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Private outdoor gatherings of three households now allowed throughout the county, state

Private outdoor gatherings of people from three households or less are now allowed in San Bernardino County and throughout the state under new guidelines announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday. Gatherings are described as social situations that bring people together from different households at the same time in a single space or place. Gatherings that include more than three households continue to be prohibited.

The following information was included in the state’s updated guidance on private outdoor gatherings:

  • Keep interactions among three households stable over time with the same people to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.
  • People who feel sick or those in high-risk groups, such as older adults and those with chronic medical conditions, should not attend private gatherings.
  • Hosts should collect the names and contact information of attendees in case contact tracing is needed later.
  • Private gatherings of no more than 3 households are permitted in a public park or other outdoor space.
  • Practice physical distancing and hand hygiene at private gatherings.
  • Masks must be worn except when eating or drinking, or taking medication or other medical needs.
  • Private gatherings should be two hours or less.
  • Singing, chanting and shouting at outdoor private gatherings are strongly discouraged, but if they take place, a mask should be worn.
  • Instrumental music is allowed at private gatherings as long as the musicians maintain 6-feet of physical distancing. Playing of wind instruments is strongly discouraged.

For more information on the state’s guidance, click here.

6 Responses to Private outdoor gatherings of three households now allowed throughout the county, state

  • Go to Church online!
    Why are people so selfish during a deadly pandemic?? Work together, not against the experts! No its NOT time to lift restrictions, just look at Florida or Sweden.

  • What’s really sad is that you County idiots think that people are really adhering to your draconian, Newsom-like policies….

  • It’s time to lift all restrictions,I am sick of gov new some tyrantical orders. What happened to constitutional rights???? You can go to Walmart but not church?? Wtf? Hopefully voters will repeal the unlawful fire tax! And cut back your salaries!!

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