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Children learn resiliency and culture in San Bernardino County

smaartChildren at Emmerton Elementary School in San Bernardino were the first students to take part in a new County-funded resilience promotion program, Successfully Motivating African-Americans through Resiliency Training (SMAART). The 12-week, multi-year, K-8 educational program targets students in the San Bernardino Unified School District (SBUSD).

SMAART is provided by Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy,  a local nonprofit organization that has served over 10,000 community youth since 2001. CEO Terrance Stone told the Westside Story Newspaper that the goal is to help support students, parents, and local families toward a successful future. Children learn life skills to help them deal with adversity and challenges in positive ways and learn about other cultures.

In the video we catch up on Terrance Stone and Young Visionaries’ work with community youth, and get an inside look on Day 1 of the SMAART program as they present to students at Emmerton Elementary School.

Here’s a link to SMAART’s Facebook page:

One thought on "Children learn resiliency and culture in San Bernardino County"

  1. Iris Gutierrez says:

    I commend Mr. Stone and his team for educating and encouraging our youth, this is very moving. I pray much success for many more years to come.


    Iris Gutierrez

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