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343 thoughts on "Comments or Questions"

  1. Harry Lieberman says:

    help, not one of the phone numbers given under the aging worked! Ether reaching cafeteria workers, non existing lines, the web sites are not working. Can’t get through to know-one about senior help on one stupid question about my taxes. First, Sharon you need to do a detailed accountability of your people that should keep this info and site up to date. These people collect a lot of future perks to do their job, it’s not being done. I am still without any answers. I still have no help! Who can I contact could you email me please.

    1. Mr. Lieberman, we are having staff from Transitional Assistance contact you. Sorry for the issues with our website and phone number. This post was from 2013 and we will update it with new information.

  2. Rosalind Vega says:

    Good evening,

    I need to remove my middle name from our marriage certificate. Has this ever been done? If so what are the steps that need to be done. Thank you.

    1. It looks like you can amend your marriage certificate through the state of California here:
      This is the state’s Vital Records page:
      If you need a copy of your marriage certificate, you can obtain it from the San Bernardino County Recorder’s Office here:

  3. Gale Munden says:


    1. Gale, please call either (909) 386-8701 or (909) 386-8735 and the phone lines should be working now.

  4. Debra Angel says:

    I recently petitioned the courts regarding a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon. After months of correspondence I recieved a letter notifying me of my court date and hearing. 4 days before my court date, a gentleman from the district attorney office called me asking questions about my petition. He then stated he would need to do a home check/visit. What exactly are they checking for? Where in the home do they check if you live with roommates or other people? Will they ask for a urine sample/drug test? Is the check scheduled or suprise visit?

    1. Debra Angel says:

      Also I have been out of custody and off of parole for almost 12 years.

    2. Hi Debra, for specifics regarding your case, we recommend you call the District Attorney’s Office to clarify what they need for you to proceed. Call the District Attorney’s Office at (909) 382-3800. Good luck to you.

  5. Teresa DeShazer says:

    What are your hours of operations during this holiday season? Specifically, December 23rd thru January 3rd?

    1. We were open Dec. 23, 26 and 27 and open on Dec. 30., Jan. 2 and 3.

  6. Arturo H Ramirez says:

    I paid off my HERO loan which was being paid through a property tax assessment. How long will it take to remove the assessment lien from my property tax liability?

    1. Arturo, contact the Assessor’s office for help with your assessment at (909) 387-8307.

  7. Ann Hughes says:

    Are you closing Casino? Germ breeding ground.

  8. B p says:

    Are restaurant dinning rooms now REQUIRED to close?

    1. Yes there are required to close. They can do delivery and take out only.

  9. Pat Orr says:

    Please list cities/towns where current Covid-19 cases lived/worked and continue to report as specific a location as possible to calm people down.

  10. matthew walker says:

    I work for Nordstrom and we have a warehouse located in San Bernardino county. Our building manager refuses to close our place of business because she deems it to be essential to the needs of all Americans. We don’t sell hygiene products or toilet paper, only clothes and other merchandise you can get at a Nordstrom Rack store. We have over 1200 employees going in and out of our building on any given day. We all touch the same merchandise, machines, scanners and breath the same air. As per Gavin Newsom’s request, we should be staying home to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. What can I do to get our management to shut down our operations in the meantime? I feel completely unsafe working there during this pandemic. Help!!

  11. Chris Connelly says:

    Which cities or communities have the reported cases of the Corona Virus?

  12. Tiffany Wilmot says:

    Is a medical spa that provides IV therapy considered non-essential? It is under the ownership, supervision and ran by a physician and mid-level provider (Physician Assistant). If so, is there a date planned for non-essential businesses to re-open? Thank you.

    1. Hi Tiffany, if you have a question about whether your business is essential, you can call the hotline at (909) 387-3911. San Bernardino County is in line with the State of California’s stay at home order which at this time is indefinite. When we have a reopen date we will let the public know.

  13. Kim says:

    Drowning is still the number one cause of death for young children. The numbers are rising more and more… PLEASE let us work to continue to save lives!

    Since the Stay at Home Order has been issued many drowning prevention specialists have not been able to continue their mission to promote awareness and education, specifically in providing one-on-one, self-rescue swimming instruction to infants and toddlers. All self-rescue swim lessons are conducted one-on-one and there is never more than one instructor and one child in the water at a time. Thousands of families have not been able to enroll their children in these survival swim programs since the issued Stay at Home Order. This leaves them more vulnerable and less equipped to handle an aquatic accident in the event there was a momentary lapse in adult supervision especially with so many working from home and distracted.

    On behalf of the community and in an ongoing effort to end the drowning epidemic facing not just our state but our great country, please consider one-on-one, self-rescue swimming instruction or drowning prevention skills as an essential service and allow the hundreds of specialized, Instructors to continue to provide these much needed services while promoting drowning prevention awareness and community education.

  14. G.Hardy says:

    Are you going to open any testing sites closer to Chino or Ontario to service the residents at this end of the county?

    1. Yes, we have a testing site on May 4 at Toyota Arena in Ontario. For more testing sites and dates please visit

  15. Diana Maberry says:

    Are Chiropractors open? I go once a week and have for the past 20 years to take care of an issue with my neck. I have not been since this started and my neck is really bothering me.

    1. Hi Diana, please call your health care provider for questions about whether they are able to assist you.

  16. Alan Keagy says:

    San Bernardino County:
    You posted the Same Covid Statistics for Friday 5/8/20 as you did on 5/7/20.

    1. We posted early today before the statistics updated. They will update after noon.

  17. Monique Powell says:

    To Whom It May Concern:
    It’s time to get back to opening our city and allowing our people their right to provide for their
    family. We are releasing criminals and arresting law abiding citizens and it doesn’t make sense
    anymore. It’s time to exercise our 1st amendment right and petition the government. The
    government should not be allowed to pick and choose which businesses are allowed to stay
    open. The number of cases are not adding up to what we were told in the beginning of all of
    this. Our county leaders should be fighting back and removing the county health officers orders.
    We are taking the ability away from our community to be able to provide for their families and
    this is just not right. Our neighboring cities are looking to remove stay at home orders for this
    reason alone. San Bernardino city is not saying anything and our government is leaving it up to
    each state which is very misleading. We are taking away moments in time that can not be given
    back to our future leaders of this community and it saddens me that we are allowing this all to
    happen. Staying home is not helping, it is actually doing more damage to our community than
    we’d like to believe and it’s concerning. Children no longer have a safe place away from the
    abuse they are facing every minute, every hour, and every day. Domestic violence is increasing
    and unfortunately so is murder suicide. Depression is at an all time high because of the inability
    to move freely and release the anxiety this is all causing. Our president said that the cure cant
    be worse than the virus yet we’re focusing this shutdown on a very small number of people and
    hurting the ones who are healthy and able. It is not right for our government to decide to lock up
    and in prison the world for an agenda bigger than most want to believe. We have to have a
    voice and speak up by taking action for what’s right. I’m challenging all who are in a position of
    power to push back and do the right thing. Dont fine businesses for opening instead support
    them, Don’t take away graduations from our future leaders, allow them the moment they
    deserve. I don’t know who or where this letter will touch but I know I will do what I can to fight for
    what’s right. I chose to not go back and forth arguing my point on social media platforms, but be
    proactive instead. I ask that anyone who reads this letter and agrees simply do your part and
    share your voice.
    Monique Powell

  18. Marisa Apalategui says:

    I have a reservation in a camp site on Lake Havasu California side

    Is the state allowing the Rental of park Models

  19. Adrian Tafolla says:

    I haven’t received my ROV Poll worker check yet in the mail. Since the office is closed and it’s been well over 60 days since the March 3rd election, where is it?

    1. Adrian, we will have ROV contact you.

  20. Alex W. says:

    Are general dental offices allowed to open back up for routine office visits?

  21. Sharon says:

    Why can public pools open before restaurants and salons? Have you ever seen how gross a public pool can be? My sons were on waterpolo and swim teams and we saw first-hand people spitting, pee, and dead rodents in public pools! How are they cleaner than restaurants that have rules for cleaning.

    How is a hair salon where they are taught how to sanitize and also have state rules to follow? How is a Sola Salon where it is only 1 client in a room worst than a public pool?

    I don’t get the reasoning for what can open before others!

    1. Hi Sharon, as of today, public pools are not approved to be open.

      1. Larry Vieira says:

        Why can’t HOA’s and condo associations open there pools and spas?
        Specifically what scientific research says there is a concern or risk to anyone using them?
        Summer is here, how long do you expect to have these restrictions in place?
        Thank you

      2. Larry Vieira says:

        I posted a few questions yesterday only to find them deleted?
        Why have you closed pools and spa and what scientific information are you basing this on?
        Living in one of the larger HOA we are getting many upset residents that pay for there private access to these amenities, telling them we don’t know why is not and acceptable answer.
        Thank you

  22. Michele Hernandez says:

    Please explain to me why stores that sell both essential and non-essential goods are allowed to sell the non-essential items? I’ve been in stores like Treasure Hunt and Walmart and there are too many people and I don’t see any cleaning going on or any staff trying to regulate how many people enter the store. Sometimes it looks like Black Friday shopping! Other retail stores are only allowed curbside pick up? Doesn’t make sense….

  23. Ken Honingford says:

    Do you have any information on opening Lake Silverwood SRA to boating? Their website hasn’t been updated since 5/1/2020 and according to their social media website, they are awaiting permission from the County. Other SB County lakes are open (Lake Perris), so I, and many others, don’t understand the delay. Thanks

    1. Hi Ken, we can’t speak for State Parks, but our Regional Parks are open. Here is a link to our Regional Parks site:

  24. Hannah Mason says:

    Where specifically are they doing serology testing? I am an essential worker and I think I had it not too long ago. I do not want the nasal swab just the serology one.

    1. Hi Hannah, we are not offering serology testing alone. You can do a swab at ARMC and they will offer you a serology test after. You do not need symptoms to test and it is free.

  25. Monica R. says:

    Are elementary drive through promotions allowed per the county? Various protocols being taken, such as, all kids and families stay in their own cars, staff are wearing PPE, staff are 6 feet apart, etc. Thank you.

  26. Kimberly says:

    I read somewhere that dine in for restaurants should be 6 ft apart but restaurants should start with only 25% occupancy. Is there documentation on this? If it’s valid, how long does a restaurant need to be at 25% before they can move to 50% occupancy if it is still social distanced?

  27. 25% or 100 max may work for “small” churches, eg. 50-400 in attendance, but when you have several thousand and much larger facilities, the 25% can still work but certainly not the 100 maximum. Has anyone considered the unequal impact on larger churches?
    Thank you

  28. Sara Umali says:

    Please clarify the county order on resident-only swimming pools (HOA, apartments, condos). I received an update from May 22 that states, resident-only swimming pools at apartments, HOAs, condominium complex may reopen. However, I cannot find that information on your website. Please advise.

    1. Larry Vieira says:

      How long does it take for you to answer a simple question regarding HOA pools and spa’s. Being a board member for over 2100 home complex I’m stunned at the lack of information and leadership coming from our county supervisors.
      Pools and spas have NO scientific reason to remain closed, we are already experiencing extremely warm weather, with all our kids home from school the HOA recreation area is a sanctuary for them in the summer. This is the 4th time I have asked this simple question, clearly we need new leadership come November,
      Why can’t Spa’s reopen.
      Why can’t pools fully reopen.
      Why can’t community centers reopen.
      Why can’t our e excise facilities reopen.
      Why can’t our playgrounds reopen.
      Why are you not allow places of worship to reopen.

      I would love to see a response or are our supervisor so disconnected that they cannot even respond to public question?

      1. Pools that are operated by apartments and HOAs are allowed to open. Public swimming pools are not at this time. Gyms may be able to open with modifications this coming Friday. Places of worship were allowed to open a couple of weeks ago at 25 percent capacity or 100 people, whichever is less. The state has not yet allowed playgrounds to open.

        1. Larry Vieira says:

          Thank you….

        2. Larry Vieira says:

          Can someone look at the guidance release for Re-opening pools and spas. You don’t list safety measures for spas only pools, this s very confusing to HOA operators. If we apply same social distance requirements most spas would have a capacity of 1
          Can some clarify this so it is not so vague?

          1. Hi Larry, here is the guidance from our Department of Public Health: SWIMMING POOLS
            Public Health has defined a distinction between HOA/apartment pools and publicly-owned pools and created proposed guidance:
            Swimming pools operated by HOAs and apartment and condominium complexes that are for use by residents only are not considered to be “public” pools and may therefore open if operators adhere to the following Public Health guidance:
            –Use shall be limited to residents only.
            — Physical distancing of at least six feet shall be enforced.
            –Occupancy in common areas and in the pool shall be limited to allow for the mandated physical distancing.
            –Frequently touched surfaces shall be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
            –The closing of restrooms is recommended.
            –Seating areas must be sanitized between each use.
            –Face coverings shall be required outside of the pool when members of more than one household are present.
            –Proper chlorine levels in the pool shall be maintained.
            –This guidance shall be posted at the pool and communicated to all residents.

            Public pools are defined as pools available for use by the general public.

          2. Tony Holder says:

            Is there anything updated beyond the information you received with regards to HOA’s opening pools? We live in an Adelina Community in Fontana, our HOA put a lock on the pool door with a sign from the county and have never looked back… our board is stating they would have to add additional costs to reopen the pool which we dont believe. Have you seen anything updated from the county on this?

          3. Hi Tony, Even though the state has allowed HOA pools to open that doesn’t mean HOAs are required to open. Some HOAs have decided on their own not to do so, but the state says they are allowed to operate their pools if they choose to do so.

        3. Jason says:

          Are there potential fines related to these restrictions by the county? Will HOA need to hire someone to make sure these restrictions are in place all the time. Can liability be placed on the residents, not HOA, if restrictions are not kept by individual residents. Can a posting of “HOA Board is not liable if any individual shall become sick while using the pool.” be sufficient when posting with the listed requirements from above? Also allowing people to use their own chairs, wipe down chairs and monitor themselves. Please advise.

  29. S. Dougherty says:

    Any updates on when the Newcastle Disease restrictions on poultry will be lifted?

    1. The quarantine was lifted on June 1. Here is a link to the information:

  30. fedrual harrison says:

    I would like to participate in the conversation regarding Racism as a Public Health Issue.
    I am a Retired Health Care Administrator and I live in Rancho Cucamonga.

    Fedrual Harrison, RRT, MBA

  31. Danielle Leyton says:

    When will nail salons be opened???

    1. The state has categorized nail salons as Stage 3. As soon as the state moves into Phase 3 we will let everyone know when nail salons can open.

  32. Upendra Mehta says:

    I have Eyebrow Threading salon. When can I reopen. Lots of places like mine is already open.

  33. Val says:

    We lease property. What are the rules for SB County on rent collections? Have not be able to find some information on this situation. Have not been able to collect rent since April. What are the procedures?

    1. Hi Val, The moratorium on evictions for commercial and residential properties in the unincorporated areas of the county ended on Tuesday, June 9. If the property in question is in a city, you may want to check with your city council to find out whether they have an existing moratorium or if they did have one, if it expired.

  34. Jess Angon says:

    My name is Jess Angon, I have lived in the High Desert now since 1984 and have seen tremendous growth. I have been living in the Oak Hills area, 10827 Trinity Rd., for the past 10 years, unfortunately I have not seen any road improvements made to Verbena rd. starting at Phelan Rd. heading South. There are hundreds of homeowners who live southward on Verbena and pay thousands of dollars in property taxes. I personally own 3 properties in the high desert and pay my share of property taxes, I expect some return where the roads are drivable without continued damage to our cars. If Verbena Road was improved, paved or at the very least kept smooth and watered down periodically, property values would go up, County Tax dollars increased, life in the area made more bearable when driving up and down the street regularly. My question is when will they spend some of our Tax money for Verbena rd. improvements? Are there plans? It makes common sense to me for the County to make the improvements, they win in the end with more tax revenue. The community is getting to the point where we will gather forces and do what is legal to get the attention of the County. Appreciate this site to sound this complaint, look forward to response.

    1. Good Afternoon Jess, in regards to your request for maintenance near Verbena Road south of Phelan road in the Oak Hills area;
      Because this portion of Verbena Road is not in the County Maintained Road System (CMRS), Public Works cannot perform any maintenance on this road.
      California law (Section 2150 of the Streets and Highways Code) prohibits the County from spending gas tax revenue on any roads not accepted into its County Maintained Road System (CMRS).

      If you click on this link it will take you to our interactive maps that show the limits of the County Maintained road system:
      The CMRS is a list of roads throughout the County for which the County has liability and responsibility for maintenance. The list was developed in the early 1950s, and generally, the only way that roads are added to the CMRS is if private property owners improve the roads to County standards at their expense and the Board of Supervisors approves their addition. Following approval by the Board of Supervisors, the County will assume responsibility for future maintenance and liability. Hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of unpaved public roads exist throughout the County that are not part of the CMRS, and therefore are not maintained by the Department of Public Works.

      The County Department of Public Works-Transportation has six primary funding sources:

      1) A share of the State Excise Tax on gasoline of 18 cents per gallon.
      2) A share of the Highway Users Tax on gasoline
      3) A share of Road Maintenance and Repair Account tax on gasoline of 12 cents per gallon
      4) A share of the one-half cent sales tax for transportation received through the voter approved Measure I, which is spent proportionately within the area that generated the sale.
      5) Federal and State grants for major road construction projects, which are highly competitive among counties, cities and even states nationwide.
      6) A general fund allocation to supplement gas tax revenue shortages for maintenance on existing paved County Maintained Roads

      Given the funding and legal restrictions outlined above, the most viable option available for those living on non-maintained roads in the area is to form a “Road Maintenance District” which would be funded through a tax assessment added to your property taxes. For those interested in creating a road maintenance district to pave roads in the area, please visit the County’s Special Districts Department website at for further information. The Special Districts Department is a separate County department from Public Works and assists property owners in forming road maintenance districts. You may contact Special Districts at 909/387-5940.

      Another option is to hire a private contractor to grade or improve the roads. We have attached an informational brochure on public non-maintained roads which provides additional information for those living on non-maintained roads.
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact DPW at 909-387-8063.

  35. Chanel says:

    The county is moving ahead with stage 2 of re-opening of the re-opening plan, yet it puzzles me that we are still amidst a pandemic, vaccine free, and county officials care so little about the community members that it is optional to wear face coverings in public, and thereby the responsibility of individuals and business leaders and staff to sustain safe public protocols and social distancing. How do I file a complaint against the repeal of face coverings in public during COVID-19?

  36. Victoria Moore says:

    I have been checking in regularly over the past week on the Coronavirus dashboard, both desktop view and mobile view, and the site has been down. Will it be fixed? Many of us want to know the breakdown of cases by city since San Bernardino County is so large. Thank you!

    1. Hi Victoria, the site has not been down. It is working. Here is a link to it:

  37. Gov. Newsom stated today that he will require face masks for anyone in a public setting. Do you have any clarification on these state wide orders? How is it to be enforced in work areas? If an employee is in their cubicle, does the employer need to require that they wear them?

  38. Allen says:

    A bicycle race scheduled for July 18th has been granted permits by the county. The governor has just recently issued a directive that masks MUST be worn during exercise UNLESS you can maintain 6 feet distance or live in the same household. The race organizer is only requiring masks during registration and pre-race but clearly states that masks can be removed during the event. How can the county justify granting a permit for an event where up to 100 cyclists will be riding and racing in close contact?

    1. Hi Allen, we are advising the organizers of the state’s new requirements for face coverings. Thank you.

      1. Allen says:

        Thank you! I expect that you will revisit the permit and if the organizer can not or will not comply with current state regulations that you rescind the permit. Ignoring health directives puts all of the community at risk.

  39. Bruce A Campbell says:

    Do you have a link to the State guidlelines where it states that Youth Sports are cancelled for now? Thamks

    1. There are not guidelines to link to but this is what the state Department of Public Health has decided to do.

  40. Leonora says:

    Are Masks Mandatory in San Bernardino County? I own a Laundromat and am having clients use facemasks while they are in my facility. People are saying they don’t have to. I just want to do the right thing. Can you please clarify for me.

    1. Hi Leonora, masks are mandatory in San Bernardino County and the entire state of California.

  41. Leah says:

    Are face coverings required to be worn at a fitness facility? I have seen smaller gyms not requiring the use of face masks while participating in the class and does not seem to have enough space to social distance. If this is required, how is being enforced?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Is it required to wear a mask when working out at a fitness facility? If it is, how is it being enforced, as I have seen smaller facilities not adhering to the guideline nor social distancing?

  43. Teofil Cocian says:

    If we respect the social distancing and if we are about 30 people in a sanctuary that holds 200 can we have one service Sunday morning that would be 2 hours long? From the first closing of churches until now we had respected and followed the instructions. We are not prepared to have a service outside.
    Thank you
    Dr. Teofil Cocian, Pastor

    1. Hi Pastor, here is the information from the state: In counties on the County Monitoring List, indoor services in places of worship must be discontinued but outdoor and online services are permitted.

  44. Sarah Geronimo says:

    When will the guidelines for school reopening be updated? It has been more than a month since it was published and COVID-19 cases has seen increased and we are worse than we were when the school guidelines have been released.

    1. Sarah, you are correct that school guidance was last updated by the state in June here: Our advice would be to contact your school district or the County Superintendent of Schools office for questions. Here is a link to the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools:

  45. David Haney says:

    Is there a reason that there are no testing sites in Upland?

    1. Hi David, yes we have a test shortage which is why we don’t have as many appointments available. We are working diligently to acquire more tests.

  46. Priscilla Vargas says:

    What is an acceptable 40-hour Batterer Intervention Program Facilitator training program that is approved by San Bernardino County?

  47. Amy Chris says:

    Hello, I am looking to open a Tutoring business in Lake Arrowhead to assist all of the parents that will likely have to become “teachers”. Since there is no access to tutors on the mountain I feel this is a necessity for our little community.

    I propose minimal students allowed in the building at one time, no more then 10 including the teachers/staff. Masks required by all staff. Single desks with protective dividers for students. Scheduled 2 hour appointments to allow 1 on 1 tutoring to review the previous weeks schooling materials provided by the students school district. This will ensure the students are receiving answers to their questions and will allow children struggling in any one subject to have individual time with a teacher that can provide them much needed assistance.
    I have a full business plan, but my question is, would this be a business that would be considered or be allowed to operate with the strict restrictions?

    1. Hi Amy, please call the COVID-19 hotline with your questions at (909) 387-3911.

  48. Donald L says:

    Two questions;
    If somebody claims they have a medical exemption for a face covering-what do we do? Make them prove it
    or have to take their word for it?

    An emp at least 65 years old with underlying health condition. He cannot be reassigned and retirement isn’t in the pix. What’s an employer to do?

  49. Trina says:

    Where do I send a child and spousal support wage assignment obtained by the court, where the payee is collecting disability through EDD?

    1. Hi Trina, please contact Child Support Services for more information:

  50. Joe Knowlton says:

    In the new county guidance on youth/school return to play, it states that “activities should take place outside to the maximum extent possible”. I am an athletic director at a high school. Under the latest recommendations, are we allowed to conduct indoor workouts if proper social distancing (6 feet) is followed? I am asking primarily in regards to weight rooms, volleyball, and basketball workouts. Thank you for any information you can provide.

    1. Hi Joe, call our hotline and they can assist you with specific questions – (909) 387-3911 Monday through Friday from 9 am. to 5 p.m.

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