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State authorizes movie theaters to open on Friday, with limitations

Movie theaters can reopen on Friday, June 12, provided they limit attendance for each theater to 25 percent of capacity or 100 patrons, whichever is less. This is according to guidance added Monday by the State Department of Public Health to guidance issued on Friday for family entertainment centers,

Movie theaters join campgrounds, RV parks, bars, wineries, fitness facilities, hotels, museums, and zoos in being able to reopen Friday in counties that have met certain thresholds on the number of cases, testing and preparedness, including San Bernardino County. Not included in Friday’s announcement were nail salons, tattoo studios, performance venues, and youth sports, which are not authorized to reopen.

Businesses and activities staying open depends heavily on compliance with public health guidance and safe practices. In addition to limiting gatherings to allow for physical distancing, people should wear face coverings in public and wash their hands frequently. Seniors and others who are vulnerable to illness should be especially cautious. Sharp increases in cases and hospital admissions could prompt the state to reclose businesses and activities. #SBCountyTogether

84 Responses to State authorizes movie theaters to open on Friday, with limitations

  • Hi,
    Under the December 3 state stay-at-home order, which permits “worship” outdoors: (1) are wedding ceremonies allowed in the County if they are held fully outdoors? (2) Are the related wedding receptions allowed also if they are outdoors? (3) if wedding receptions generally are not allowed outdoors, what about if portions of the reception involve a religious ceremony, such as recitation of a prayer?

  • Hi… Just wondering when movie theaters will be able to open again, even at limited capacity? Like AMC Ontario Mills and VG? Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica, we would have to move out of the purple tier which means we would have to meet certain metrics by the state of California. We would have to be at 7 per 100,000 cases to move into the red tier and we are at 18. We would have to be at under 8 percent positivity rate and we are currently at 8.2 overall. Our equity metric would have to be under 8 percent as well and in some areas of the county, we are at 9.36 percent. We would have to improve those numbers and stay there for 14 consecutive days in order to move into the next tier. What helps is testing and people wearing their masks and maintaining physical distancing. If you would like to make an appointment for a free COVID-19 test please visit No symptoms are required in an effort to find people who are asymptomatic and to meet state metrics to help us reopen business and schools.

  • I’d like to have an indoor birthday party for 50 is that allowed?

  • We would like to hold an outdoor event with approximately 20 people. Is this allowed at this time? If not, is there an estimate when this will be allowed?

    • The state Stay at Home order is still in effect so gatherings like what you described are not yet allowed. We are not sure when the order will be lifted but we will let the public know as soon as we know.

      • My daughter would like to host a small gathering of 6 football players and their girlfriends.

        She is thinking about hosting it in our garage with the door open so it will be like an outdoor space

        Is that allowed at this time?

        • Hi! Social gatherings with people outside your household are not allowed at this time. If you must check on a family member or a friend you are advised to try to do so outdoors and wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet apart.

  • Hi. Can you tell me where I can find posted information from the County regarding the current restrictions on gathering sizes? Also, where will updated information on gathering sizes be posted in the future.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sara, The governor’s stay at home order is still in effect. If you must visit a friend or family member, take steps to keep people safe. Keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others, even when you wear a face covering, visit outdoors instead of indoors when possible, wear a face covering or cloth mask, wash your hands often, clean and disinfect commonly-touched surfaces. Keeping distance from others is especially important for people who are at high risk with underlying conditions or older adults.
      The initial 10 people or less guideline was for weddings and funerals and other cultural ceremonies, but the state has changed those guidelines to allow 25 percent capacity indoors or 100 people, whichever is less. Keep in mind that is for ceremonies and not receptions and parties.

      • Gatherings of 25 or less is not allowed at city parks either? Looking to have a high school graduation bbq with immediate family at the park so we can spread apart.

        • Gatherings are still not allowed under the stay at home order. If you must see family and friends not in your immediate household you must wear a face covering/mask and should maintain physical distancing.

  • Hi I’m trying to have a bday party at an entertainment venue. What is the size limitations?

    • Hi Liz, the stay at home order is still in effect and gatherings are still not allowed. If you must visit a friend or a family member, you should wear a face covering and maintain physical distance of 6 feet or more.

  • What about fraternal organizations, i.e. Elks lodge? When open we have dinners twice a week as well as our bar What category do we follow? Are we limited to number of people? Is attendance to a dinner considered a gathering? Thanks, it’s been very confusing.

  • Hello I’m inquiring again about youth sports in the high desert specifically apple valley little league the town of apple valley will not proceed with out county or state guidance many retailers,gyms,bars, indoor movie theaters, hair salons and barbers even protesters from los angeles county were up here standing shoulder to shoulder why on God’s green earth cant youth sports continue of course with safety guidelines especially it being outdoors.

  • Fitness centers, gyms and pro sports have been allowed to open. What about small adult recreational sports like outdoor 7 v 7 soccer? If pro sports can practice and play with no fans, can small group (less than 25) sports play? With the caveat that players don’t have temp, don’t bring fans/accompanying adults or children, etc.?

    • We have not yet received guidance from the state yet for that type of activity. As soon as we do we will let the public know.

      • In not in a rush to open youth sports. We need guidelines and who will make themselves responsible that kids and parents follow this guidelines. Pro teams got tested before starting practice and have a medical team. Will our youth also follow the pro team and have them tested and a medical team taking care of them.

  • Hello, can HOA pools reopen now? And where can I find a link to this exact statement (that they can Be opened to the residents) to show my HOA? Thank you.

  • I am on the board of Upland National Little League and we have recently received notice that we are able to resume our season. I wanted to know if San Bernardino County has authorized Sports to be able to resume. I have many concerns about reopening too soon.

  • Has the County proposed a re-opening plan for youth sports to the state, much like San Diego County has?

  • Hello my name is Mike Padilla I’m wondering when youth sports can resume many indoor retailers and bars are opening I’m a proud volunteer of apple valley little league any information would be great thank you

  • Please help us understand why gyms, movie theaters and bowling alleys that are indoors will open tomorrow but Little League baseball that is outside can’t start up? Not to mention the large groups of protesters we have seen on the news lately that were standing shoulder to shoulder and it was allowed but you won’t allow kids to play baseball in their own neighborhood! Numerous leagues have canceled their season, a lot are holding on with hopes that our “leaders” will inject some common sense and open up the community………time is running out, are you going to take away baseball from every kid? Excuse me while I go pack up my gym bag……..

  • Hello:
    Can martial arts schools with no contact and observing all the guidlines and social distancing open?

  • One last question? What does the Country concider social gathering? 10 0r less?

    • Gatherings of 10 or less people are allowed under the state’s order. Masks and social distancing are strongly recommended.

      • Hello, is there a county webpage that tells us groups of 10 or less are now allowed? Trying to find something else posted and I’m having trouble.
        Thank you

      • How is the county defining “gatherings” at this time? Are outdoor community events in large open areas allowed? At what size/ capacity?

      • Hello, I would appreciate some clarification. As of 6/13/2020, California’s Covid 19 website says gatherings with multiple households are not allowed at all. Here is the quote from the website:

        “State public health directives prohibit professional, social and community mass gatherings. Gatherings are defined as—meetings or other events that bring together persons from multiple households at the same time for a shared or group experience in a single room, space, or place such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, or other indoor or outdoor space. They pose an especially high danger of transmission and spread of COVID-19.” –

        Are we in fact allowed to meet with groups from multiple households with a max of 10 people?

        • Right now, it is 10 people or less which is not a mass gathering. We strongly recommend people wear a face mask and practice physical distancing.

          • Thank you! Can the gathering be made up of more than two households so long as there are a maximum of ten people?
            Also, is this 10 person rule coming from the state or the CDC? Is there a particular reference to the rule somewhere online?
            Thank you!

          • The Stay at Home order is still in effect but if you must visit with family or friends we are asking you to try to move it outdoors, keep physical distancing of six feet or more and wear face coverings. Ten or less people if you can physically distance with that many people would be advisable. It is still not recommended that older people or those with underlying health conditions gather right now.

          • Is it still 10 or less? What about weddings and receptions? Religious outdoor ceremonies are allowed now yes? But receptions, catering etc? Can you clarify?

          • Hi Sam, You can have a wedding ceremony only with 25 percent capacity or 100 people whichever is less in both secular and religious venues. If you have one outdoors the number is only limited to your ability to keep people physically distant. Masks are now required around people not in your household. Wedding ceremonies have been approved by the state. But receptions and parties are still not allowed. Here are the guidelines from the state:

  • Hello,
    Could you answer a few questions. I’m the board president of a downtown San Bernardino HOA where under normal conditions we held our meeting on site in our large board room. I plan on downloading your template and want to adhere to SBC guidelines. Can we hold a meeting with less then 10, huge board room, 6-8′ distance, mask required social distancing, we have wash basin. We plan on removing every 4th chair. We need to get our complex much needed business completed. Thank you. Mark Mountain View Park HOA SB Ca

  • Perform*

  • What about places that preform facials, waxing, eyelash services?

  • When can we have a gathering. For a wedding

    • In general, weddings with 10 or less people are allowed, however you may want to check with your venue. For instance, if you are holding a wedding in a house of worship, 25 percent capacity or 100 people, whichever is less is allowed but that is up to the venue or place of worship.

      • Yay! I’m thrilled to hear this! Can you please clarify because I’m still uncertain about the limit? If the wedding is not at a place of worship, but rather another venue, but it is a religious wedding service and afterwards there is a reception to follow, is the max 10 people, or the 25 percent capacity or 100 people (whichever is less)? Thank you so much!

        • Right now, if a wedding is NOT in a place of worship then the limit is 10 or less people with the strong recommendation that people wear masks and practice physical distancing. That may change soon and if and when it does, we will let the public know.

  • I attend Loma Linda adult day services Cbas program and it’s been closed since March when will it open.

  • What about pools in homeowner’s associations? Are they allowed to open?

    • Hi Amy, yes they are able to open with modifications for cleaning and social distancing. Swimming pools operated by HOAs and apartment and condominium complexes that are for use by residents only are not considered to be “public” pools and may therefore open if operators adhere to the following Public Health guidance:
      –Use shall be limited to residents only.
      — Physical distancing of at least six feet shall be enforced.
      –Occupancy in common areas and in the pool shall be limited to allow for the mandated physical distancing.
      –Frequently touched surfaces shall be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
      –The closing of restrooms is recommended.
      –Seating areas must be sanitized between each use.
      –Face coverings shall be required outside of the pool when members of more than one household are present.
      –Proper chlorine levels in the pool shall be maintained.
      –This guidance shall be posted at the pool and communicated to all residents.

      Public pools are defined as pools available for use by the general public.

      • Thank you for the details on HOA pools. As a member of a board, how would the County ensure that this is happening in HOA’s? Aside from obviously contracting the virus, What is the penalty if the HOA itself or resident is not adhering to the rules ie. sanitizing, face coverings?

  • I’m curious as to when it is expected, should the current trajectory continue, when youth sports will able to resume now that closer-contact and largely enclosed/indoor places of business (e.g. family entertainment centers, movie theaters, etc.) have been given the green light.

  • Hi – When are public pools in SB County going to open and what will be the guidelines? Also, what about the Yucaipa Regional Park Swimming Area – when will that open, will the slide be operational and whatelse do we need to know before we go there to swim? Thank you!

  • Can you confirm if so-called “Covid bubbles”, “Social bubbles,” or instances in which limited sizes of families from separate home units are permitted to meet together indoors or outdoors without social distancing/masks? Would this also apply to watch parties with a limited sized group of separate families (separate home units) at a residence indoors or outdoors? Thanks!

    • Anytime you make contact with people outside of your household it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask and social distance. Also the order from the state is that gatherings are made up of 10 or less people.

      • Hello, I too am interested in creating a watch party, specifically to watch an online church service. I am thinking about setting up a projector outside in a park (with the city’s permission, if a watch party is allowed at the county and state level too). I am unaware of where the state website specifies where a max of 10 people from multiple households are allowed to gather. I want to make sure that I am following the law though. Can you please post the link to the webpage you are referring to? Thank you!

  • Can lounges and entertainment venues open on Friday the 12th??

  • Will there be any county-specific guidelines/requirements for Movie Theatres?

  • What about Park Playgrounds, public restrooms and community centers?

    • Hi Karen, Playgrounds have not yet been authorized to open. As far as restrooms that really depends on the venue. Some places have decided to open their restrooms while others have not. We have not yet heard any information on community centers but as soon as we do we will let the public know.

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