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Board selects Leonard X. Hernandez as Chief Executive Officer

Leonard X. Hernandez

County Chief Operating Officer Leonard X. Hernandez, who began his career with San Bernardino County 20 years ago as a County Library public service employee, on Tuesday was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve as the county’s next Chief Executive Officer effective Oct. 10.

“I am humbled by the confidence the Board of Supervisors has placed in me and grateful for the opportunity to lead this great County organization, which has been my professional home for so many years,” Hernandez said.

“Under the leadership and guidance of the Board of Supervisors, the County team has built a culture of innovation, efficiency, and public service,” Hernandez said. “My overarching goal is to expand and nurture that culture within each of our worksites, within every service we provide, and within every County employee.”

“We are excited to welcome Leonard Hernandez as San Bernardino County’s new CEO,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “COVID-19 has presented many unique challenges within our community, and Leonard’s extensive experience within the County and his integral role on the executive leadership team have strongly positioned him to lead the County during this unique time. I look forward to working with him in solving these challenges and know that his talents, leadership, and dedication to seeing the County thrive will serve him well as CEO.”

Hernandez will succeed Gary McBride, who has served as CEO for nearly three years and will remain with the County as Strategic Projects Director under a contract extension approved by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

“I have known Leonard since 2006, when he was the manager of the Fontana Branch Library,” said Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Josie Gonzales. “Throughout the years, I have watched him grow as a leader and I have seen his commitment to serving the community.  As a Supervisor for the past 16 years, I know that there is no decision more important than the selection of the CEO.  I have full confidence in Leonard and I have no doubt that he will help guide our County to new heights in the years to come.”

“Leonard first impressed me with his leadership and problem-solving skills when he was placed in charge of the Lewis Library in Fontana while I was on the City Council,” Supervisor Janice Rutherford said. “Since then, he’s continued to demonstrate his leadership abilities, commitment to excellence in public service, and his dedication to ethics, and I look forward to working with him to address the challenges facing our county.”

“I appreciate Leonard’s willingness to accept the role of CEO and continue the leadership that has been established,” said Supervisor Robert Lovingood. “His experience and knowledge of the County is foundational to our ongoing success and I look forward to working with him in this capacity. As a County, we have faced unprecedented challenges and I am confident that these proactive leadership transitions prepare us well for what is ahead. I want to thank Gary for his leadership and continued commitment to help the County strategically navigate the complexities that this health crisis has brought.”

“I look forward to working with Leonard to implement the vision of our Board of Supervisors,” said Supervisor Dawn Rowe. “He is a hard-working leader with a keen understanding of the inner-workings of our county government. I’m confident that he will continue the great progress made by his predecessor, Gary McBride.”

After launching his career in San Bernardino County, Hernandez gained experience and honed his management skills at the City of Riverside as the Director of Libraries before returning to San Bernardino County in 2010 as County Librarian.

In 2014, while still serving as County Librarian, Hernandez served as interim Museum Director. In 2015, Hernandez was promoted to the position of Deputy Executive Officer over the Community Services Group, which includes the County Library and Museum systems, Registrar of Voters, Regional Parks, County Airports, and Agriculture/Weights and Measures.

In 2016 Hernandez became the Interim County Chief Operating Officer and then in 2017, Hernandez was officially appointed to the position of County Chief Operating Officer. In that role, Hernandez has coordinated the County’s multi-departmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Under the leadership of the Board of Supervisors the County’s COVID Task Force has led the State in its response to the pandemic and service to the public.

Hernandez, a resident of San Bernardino County, has a bachelor’s degree in history from California State University Fullerton and a master’s degree in library and information science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.


5 thoughts on "Board selects Leonard X. Hernandez as Chief Executive Officer"

  1. Diane bettwy says:

    Mr.Herandez as you well know by now what the Supervisors are doing to Sheba abusing her 16 months now I understand you want to stay on good terms with these people but you are the CEO an we encourage you to get Sheba released to a local rescue that Mr.Marnell is trying to put ridiculous stipulations in against this wanting her out of the state an has boosted to people about killing Sheba this is unacceptable an unjustified behavior on the County Officals if your a animal lover do your job an get Sheba to a rescue local there are 3 that want her now she will die there if you don’t an this is all over a dog fight an if she dies this will kill her ownerMr. Sanchez an then the County will be sued by his daughter for elderly abuse an abuse to Sheba so this will cause bigger issues for the tax payers there’s a petition with over 6000 names on to free Sheba these Supervisors are not the people you think they are doing this to a man an his dog Michael Vick’s dogs were trained to kill an never were caged like this they are in homes where Sheba belongs with her owner it’s illegal to keep Sheba under California Animal Law Mr.Sanchez meets the criteria to have his dog back none of us are above the law

  2. Sharolyn says:

    Mr. Herandez, I just read about Sheba on my Facebook! I’m highly upset she is living in these conditions! Why is she sitting in a Shelter on a cold cement floor when she could be living her life in a rescue? I know of many rescues along the Northwest that would take her. Why are you so cruel? You want to sit in office and show inhumane acts of animal cruelty? Sheba needs attention now! Do you think you will WIN another term in office???? I highly doubt it if nothing is done to help her? What if you kid was sitting in foster care sleeping on a cement floor? Or your parents?

  3. Gin McMillin says:

    Hi Leonard,

    I just wanted to wish you success in your new position. Your journey through the SBC system along with the other experiences in Seattle and Riverside have allowed you to experience both the good and bad in positions of influence. Remain true to the charter of your position and responsibilities to the citizens and employees of this county. But especially remain true to your core values. They were always one of your greatest assets.

  4. LaTrina D Davis says:

    What county is I have been homeless and inhabitable situations we have been with the keys program for 2 years they are inspection did not pass for the home we were living in they did not pay the rent we were evicted I have a Section 8 voucher my last extension is January 31st my vouchers expires son is 9 years old has covid-19 right this moment I believe it’s from us being out in the street and hotels that the county has approved that is drug-infested walls with big holes in it floors with holes in it referring to the Travel Inn in Victorville I would like to speak to someone who is funding these organizations to help families like myself because we have not got any help and we’ve been dealing with the key program the welfare office and I cannot find me a home to live in and I won’t several different housing list to say I’m selected but I am still in my car. I have been feeling discrimination due to the fact these agencies know I have challenging reading I have to use a app to read emails or use the app to send some and I believe that I’ve been taking advantage of discriminate against and leaving me and my family on the back burner this is so unfair and I am reaching out first to you as a authoritarian because I am ready to take this further the news legal because this is an umbrella of inhumane situation that I am in when there is funding available to help me a my family and other families but because of my lack of reading or because of my area I’m very limited I would definitely appreciate if someone got in touch with me I have reached out to the board of commissions for the keys program I have reached out to the district manager of the keys program and it is very cold I am ready to even take legal action because my son is a very severe asthmatic as it is their very aware that he has to be on machines now he has covid-19 and this is a very very very unfortunate situation please someone reach out to me best regards LaTrina

    1. Hi LaTrina, please call 2-1-1 to see what resources are available to you.

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