mosquitoThe California Association of Counties is promoting the County’s West Nile Virus Aerial Surveillance Program as one of the most innovative in the state.

CSAC writes: “Through a collaboration between the Sheriff’s Aviation Division and Mosquito Vector Control Program, San Bernardino County has implemented a state-of-the-art program using aerial surveillance to minimize mosquito breeding sources and reduce public health risks.”

West Nile Virus Aerial Surveillance Collaboration is a joint venture between Environmental Health’s Mosquito Vector Control Program and the Aviation Division of the Sheriff’s Department. The program utilizes aerial surveillance to identify and reduce mosquito breeding by targeting unmaintained swimming pools in residential neighborhoods. Addresses of green pools identified during surveillance were given to mosquito vector control to track down the owner responsible for maintaining the pools to reduce mosquito breeding. It is estimated that the Mosquito Vector Control Program potentially prevented the production of 990 million mosquitoes per week, greatly reducing the potential prevalence of West Nile Virus.

The annual CSAC awards are considered a highly competitive recognition program that honors the best and most innovative among California’s 58 counties. The County received five CSAC Challenge Awards in November 2013, including the award for the West Nile Aerial Surveillance Program.

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