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We hope you enjoy all the information we provide about the County and learn more about the departments and employees who serve you. We welcome your comments, messages and feedback. We’d like this blog to be a lively and interactive exchange of ideas. Above all, have fun and remain courteous!

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352 thoughts on "Comments or Questions"

  1. Steve Brown says:

    I have a friend who is on some kind of SBC healthcare plan for the poor. Doctors found tumors on her ovaries a month ago and want to do a biopsy, but the paperwork from the county still hasn’t come. She’s now so sick she keeps going to the ER in Joshua Tree, but they won’t do a biopsy without the paperwork. Now, she is seriously worried she’s going to die.
    What is she supposed to do?

    1. Robert Knox says:

      Can an adult now exercise/recreate with a friend while keeping a social distance? For example, gyms are now open and youth sports are too. Thanks!

      1. Yes if you can socially distance and wear a mask.

        1. Jose Hernandez says:

          I’m trying to see if a 433a was ever issued for my manufactured home. Parcel#0599331260000

    2. Lester A Dinerstein says:

      Hire a Lawyer

    3. Nata says:

      Who do I talk to when someone keeps making false statements and has probation come to my house looking for someone I am no longer talking too?

  2. We have an event for mental health awareness on 11/29. How to we get it posted on this site?

    1. Send information about the event to me at and we’ll see about getting it posted. Thanks!

  3. Denise Hammer says:

    We are a Soroptimist club, and looking to have a ‘walk/ride’ in golf carts in Silver Lakes/Helendale on county sidewalks and streets. About 50-200 may participate in this peaceful walk, holding signs expressing the work that Soroptimist does in our community. What permits and requirements are needed to be issued a permit by the County? How much time before our event must these items be submitted? Any other information would also be helpful, such as notifying the Sheriff’s department regarding traffic control and the fire department.

    Please advise at your earliest convenience, as we are planning our event for March 8, 2014.

    1. You will need to obtain a Temporary Special Event Permit through the County’s Planning Division. The closest office to you is in Hesperia at the Jerry Lewis High Desert Government Center, 15900 Smoke Treet St. You can reach them by phone at (760) 995-8140. Thank you!

    2. Erika Ellis says:

      Don’t forget to ask your local hauler for temporary trash and recycling bins for your event?

  4. Cindy Venuto says:

    I see that Arrowhead Regional entered the pink glove dance and you posted it, but Bear Valley Community Healthcare District has entered the contest too and I don’t see a post about it they are part of San Bernardino County. Bear Valley Community Hospital is #1 in California for the #pinkglovedance competition and is now competing with the big hospitals from Pennsylvania and New York.

    Don’t forget to vote every day with every email you have until midnight November 8th.

    1. Thank you for letting us know! Best of luck to you!

  5. Michelle Profant says:

    I don’t know how often this is updated, but perhaps you could post pictures of animals available for adoption at the Devore Shelter on this page. Many, many animals die because of lack of homes and all the public notice they can get would be helpful.

    Thank you

    1. We will definitely work with the San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control Division of Public Health to share information about animals available for adoption at our County shelter. You are right – we have a serious pet over-population problem in our county, and there are far many more animals than there are homes. That’s why we actively encourage and work with pet owners to have their pets spayed and neutered and conduct pet adoption events. In the meantime, information about San Bernardino County pets available for adoption can be found on Facebook at Homeward Bound Project Adopt and on the Animal Care & Control website at

  6. Cage Brown says:

    I agree with Michelle Profant that many animals die because of lack of homes

  7. What is the best way to submit media releases for upcoming events in the county?

  8. Jackie Korsak says:

    I would like to see if we would be able to put our CWN membership message on this newsletter. I am looking for ways to advertise for our group to gain new membership.

    1. Hi. I’m not sure this is the right forum for CWN. CountyWire’s main audience is the public. However, we would be happy to get the word out via Postmaster and Countyline. Contact David Wert or Felisa Cardona for details.

  9. This is a great site to stay on top of community events. Thank you.
    Equus Medendi is an Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy program. We were recently awarded a Grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs and would like to share our information with you in our ongoing effort to reach out to our Veterans and their families.

    The following article was published yesterday in the Press Enterprise:

    It would be a tremendous help to our outreach program if you could share our program information with your audience. Thank you for all you do for our community.

    1. We’ll post the link into the blog. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Michelle Profant says:

    Kitty Devore Rescue which rescues cats exclusively from the Devore Animal Shelter is being excluded from the Big Give. Although this 501(3)c charity does it’s work in the county, the administrator lives in San Pedro, thus the San Pedro address. This seems blatantly unfair. A charity located in the county but providing services elsewhere would qualify. But one whose work is done only in the county, but headquartered elsewhere is not.

    1. Thank you for your interest in the Give BIG San Bernardino campaign, please direct your specific inquiry regarding participation to:
      Jose Marquez, Communications Officer
      The Community Foundation

  11. Kim says:

    Im not sure who does the editing for the Newspaper or the County Wire but when i looked at the Newspaper Praises the Countys progress and read the part that the County Employee Unions have agreed to pick up the employees portion of the pensions cost as they all should . It just made my day so why are we voting if this is happening of course we would love that and want to say Thank YOU !!!! .. If its not true it is quit embarrassing and this is why there is no trust or faith within our County still … I would really like to know how this will be handled im sure it will be brought up in a meeting or at the BOS ..

  12. C. Hernandez says:

    I think the city of San Bernardino could benefit financially if they considered having a food truck festival/event on a weekly basis at the orange show grounds. The vendors would be required to pay to participate and the city could charge a small entry fee ($ 3.00-5.00). With the gourmet food truck craze, I really believe it would benefit the city as well as the people living in the surrounding areas. I have been to many of these events and have found that they generate a lot of business, and people drive out from surrounding cities to participate. 🙂

  13. Savannah Mendoza says:

    How can i obtain more information on submitting an application for my mother for the senior apartments that will be built?

    1. We’d love to get that information for you. To which apartments are you referring?

    2. Margarita Camacho says:


      Can you please send me the information on the new apartment / homes that will be built in Bloomington CA. When can I apply?

      1. Hi Margarita, thank you for your interest in the Bloomington development. Applications for Bloomington Grove and Lillian Court will be available on Oct. 8 and may be downloaded from this web site:
        Applications received by Nov. 10 will be randomly ordered. All applications received after Nov. 10 will be added in the order they are received. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  14. Antonia Uribe says:

    When do we start getting the property tax payments for 2015 ?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. You asked when we start getting the property tax payments for 2015? We weren’t too certain if you were asking about the apportionment process, or property tax payments. The information provided below could assist you whether you want to learn how to access our Property Tax Publications, where you will find information about apportionment, or make a property tax payment.
      The apportionment of property taxes to taxing agencies takes place in early November. You can access the Property Tax Publications by going to our website at, click on Disbursements > Property Tax > and then Property Tax Publications. For further assistance regarding questions about apportionment, you can contact our Property Tax Section at 909-386-8831.

      From the same website,, you can also pay your 2014-2015 property taxes online beginning October 1st. The Property Tax Bills for 2014-2015 will be mailed at the end of September. For further assistance regarding questions about your property taxes, you can contact our Tax Collection Division at 909-387-8308.

  15. cs hernandez says:

    San Bernardino county CP’s needs to be investigated they are taking children on false alligations and the parents never get a chance to say anything, the children are mistreated in foster care yelled at for crying and poorly taken care of this part of our justice system is awful no rights for anyone other then the CP’s workers please look into this it is very scary and the very people whom are their to protect children neglect them when in the system someone needs to step in and investigate.

    1. Please contact Children and Family Services directly for your concerns at 909-388-0242.

    2. Rose says:

      Yes they do need to be investigated they are a corrupt government agency not helping but destroying families and traumatizing kids, because they messed up so bad falsified reports and left children and they died now they have shifted to falsifying the report for removal they are up more than 3 times with removing children and are messing with the integrity of the families. Contact me I have some information on who you can also speak to I have consulted with a Senior Attorney who is very interested in any cases re san Bernardino county and them mishandling the situation

      1. T says:

        I need that attorneys name please

        1. Hi Roe. You did not specify which attorney you are trying to reach.

          1. Sun W says:

            I live in a large community of Townhomes in Rancho Cucamonga. My rent has been raised every year after the lease is up for the last 3 years. My wages haven’t increased, but the rent keeps increasing. Does Rancho Cucamonga have rent control, especially during the pandemic? Also, the corporation is charging me for one garage of 165$ and the second of 200$ stating the rental of garages just increased. A 3 BR townhome should come with a 2 car garage and not gouge the tenant on rent and garage rentals. My rent plus garage is almost the price of a house. Nearly 4000 a month. This rental amount is insane for 1700 sq ft townhome, one car garage and…. you can’t even use all the amenities. Someone needs to tell them that they’re robbing Americans.

  16. Vicki Best says:

    I have a 63yr old male friend who has mild downs syndrome and limited mental abilities. He works full time making minimum wage. He is currently renting a room in upland but June 1 the living situation is changing and he must find a new place to live. I have been helping him look for assistance and apartments or a room for rent. He is only able to pay $400.00 a month. Because he makes $10,700.00 a year he does not qualify for any assistance, at least none that I’ve found or he has missed applications dates that are held once a year. I believe he needs a social worker to help because his reading skills are 2nd grade…maybe. Can you suggest where I can start looking for help. Thank you Vicki

    1. Good morning. The best place to start is by calling 211. The mission of 211 is to link people with any and all assistance, public and private, that might be available to your friend.

  17. Henry L. Hernandez says:

    Is it possible to have an application for the new honorable-discharged veterans card sent to me. I am a multiple enlisted 50% disabled Marine Corp Veteran. I just recently found out about the card through the OmniTrans BusBook. Thank you. A lot of disabled people whether veterans or not have limited abilities. I do not drive nor do I have printing capabilities on my computer.

    1. Hi Mr. Hernandez, we will be sending you an application. Thank you for your interest.

  18. Katiatorres says:

    Necesito ayuda por favor en mi trabajo me pidieron que sacara un permiso para trabajar con comida nose como ayuda por favor.

    1. To obtain your food handlers certificate, please follow this link
      Once the page opens, you can change the language of the page by clicking on the upper right corner where it says English, this will show the languages you can use. Follow the instructions to obtain your certificate.

      Para obtener su certificado de Manipulador de Alimentos, por favor siga este link.
      Una vez se abra la página, usted puede cambiar el lenguaje de la página, haga clic al lado derecho en la esquina donde dice English, le ensenara las idiomas que puede usar.
      Siga las instrucciones para obtener su certificado.

  19. Patti Cazares says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    Pebbles Christian School is a provider for the TAD program. I have been having difficulty contacting a worker for one of our student. We need a sign in sheet for the month of October. Please contact me to get the case number and any other pertinent information.

    Thank you,
    Patti Cazares

    1. Hi Patti, we have let TAD know you need assistance. They will be reaching out to you.

  20. Debbie says:

    Re: shooting
    I’m in Ventura but willing to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) to anyone affected by the shooting, direct or indirect, spanish or english. I can’t seem to find the OES contact and they are probably busy. Have prior experience with active shooter incident at UCSB. PFA/crisis intervention can help reduce the long term effects of trauma. I’m available by phone or online after 7pm. First responder can also contact me. I am familiar with services provided by regional centers and their consumers.
    All the best,
    Debbie P.

  21. Teresa Youngblood says:

    I need an email address to fax my Cert of Sterility to the Devore animal shelter… through my fax #A636078. I dont have a fax machine. thank you//

    1. Hi Ms. Youngblood, Animal Care and Control will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your inquiry.

  22. Just curious as to why when my son and I went together to register our new address and to get on the ballot to vote at the same place, at the same time, his name is registered to vote and yet mine was not, Thanks for the hour long wait in the hot sun in a wheelchair, just to be told to go home there is nothing anyone can do at this time.
    Richard Scott-Simons.

    1. Hi Richard, our Elections Office will be contacting you to assist you. Thank you for keeping us aware of this issue.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I was kidnapped recently and I want the San Bernadino district attorney to take up my case to prosecute my kidnapper.

    1. We have forwarded your information to the District Attorney.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I was recently kidnapped and I want the hate crime San Bernadino district attorney to take up my case to prosecute my kidnapper.

  25. Tore Wessel-Daae says:

    I know 10 to 12 years old are being sold on the street in San Bernardino.

    Why is there not a public telephone number known to all, where these crime can be reported in San Bernardino and action taken.

    Regular police have enough on their hands, and when you try to find a telephone number to report this kind of crime, there is no number to be found, known to the public to call. I even tried the Internet.

    Don’t tell me to call San Bernardino County District Attorney, they have other things on their mind and their hours are limited to 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

    1. Thank you for contacting us. The following is a link to contact information for all San Bernardino County law enforcement agencies: If you have information on a crime within the City of San Bernardino, please contact (909) 383-5311.

  26. edgar escobar says:

    I had originally posted on your site the following request under ” Hazard abatement enforcement begins, County Fire offers free curbside chipping services” but since time factor to comply in this matter is crucial, and I have not been answered as of yet, I decided to post it here.

    Thank you very much

    edgar escobar on August 3, 2016 at 8:45 PM

    We received a notice and order to abate bushes on an Easement 20 feet X 130 feet next to access road where Edison wires run from one electric post to another (not to the property) this Easement area, we as owners “cannot” use, place, build, dig, etc. absolutely nothing, why is it that Edison does not maintain such area if such is a potential Fire Hazard ? they do the top of trees but not the bushes.

    We learned from neighbors the fire that burned near the Golf Course in Arrowhead Woods, began by a fallen hot wire, such scenario is also possible here, if a live wire was to fall on all these bushes.

    Also, we bought from B of A two years ago, and we have pictures, it was like that already and we did not know about this. Why is it that they did not comply with fire regulations and abatement ?

    We can provide you with all information, we would like to know if you cited Bank of America and they obviously did not comply with the mandated Fire regulations for years, these bushes do not grow over night.

    The areas around the house, those areas we have almost done following CSB guidelines, we are absolutely aware now as to how to fire comply, we know how dangerous fires are. We got a couple of estimates and it is very costly between $1500 and $2000, we are wondering if you can order Edison to do the job, or if you have an available program to do it.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Edgar, our Fire Hazard Abatement supervisor will be in touch with you.

  27. J Sullivan says:

    One simple question for OES / Michael Antonucci –Re your announcement of a disaster preparedness App: WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY?

    1. Thank you for contacting us. The same emergency notification methods that have always in place will continue to be in place for people who don’t have smartphones.

  28. Barbara Ann Kimball says:

    I am trying to find a form to fill out to receive a mail in ballot before AI leave the state on a trip across country. I called the office and was referred to this website but cannot find the form to fill out! Help!

    1. Hi Barbara, here is a link to the mail ballot form:
      When completed you can scan it and mail it to The instructions are on the form.

  29. laura molle says:

    i bought my home in 2011 and received a grant for down payment help. I need the phone number or information on the terms of this grant for refinancing purposes.. thanks

    1. Hi Laura, our office of Community Development and Housing will be contacting you.

  30. Lupe says:

    Are you guys open today

    1. Sorry. County offices were closed on Monday, Dec. 26. County offices are open Tuesday, Dec. 27; Wednesday, Dec. 28, and Thursday, Dec. 29; closed Friday, Dec. 30 through Monday, Jan. 2, and open again on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

  31. Donna Thompson says:

    Hi I’m filing to have a plea set aside in a very old case. I have the probation report # and case# but its so old (1986) that is is not on the court’s website. how do I go about get the report on this case so that I may submit it with my petition?
    Thanks! Donna

    1. Hi Donna, the County does not have court records. You may want to contact the Superior Court on how to obtain that information from their archives. You may also try the Probation Department at (909) 387-5841.

  32. Robbie Lamos says:

    I just moved to Chino, after living in Los Angeles County all of my life. I am disable and need to register to vote in San Bernardino by mail and to get the form to vote by mail also. I researched a few websites and couldn’t find an address or website. Please help me accomplish this task. Thank you!

    1. Hi Robbie, please visit and you can register to vote and sign up to vote by mail.

  33. Lycere Freemartin says:

    I had to call your 911 recently and the operator was extremely transphobic to me, telling me that I “sounded like a girl,” after I told them I was not, and they kept telling me to “calm down,” even though I made a point of being perfectly calm, only losing my temper after they kept telling me to calm down because I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. By telling me to calm down, they insinuated that I had a “hysterical female voice.” This would be misogynistic to a female caller, and was misgendering towards a trans male caller such as myself. Why do you let transphobes answer the 911 calls?

    1. Please let us know where you were calling from and at what time so we can identify the agency that answered your call, retrieve the recording and take appropriate action. Thank you.

  34. eric says:

    I live in upland and i cant seem to find any info in the ordinances and municipal code on having hens/roosters in a residential area

    1. If you live within the city limits of Upland, you can get that information by contacting the City of Upland Planning office at (909) 931-4130.

  35. Stephanie says:

    How can I arrange for my Girl Scouts troop to visit a local fire or police station?

    1. Thank you for contacting us. You should contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Public Affairs at 909-387-3700 or the San Bernardino County Fire Department at (909) 387-5974.

      1. Bobbie Miller says:

        I work at a hair salon in Chino and rumor has it that somebody came in from the health department, without us knowing and inspected us, supposedly they gave us excellent reviews. This supposedly happened the Monday that we were allowed to open by our health department or Tuesday. We are not sure if it was somebody that just did a quick walk-through and was interested in looking at the salon or if it was one of our clients. But my question is are they allowed to come in without notifying us who they are. And if they are where can we get the information on how we rated

        1. Hi Bobbie, are you certain this was the County Health Department or was it a state inspector? You can call the COVID-19 hotline for more information and questions at (909) 387-3911.

      2. Bobbie Miller says:

        Why contact the sheriff’s department or the fire department?

  36. Cwamne Howard says:

    Good Evening San Bernardino County,

    I’ am trying to host an career day event at Fontana Adult School and I was hoping to maybe get someone from a Fontana fire station, and someone from the Fontana Police Department to attend. Who would I contact for that and what is their contact information?

    Thank You,

    Cwamne Howard

    1. Good Morning. We would suggest calling the Fontana Fire Protection District Administrative Headquarters at (909) 829-4441 and the Fontana Police Department Public Information Office at (909) 854-8013.

  37. steve litt says:

    Where do I look for notices of dogs lost? We found two male small-ish shephard type dogs about 10:15pm on the street in Mentone near Sapphire South of Hwy 38

    1. Good morning. Information on what to do if you have found lost pets can be found here:

  38. Denise Mortati says:

    What are the county rules as far as dogs in grocery stores. In the last 2 weeks I’ve seen 4 dogs in grocery stores. I understand that no one wants to open themselves up to a case with the ADA and offend someone who legitimately has a service dog, but there have to be boundaries! I really don’t think a dog belongs anywhere where there is food. I have dogs, so I’m not against dogs. There are appropriate places for dogs. The grocery store is not one of them.

    1. Good morning Denise. Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed in grocery stores as long as the handler has control of the animal and the animal’s behavior does not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Non-service animals are not allowed in grocery stores. If you suspect this law is being violated or abused, you should contact the store manager and/or register a complaint with the County’s Environmental Health Services Division,

  39. Michael Siwiecki says:

    I took a poll worker class here in Big Bear last fall before the 2016 Presidential Election,soon after I was picked to be a poll worker supervisor,but I ended up getting other work before the election so I didn’t work the election polls.I never got paid for the 2 hour class,or the certification paperwork from the class either,my wife took the class 2 weeks later and she got paid and the paperwork in the mail.I was wondering who I need to contact about this problem?Thanks for your time….

    1. Hi Michael, please call the San Bernardino County Elections Office at 909-387-8300.

  40. Lambert says:

    I’d like to know how to reprt some that is violating their probation.

    1. Hi Lambert, please call San Bernardino County Probation at (909) 387-5841 with you concerns.

  41. Robert Garcia says:

    Where can I go online to find out when my probation will end?

    1. Hi Robert, please call the Probation Department at (909) 387-5841

  42. Edward Parenteau says:

    I got a robotype call representing themselves as the District Attorney’s office stating I may be the victim of a crime. That is unbeknownst to me. It doesn’t seem plausible that the DA’s office would make such a generic type of call leaving the message to go to the DA’s website which was given, but I didn’t quite catch the address they gave. Any light on this would be appreciated.

    1. Please contact the District Attorney’s Office with your concerns at (909) 382-3800. They should be able to answer any inquiries you may have.

  43. Michael Coffman says:

    i have been at my residence for 28 years it backs up to the old Stater Brothers parking lot where I have a gate
    as well as my neighbor we use these gates often . Now the new owners brought this lot , and are telling us we cant use them any more? I was told that this property hold a old easement that allowed
    people to used these gates for shopping purposed and can not be blocked .. way back when these gate were added? who would I find this info?? To find if this easement existed ?

    Yucaipa CA AVE B 92399

    1. Hi Michael, you can contact the County Surveyor’s office as well as the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk to see what the property’s title may disclose regarding easements. Here are links to both offices:

  44. Randy Sparks says:

    I am looking for the forms that would be needed to file for an expungement in San Bernardino County, CA Instructions would also be helpful and where to file if other than the SBC Courthouse. The dismissal has already been completed. Thank you

    1. Hi Randy, you may have to contact the Superior Court at (909) 387-2020. The Courts are a separate entity from San Bernardino County government. However, if you need assistance from the San Bernardino County Public Defender, please contact them at (909) 387-8373. Here is some information the Public Defender has posted on their website:

      1. Betty A Rochelle says:

        Renewable Energy a country must have a major investment that will guarantee renewable energy similar to our country that will last 500 years that will give people jobs money profit to pay their rent. the grand Inga damn that China want do I understand that it will generate jobs. that it will generate jobs. electricity of 39,000 MW over twice the power generation of three gorges dam in China & more than a third of the total electricity produced in Africa. the Inga dams are located in Western Democratic of the mouth of the Congo river, and 225 km (140) miles south west of Kinashu on the Congo river. It is also the second largest river in terms of flow (42,000), after the Amazon & the second largest river in Africa 4700km) after the Nile River Congo River empties into the equatorial Atlantic the Congo Plume the plume is a high productivity area rising from the rich nutrient flow from the Congo River & its productivity & is detected as far as 800km off shore. the river is unique has large rapids and waterfalls very close to the mouth while most rivers have these features upstream. the dam site is one of the largest waterfall in the world by volume. I recently told President Obama awhile back, about making a deal with Nigeria, Kenya, about Renewable Energy and it is in progress, Orange County is being productive in Renewable Energy, Governor brown, also spoke of it a well a few months ago, here in California. Sincerely, Betty A Rochelle

  45. Mundo Villarreal says:

    So when a person violates their probation how does the rest of us make sure he pay the consequences of disobeying the law? Because it got out of control….

    1. If you are concerned about a violation of probation, please contact the Probation Department with your concerns at (909) 387-5841

  46. A Contractor says:


    Who could I contact about the approval stamp planning adds onto a set of drawings? We conduct a good amount of construction through the county and the stamp consistently covers important and relevant details on the plans. It’s extremely large and not often thoughtfully placed. I have to redline our drawings and submit these to our clients. Many of our clients have expressed concerns that we submit them in this format, but it’s completely out of my control. I’m sure we’re not the only contractor with these concerns as drawings usually have details crucial to the build located in the upper left 25% of the page.

    1. Hi you may contact Heidi Duron, who is our Planning Director. Her contact information is and her phone number is (909) 387-4110.

  47. Vionne Latta says:

    How do I obtain a copy of my fathers original death certificate form San Bernardino county for legal reasons please.

    1. Hi Vionne, contact the San Bernardino County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and they should be able to assist you. Here is a link to their page:
      And you can call them at (909) 387-8306

  48. Frank Moerke says:

    I am trying to be prepared for an emergency as all the agencies have been pushing “Emergency Preparedness”.
    Both my wife and I are elderly and I am disabled. I would be in serious trouble should I not be prepared for this “Emergency National Disaster” plan.
    I was advised to go here to get needed help.
    Please inform me who I need to contact and/or where I should go to get help getting ready.
    I would prefer to have the advice sent to me at my e-mail.
    A phone number would also be helpful.

    1. Hi Frank, thank you for reaching out. Our Office of Aging and Adult Services has a wonderful resource for emergency preparedness. Here is a link to their website: You can also contact our Office of Emergency Services for information and tips at 909.356.3998. You can also sign up for emergency notifications to your phone here: and if you have a smart phone, you can download the Ready SB App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  49. Madison says:

    Hello I just graduated for my RN and a case popped up on my fingerprinted I was convicted on a felony charge only to make a payment no jail time or probation the board of nursing is requesting a document of dismissal a clerk of county certified document I can I get this information I’m currently staying in NV

    1. Hi Madison, you should contact the Superior Court for this information. You can find their contact information here:

  50. cheryl irvine says:

    I want to know if you file a complaint against the apt where you live is your name revealed to the rental office. The were sent a notice to correct the problem within 15 days will they know it was me who made the complaint.

    1. Hi Cheryl, did you file the complaint with the County Housing Authority?

    2. Francisco says:

      I have a question are gatherings allowed at home? I want to throw my 6 year old a party but i was wondering will it be a problem?

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