violation of the order is a crime punishable by up to a $1,000 fine or imprisonment up to 90 days, or both.

For information about the coronavirus crisis, visit the County’s coronavirus website at New information and resources are updated daily. The public can also contact the COVID-19 hotline from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at (909) 387-3911, or email the County at


Oficial de Salud Pública ordena cobertura facial, servicios religiosos solo electrónicos

En un esfuerzo por proteger al público de una mayor propagación de COVID-19, el Oficial de Salud Interina del Condado ha ordenado formalmente a todos en el Condado de San Bernardino que usen una corbertura facial al salir de casa.

Las coberturas faciales pueden incluir coberturas que se fijan a las oídos o la parte posterior de la cabeza y que cubren la boca y la nariz. Las coberturas caseras de lazo de tela, pañuelos y bufandas se pueden utilizar para reducir la propagación de COVID-19 particularmente entre las personas asintomáticas. Las máscaras quirúrgicas y las máscaras N95 deben conservarse para los trabajadores de salud y los de primero auxilio.

“Permanecer en casa, practicar el distanciamiento social y el lavado frecuente de manos son formas mucho más efectivas de combatir la propagación de COVID-19, y las coberturas faciales no sustituyen esas prácticas,” dijo la Dra. Erin Gustafson, Oficial interina de Salud Pública del Condado.

La orden del martes también dice que los servicios basados en la fe deben ser electrónicos sólo a través de video o tecnología en línea. Las personas no pueden salir de sus hogares para conducir desfiles o servicios de auto o para recoger artículos no esenciales, como huevos envasados de Pascua o bolsas llenas de dulces y juguetes en un lugar para recoger en auto.

“Entendemos que este es un momento importante para los Cristianos de todo el mundo y es natural querer adorar y celebrar con nuestras familias. En este momento, sin embargo, es un momento crítico para nuestro país y nuestra comunidad – todavía podemos celebrar esta vez desde la seguridad de nuestros hogares individuales mientras ayudamos a aplanar la curva y salvar vidas,” dijo el Presidente de la Junta de Supervisores, Curt Hagman. “Cuando nos quedamos en casa ayudamos a nuestros trabajadores de salud y de primero auxilio y tambien las poblaciones vulnerables a vencer a COVID-19.”

Muchas iglesias y lugares de religión están transmitiendo servicios “virtuales” o en línea. El Condado fomenta a la familia quedarse en casa, celebrar en el hogar con actividades, incluyendo la búsqueda de huevos de Pascua dentro de la casa o en los patios traseros residenciales.

Desde hoy, el Condado de San Bernardino tiene 530 casos confirmados de COVID-19 y la muerte de 16 residentes del condado se ha asociado con la enfermedad.

La orden del Oficial de Salud interina puede ser vista aquí.  La violación de la orden es un delito castigado con una multa de hasta $1,000 o carcel de hasta 90 días, o ambos.

Para obtener información sobre la crisis del coronavirus, visite el sitio web del coronavirus del Condado en  Nueva información y recursos se actualizan diariamente.  El público también puede ponerse en contacto con la línea de información pública del COVID-19 de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m., de lunes a viernes al 909-387-3911, o envíe un correo electrónico al Condado a

10 thoughts on "Public Health officer orders face covering, electronic-only religious services"

  1. Caro torres says:

    Hello I’m a barber that owns a shop in the City of Yucaipa ,,im would like to know if I can open my place taking all the precaucions i need to take i need to work to feed my fam and my workers need to work too,,

    1. Hi Caro, the state of California has not allowed barbershops to open yet. The Governor considers this a few weeks away under his Phase 3 plan. As soon as salons and barbershops are allowed to open, we will let everyone know. Please take care!

  2. Leon Stephens says:

    To Comrade Newsome and the rest of the oppressors; we will not forget your violations of our constitutional rights when election time comes around. You are making gods of yourselves and you will pay the price at election time. In case you haven’t noticed…you are the SERVANTS of the people, not our rulers.

  3. Mary Hill says:

    Why can’t you do daily press conferences like Los Angeles County? If you need someone to organize, I’m available.

    1. We do have press conferences regarding COVID-19 when we have a new message we need to get out to our County residents. We have had several since March. We also did a daily update, a twice weekly update and now we do a once weekly update to keep people informed on the pandemic. Thank you for reaching out to us.

      1. Yo Mama says:

        The way that the county has handled this is a joke. We know all of the Trump supporters are throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way, but come on now! The county needs to do a better job at protecting ALL residents. The lack of disrespect that the county shows to the governor’s order speaks volumes.

    2. Yo Mama says:

      Because they don’t want to draw more attention to the lack of attention and respect the county is paying to Governor Newsom. We may not all agree with him or like him but at the end of the day, it’s about saving lives. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

  4. Esmerleda Cunningham says:

    Don’t be a fool. Stop risking lives for your dead politics.

    1. Tu Madre says:

      That part ☝☝

  5. Yo Mama says:

    Utterly disgusting that the county allows for this and doesn’t even enforce their weak restrictions while putting those of us at risk that choose to abide by the governor’s order. This is why the IE has the reputation that it does. Come on, people! We are in the purple tier for a reason.

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