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Guidance for a safe and happy Halloween

Halloween activities often involve mingling with neighbors, sharing treats, and visiting pumpkin patches. County health experts urge residents and businesses to exercise an abundance of caution while engaging in Halloween activities, and encourage residents to opt for safer alternatives. Other holidays have led to spikes in sickness and death, as well as increased restrictions by the State.

The County has developed guidance for residents who plan to celebrate Halloween, which outlines how activities like trick-or-treating or trunk-or-treating can be enjoyed safely. It also provides safer alternatives to those activities.

The County has also developed guidance for operators of pumpkin patches. Outdoor sales of pumpkins are allowed, and food, beverages, games, mazes, and other activities can be offered under certain conditions. Pumpkin patch operators should contact the County with questions before they open.

The State currently does not allow amusement park rides of any kind or other high-touch/close contact attractions such as: haunted houses, animal rides, petting zoos, slides, bounce houses, and ball pits.

Guía para un Halloween seguro y feliz

Las actividades de Halloween a menudo implican mezclarse con los vecinos, compartir golosinas y visitar parcelas de calabaza.

Los expertos de la salud del condado instan a los residentes y las empresas a tener precaución mientras participan en actividades de Halloween, y animar a los residentes a optar alternativas más seguras. Otros días festivos han dado lugar a picos de enfermedad y muerte, así como mayores restricciones por parte del Estado.

El condado ha desarrollado orientación para los residentes que planean celebrar Halloween Guía para celebrar Halloween, que describe actividades como pedir dulces de casa en casa (trick-or-treating) o pedir dulces de la cajuela de auto (trunk-or-treating) se pueden disfrutar de forma segura. También proporciona alternativas más seguras a esas actividades.

El Condado también ha desarrollado orientación para los operadores de parcelas de calabaza Guía de la industria para parcelas de calabaza. Se permiten las ventas al aire libre de calabazas, y se pueden ofrecer alimentos, bebidas, juegos, laberintos y otras actividades bajo ciertas condiciones. Los operadores de parcelas de calabaza deben comunicarse con el Condado con preguntas antes de que abran.

El Estado actualmente no permite paseos en parques de diversiones de ningún tipo u otras atracciones de contacto directo/de contacto, tales como: Casas embrujadas, paseos con animales, zoológico interactivo, toboganes, brincolines, y pozos de pelota.

12 thoughts on "Guidance for a safe and happy Halloween"

  1. Ernest Beltran says:

    Peat we are ready scaring people I think we should just let the kids have their fun mask up glove up so that little kids can have a fun we’ve taken everything else away from them be safe

    1. Debbie says:

      There’s a pandemic, this year it’s not going to “scare” the kids to not be able to go trick or treating. Parent’s need to get a grip and do the safe thing and stop whining.

    2. Tim says:

      Pandemic??? Somebody better tell Texas Roadhouse, Walmart and the mall that.. because your around several people in a enclosed tent mind you having dinner!!! And that’s not scary and crazy!!! Let the people de use for themselves, our numbers been going lower hopefully in red tier soon, let the kids have a Halloween, there summer was taken from them, their graduations, and returning to school to. These kids need to get back to a little of a normal life.

      1. Brenda says:

        Numbers go down BECAUSE we are careful. It simply doesn’t make sense to stop being careful because we are showing a rate of success. To me that means KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK until we make it to a viable vaccine.

        1. Leonard Carter says:

          Just like the viable flu vaccine that we have. Thank God we have the vaccine and no longer have deadly cases of the flu…wait a second…..yeah….never mind.

        2. EM says:

          Brenda I couldn’t agree more! Stay safe everyone!

      2. Sandra M says:

        Yeah, Halloween should be the safest holiday yet. Kids will mask up when approaching the door. Mine could have some of his candy in 2 weeks.

    3. Frank Cortez III says:

      O agree mask up, glove up and sanitze can wrappers with wipes etc. And enjoy some time out. Safetly.

  2. Angie Fuentes says:

    With a 99% recovery rate, reopen our County. If it’s safe enough for census to go door to door it’s safe enough for our kids to go door to door.

  3. Lisa says:

    People need to get a grip and quit whining!!! If we can sit in a tent with 30 other families and have dinner, walk in Walmart grab a cart and touch items on a shelf that others have, there should not be a problem with Halloween.. people are rediculous, if you don’t want it stay home let others enjoy there holiday while practicing social guidelines…. why is it ok for businesses to go about there day making people follow guidelines but people can’t go out in the outdoors and enjoy there freedom and rights.. have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!!!

  4. María says:

    Stop this pandemic now! Our numbers in San Bernardino are low. Did you not do your research on the Spanish flu in 1918? It said that the virus went thru the whole city of Kansas and it had no where to go and it died out. That is what we have to do too. Stop this madness!

  5. Wendy Mc Gowan says:

    You haven’t replied since sept2020? I agree the trunk or treat is safer, small parties….I feel bad for the kids, we decorated to the hilt for years..but even before Covid, people turned off the lights. ( we actually went around to the homes who have kids with our treats ) our cul du sac with 12 homes…we’re we’re the only one who handed out candy….sad because it’s my birthday time & love the holiday 66 yrs old this month. We just want the kids to be safe. When I was little, we went out by ourselves….hope we didn’t get hit by a car !!!! ALSO !!!! Will ya please just spring for the GOOD CANDY !!! Reese’s, Butterfinger, AlmondJoy, etc ???

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